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Carbon Dioxide has been known to increase global temperatures, hence its infamy for being associated with global warming. A study back in 2008 by Stanford researcher showed that carbon dioxide causes rises in temperature by a degree Celsius. The study also shows that about 20,000 deaths worldwide were attributed to carbon dioxide as the main culprit. The said study indicated that such effect not only produces a rise in temperature, but also aggravates the health of people living in cities with poor air quality.

The Philippines has a wide array of natural sources of energy. Most notable are steam, hydro and geothermal. However, high density cities with substantial populations get majority of their energy from coal-fired power plants. Coal fired power plants, compared to other sources of energy are cheaper. Unfortunately these types of power plants produce greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide.

The growing evidence that supports the dangers of greenhouse gases as well as carbon dioxide is an issue that should be taken seriously. In addition, the coal-fired power plants that have since been in operation have worsened the situation, hence this petition. Instead of addressing the problem directly, which some laws such as the Clean Air Act of 1999 or RA 8749 address, this petition aims to tackle the problem in another method.

Before telling you about the petition, the impetus behind this proposal is anchored in section 16, article II of the 1987 Constitution that states:

Section 16. “The State shall protect and advance the right of the people to a balanced and healthful ecology that is in accord with the rhythm and harmony of nature.”

The above provision is self-executing. What this means is that the above is effective and can be enforced as a right without any enabling law that is passed by the Legislature. You and I can enforce that law anytime, anywhere in the Philippines if you and I want to assert our rights to protect our environment, as well as our future.


"Monthly Lightsout: A chance for Mother Nature" is a campaign for electricity consumers to switch off all electricity-consuming devices in the household for one hour. This will be done once a month preferably during sundays near the end of the month during peak hours of usage. If this campaign succeeds, the Philippines will be one of the first to implement this practice.

This petition is inspired by the annual event known as "Earth Hour" which is celebrated annually during the last week of March. Earth Hour is an event which calls all nations of the earth to shut off their lights for a period of one hour. What this aims to do is to reduce the production of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, which is a by-product of greenhouse emitting power plants. This can be done by limiting the demand for energy consumption.

However, if most people notice during earth hour, there are concerts and celebrations all over the world happening simultaneously. While this is a good way to attract attention, the mess left by such concerts is something left to be desired. This creates another problem that impacts the environment.

Compared to earth hour, this will not require a reminder or any advertising campaign, as well as concerts being done by earth hour. This is possible because in every month, the last sunday of the month will be the designated lights out day. The proper authorities will provide the correct guidelines on how this campaign will be implemented.

We are calling all citizens of the Philippines who care for their environment to urge congress to enact a legislation that will pave the way for this practice here in the Philippines. Sign the petition, and let's get started.


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