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Over the years of Baghdad, people have heard many stories, about the Arabian folks and their folklore, about their travels and their adventures, about their joys and sorrow, about their grief and happiness, about dances and music, about rock and pop. Well but as we can see it, there are thieves in our life too, thief and grief, of Baghdad, now is George Bush. He has robbed the Baghdad, he has demolished the buildings, he has robbed the banks, he has ravaged the buildings, he has savaged the homes, he is not small, he is huge very big, Thief, the cause of all Grief. George Bush, the Thief of Baghdad. The Major and the Commander in Chief of the Mission of Iraq to demolish everything.

Also this thief of Baghdad is one of the super idiots of the industry of thieves because as we can see it, when he robbed Baghdad, it was day and when he did anything else he was uncovered. Bush was such a thief of Baghdad that he had a plan and the plan was what I will be telling you. He thought that he will go into Afghanistan on the issue of the Al Qaedan attack on the WTC, but left so many things behind as evidence of the fact that he was the cause of all this that one cannot simply tell it. There is need of deep research.

So now we can talk about how did this thief of Baghdad actually did his part of planning. So this guy got on to think that the demolition of the World Trade Towers would enable him for an attack on the Afghanistan and therefore was the cause why he did it and then when he got into Afghanistan, being the thief he was, started searching for any natural resources which he would have liked to find, that was what he had been thinking, but neither were there any natural resources, neither was their any hidden wealth, the stuff which existed in Afghanistan was only rubble and stones. Which Bush did not wanted to take, because he had plenty of it in US.

So then the Bush, was a thief as we already know, and then he began to plan out his great robbery of Baghdad, this was staged in a manner that nobody could have thought that Bush has done all this and therefore as we know, Bush did some messages to Saddam which, infuriated him to go on and speak a bit against Bush, previously though the Thief of Baghdad Bush had told the world that he was going to attack Iraq! The world supported him only if he came to UN, but no, all of a sudden what happened was that the thief of Baghdad landed with his allied gang.

This time it was in Iraq, many forces were sent their and the Bush thought that they would win the Iraq, they did too, but the world was astounded as to why the US did not go in the organization it was supposed to go, the organization which it itself founded so that such matters could had been resolved without doing any war, as we all already know, the Iraq matter was perfectly solvable inside the UN itself, but who could have told this to George Bush, he was in a fury.

Because he was a thief of Baghdad, so he got on to attack the Iraq, with all his forces and without any resolution passage in the UN, Bush removed and arrested Saddam and then reduced the already working Iraqi Police which was with the US forces to the deaths, because Bush needed a plan to go on and stay in Iraq till eternity, which was the sole reason why the Bush got on to reduce the already supportive Iraqi Police and Military forces, to deaths on the name of Al Qaedan Terrorists, Insurgents as well as Anti-Social Elements. Which actually the Bush, the thief of Baghdad can be named as

This strategy of the thief of Baghdad worked, and he began imposing in the world that he was in Iraq to train the Iraqi troops so that they can be dependent on themselves rather than going on and being dependent on US, now I suppose you know the truth behind this step of the Thief of Baghdad and his whole strategy, so lets move on to his next step, what it was!

The Next step of the Thief of Baghdad incorporated along with his name, you guessed it, Thieving. This was the next step of the thief of Baghdad to do in Iraq, and the material which was going to be thieved was Oil, which came in varieties, of Diesel, Petrol and Gasoline, that was the material to thieve about and Bush wanted to do it as soon as possible, without any shame of what has become of Iraq and what he had done there needed to be rebuilt first, he started his Operation Loot soon.

The Plan of Operation Loot, was to impale on the world that he was in Iraq for the good of Iraq and not for the Bad reasons and he therefore needed to stay there as long as he needed to, then while the world is in this belief, he will exchange Empty Ships with Oil Laden ones from Iraq, and will term this if asked the Tax of Freedom of Iraq, even if not, then something else. But anyways, so now he had this plan for Oil Laden ships for the United States, oops, I made a mistake, for George W. Bush himself. This thief of Baghdad had planned to get the slave government on the Line

So that the Government may entertain his interests without any problems and he may become the undisputed ruler. If even the US slips from his hands, the Iraq may stay; such was the deep strategy of the Thief of Baghdad for the Iraq. But, it was foiled. Because the Thief of Baghdad was not fit for being certified as a thief, this thief left clues and demarcations behind. Therefore was the cause that the Thief of Baghdad got on to be deemed unfit for this Thieving.

And, without touching even a hint of Oil, he was melted to ashes, you heard right, melted into ashes. That was what happened with the Thief of Baghdad finally, but even now, the Thief of Baghdad has not run away from the place, and his dreaded presence continues to make the surroundings smellier in not only Baghdad, but the whole of Iraq, therefore, we all need to today, lend a hand, Not even a hand, a finger, is needed to push him off the Place, and make Baghdad free from Huge Pile of Weight. This is not needed.

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