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A Just Cry for help to stop this injustice in Danville Illinois

Date of Offense: April 10, 2008 (The Actual Police Misconduct)
What: Attempted Cover up Date June 4, 2009 court 3a 1:00pm
Where: Vermillion County Court House
Victim: Earl A. Milton Jr. a humble family man with three children and a Wife unable to afford legal representation.
What Happened: Earl A. Milton Jr. was beaten severely by Danville police officers and denied proper medical treatment for 28 days. The offense of the police misconduct was confronted in open court by a just judge based on the testimony of the officer himself. The cruel prosecutor turned on the judge and got a different judge and the officers told this judge a whole different story (lies under oath) to bring a false conviction on the victim Earl A. Milton Jr. Now they are trying to sentence him unfairly and unjustly and he deserves JUSTICE. Earl also had to go through surgery for the first time because of this gross abuse of authority. He is still recovering even now more than a year later.


I Earl A. Milton Jr. make a formal complaint against the Danville Police Department and Vermillion County Sheriffs Department for Police Brutality/Excessive force /Police misconduct. I also make a formal complaint against Vermillion county jail for cruel and unusual punishment on the power of the U.S. Constitutions 8th Amendment. I also complain of malicious Prosecution 1983 title 42, false imprisonment, false arrest basically kidnapping. 1#) I was never read my rights Miranda vs. Arizona. 2#) I was not told that I was under arrest or what I did wrong, anyone making an arrest without a warrant must tell you the reason of the arrest. I was beaten severely and rendered unconscious and taken into custody. 3#) I am not guilty of any of these false allegations against me. 4#) My Constitutional and Civil rights were violated. I have several injuries I am still recovering from 11 months basically a year later. My fundamental rights were violated, the right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. A person has a fundamental right to liberty which cannot be taken from him without due process of law. I hereby invoke the power of the fourteenth Amendment and ask for equal protection of law. No state shall deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of laws.

Violation***Cruel and unusual punishments inflicted Prison officials must provide needed medical care. If they cruelly withhold it or deliberately mismanage it they violated the Constitutional prohibition of cruel and unusual punishment. I Earl A. Milton Jr. was continually denied medical assistance while in the custody of Vermillion County. My right arm was severely damaged and made worse while in custody. By a God sent miracle I was bailed out. I was then seen by several doctors who led to me having emergency surgery in an attempt to save my arm Praise God.

Violation*** 8th Amendment (Excessive bail shall not be required) nor excessive fines imposed, nor (cruel and unusual punishments inflicted). I Earl A. Milton Jr. was given a bail of $3500 while on welfare trying to take care of my family. An excessive bail is the same as no bail. I believe that because of my facial disfigurement, abrasions and scrapes this bail was set excessively high to prevent me from taking pictures for evidence. I demand my mug shots for picture evidence. There is so much more corruptions wait.

A police officer viciously attacked Earl A. Milton Jr.and because he (the police officer) injured himself during the attack, Earl A. Milton Jr. has been convicted of a felony resisting arrest. It is unfortunate that the police officer injured himself during this incident but by no means is it the fault of the defendant, Earl A. Milton Jr. The officer injured himself by punching Earl. A. Milton Jr. numerous times in the face (the officer admitted to it on the witness stand). This is a terrible injustice. The police officer is not the victim. Earl A. Milton Jr. is the victim. He is the one who was beaten mercilessly. He is the one who had to have actual surgery which was a direct result of the physical attack that took place on April 10, 2008 by Danville police officers.


Its amazing how Deputy Brad Norton is able to vividly remember so many more, additional details about the incident a whole year later. How is it a whole year later that he is adding additional parts to the story that he never previously mentioned. (Lying while under Oath)

These are the additional parts that were added in Deputy Nortons second testimony during the trial on April 10, 2009. In the first testimony given by Deputy Brad Norton on May 8, 2008 he never mentioned an elderly woman being knocked to the ground. But on April 10, 2009 Deputy Brad Norton gave his account of the incident and said that the subject was running and knocked over an elderly black woman. (Lie # 1). Why didnt he mention that on May 8, 2008 when the incident was still fresh in his mind? One would think that detail would be very memorable. He didnt mention it because there was no elderly black woman. He also said that he told the defendant (Earl A. Milton Jr.) to stop and that he identified himself as the police (Lie # 2). In the first testimony Deputy Norton even said that we didnt identify ourselves (him and the other officers).

These are the parts that were in the first testimony of Deputy Brad Norton on May 8, 2008 that were conveniently left out of his second testimony during the trial on April 10, 2009. In the first testimony on May 8, 2008 Deputy Brad Norton mentioned that during the incident he shoved Earl A. Milton Jr. to the ground, punched him in the face, kicked him in the face and began punching him in the face again. But during the trial on April 10, 2009, he never once made mention of his physical attack on the defendant. Why did he leave that minor detail out? Deputy Norton also mentioned during his testimony that he gave on May 8, 2008 that he ripped the tendon in his ring finger in the process of punching the defendant Earl A. Milton Jr. in the face but during his testimony on April 10, 2009 he only stated that his finger was injured sometime during the incident. Why didnt he tell the new Judge what he had told the previous Judge, that he injured his finger while punching Earl A. Milton Jr. in the face?

What does Deputy Brad Norton gain by omitting these very important details, adding to and covering up what he initially stated in the first testimony? Clearly Deputy Brad Norton must be trying to hide something because he changed up his story in front of the new judge, lied about stuff that never happened and omitted the truth (cover-up) about what really happened during the incident on April 10, 2008. Deputy Norton is trying to make himself look like he is the victim when in all actuality the true victim is Earl A. Milton Jr. What about the lie about the Elderly black woman that was conveniently added to make Earl A. Milton Jr. look like a heartless criminal that just goes around knocking elderly people to the ground. Deputy Norton came up with this lie to make the defendant Earl A. Milton Jr. look bad. Why didnt she come to court and give her testimony of being knocked to the ground? She didnt come to court because she doesnt exist. Deputy Norton thought that he could get away with this lie/cover-up because he was in a totally different courtroom with a totally different Judge a whole year later. Another reason why Deputy Brad Norton lied and changed his story was because of the comments made by the Judge Craig H. Dearmond during the preliminary trial on May 8, 2008.

The Judge said,

The amount of force being used against him at that point would entitle him to self-defense. You can use a certain amount of force to effect an arrest. When you reach the point where the amount of force against you is excessive you have a right to defend yourself. I also have a hard time with the idea that if he hurts his finger punching him in the face, its somehow injury proximately caused by him. Its injury proximately caused by the officer punching him in the face...Good luck for them proving the case beyond a reasonable doubt to a judge or a jury. I think everything from the point when they took you down on clearly is not resisting on your part, and in my opinion, was excessive on theirs.

Earl A. Milton Jr. is a 24 year old Father of three and husband to one. Earl Milton is the founder and visionary for Universal Helping Hands which is a non for profit organization that reaches out to those in need, the homeless, and the elderly and to people in prison. Earl is a God loving and God Fearing man presently faithfully on the mission of helping others. Well, now he needs your help to uncover this attempted cover-up being attempted now. So if you would tell as many people as you can about this story so that we can ban together and stop this crime against a young Black American citizen. I implore you to help by signing this petition. We can make a change in America, even with one humble family man. You Can Help. God bless you all.

We, the undersigned,urge Mayor Scott Eisenhauer to launch an intense and thorough investigation into this case and other cases of Police misconduct in Danville, Illinois.

This petition is written and circulated on behalf of Earl A. Milton by Patrina N. J. Milton

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