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We the undersigned, do herby appeal to the Family Justice Council of the United Kingdom and to No 10 Downing Street , to call for an Independent Public Enquiry into the behaviour and handling of those being accused as listed in point 1 below to thousands of minors within the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom.

1. We, the Families, accuse the Social Services Councils located throughout the whole
of the United Kingdom of:

1.1 Breach of the human rights acts
1.2 Breach of the Convention of the Rights of Children’s Acts
1.3 Legalised Abuse and placing minors at risk of harm
1.4 Professional misconduct
1.5 Breach of Protocols and guidelines
1.6 Foster Care Cohesion and manipulation
1.7 Perjury and manipulation of records

2. We, the Families ask of The Independent Public Enquiry:

2.1. A period of at least six months public advertising and notice for families caught
up in Family proceedings with Local Authorities, to submit evidence of the afore
mentioned accusations.
2.2. The Enquiry, from start of the date proceeding the six months for the submission
of evidence to the final outcome of the enquiry to not last longer than a period of
24 months
2.3. Full transparency of the proceedings to be held in open courts with full press
2.4. Families covered by injunctions to be given amnesty for such submissions of
evidence and testimony
2.5. Families involved in family proceedings with local authorities to be given
amnesty of intimidation, abuse and interrogation from Local Authorities and their
staff in relation to the Public Enquiry and any evidence and testimony the
plaintiffs give or wish to give
2.6. Plaintiffs to be offered the assistance for preparation of their evidence by their
legal representatives under funding by the legal services commission or by an
independent body such as the CAB
2.7. Plaintiffs on low income or disabilities to be assisted with submission of their
evidence and transportation to give evidence. We ask this be done at public
funding or approved financial reimbursement.
2.8. Any evidence given orally by any plaintiff will be done in person and without legal
council as representative to allow the plaintiff’s own words and emotions being
seen and heard.
2.9. Plaintiffs, who are unable to give oral evidence due to medical conditions or are
outside of the borders of the UK, are to be allowed to submit evidence and
testimony via Proxy.
2.10 On completion of the hearing lasting no longer than 24 months, a governing
body (for purposes of this petition hereafter called PAPPY) to be created to
replace CAFCASS and to oversee and assist Social Services Young Children

3. We, the Families ask for the following to be considered:

3.1. Reform of the Family Care practices and proceedings by PAPPY
3.2. Transparency within family care proceedings
3.3. An independent governing body appointed (PAPPY) to oversee and investigate
complaints and concerns over Social Care bodies and officials.
3.4. Governing Body (PAPPY) to be comprised up by 50% professionals (medical,
social work, psychology, counsellors) and the remaining 50% by families
already having been through care proceedings (including adults and where
possible, teenagers who have been in care, grandparents)
3.5. All families (both adult and children) involved in care proceedings to be offered
impartial, confidential and non court reported counselling under the NHS
3.6. All families and children to be allowed unobstructed access to all their records
at all times from the start of proceedings
3.7. CAFCASS to be removed as the automatic controlling body of guardians.
3.8. Parents and children to be offered the choice of guardian i.e.: to be selected
between a family member acting as guardian or a guardian chosen through a
select committee of parents.
3.9. The voices of children to be heard in all court proceedings.
3.10. The following STEPS to be implemented as standard practice. Children
placed into care with court involvement as a last result after the 5 point
process step has been exhausted.
a. Process Step 1: Open mediation with family participation prior to any
court involvement
b. Process Step 2: Families in need to be offered a live-in professional for
a set period of time to alleviate children being placed into care. This will
allow for a ground view of actual family life. Live-in professionals will
comprise of final two year psychology students seconded on a rotation
basis and this will form part of their final year result. Daily discussion
sheets to be done and discussed with parents in a way of helping them
move forward in the best interest of their children. Parents to sign and
comment on each days discussion sheet and this will be submitted as
evidence if needed in court. Monthly meeting with senior professionals
and offers of localised support groups
c. Process Step 3: Professional Intervention by means of medical and
psychological assessments
d. Process Step 4: Placing of child/children with family member/s during
further assessments and rehabilitation.
e. Process Step 5: Kinship guardianship approved both for local and
foreign families
3.11 Adoption only to be considered where any and all family, both domestic and
internationally, considered as guardians are no longer viable and children are
in direct harm by parents.
3.12 International family considered as potential carers to be assessed and
considered just as those families living domestically with consideration of that
country’s law and not face predetermined prejudice as a result of location.
3.13 Family court proceedings to allow the use of audio and visual evidence
obtained by defendants as their right under article 6 of the Human Rights Act.
This right to not be deterred or contracted by any means of prevention to do so
by local authorities or professionals.
3.14 Any and all STEPS and protocol actions in relation to family proceedings where
minors are considered to be brought into practice only on a majority vote by
members of PAPPY
3.15 Individual Social Workers, Foster Carers and medical professionals to:
3.15.1 be allowed to face prosecution by actions taken by families in the
County Courts under point 1 of this petition
3.15.2 have their names published under what is in the Best Interest of the
3.15.3 be automatically removed off their professional register if a guilty
judgement is found, for a minimum period of five years, with
compulsory retraining and supervision if reapplying after the period has
3.15.4 have their names put onto a child offenders register for a minimum
period of no less then five years

PAPPY – Parents and Professionals Protecting the Young

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