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In December of 2001, fans of fantasy and adventure were treated to a cinematic feast of plenty, when Peter Jacksons Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring opened in theaters everywhere. The film was a wonderful achievement, hailed as a masterpiece by fans and critics alike.

Jacksons follow up, Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers was equally well received and every bit as visually stunning as its predecessor. Likewise, its expected that the third film in the trilogy, The Return of the King will be nothing less than another tour-de-force; a towering achievement for Peter Jackson and New Line Cinema, as well as a love letter to fans of fantasy everywhere.

However, as wonderful and well-crafted as the first two films in the Lord of the Ring trilogy have been, it has come to the attention of fantasy fans that there is one very important element missing from the films. Without this element, we the fans of fantasy feel that the films cannot truly be complete, no matter how much money they earn, or how well received they are.

The element Im speaking of is of course, gnomes. Gnomes are glaringly absent from both the first two Lord of the Rings films and we can only assume that Mr. Jackson has no immediate plans to add them to the final film in the trilogy. We feel this is a very big oversight on the directors part, as gnomes play a large role in the world of fantasy and adventure and must be represented in any true story of the genre.

While Mr. Jacksons versions of J.R.R. Tolkiens epic novels are extremely compelling, one can only wonder why he chose to omit such a central character as the gnome from the films, which he so painstakingly created. The omission of the gnome from Lord of the Rings has been likened to a beautiful house, on which the builder has neglected to place a roof. Such a house would not be complete, and in the eyes of many fans of the genre, Mr. Jacksons films can never be complete until they contain the gnomes, which so clearly belong in the story. By leaving out such a central character, the films thus far are missing out a real treat- namely, all the magic and mystery the gnome has to offer.

Some have made the argument that there are no gnomes in Tolkiens original stories and that this is the reason none appear in the films. To these people I say that though no gnomes are actually referenced in the books, its VERY clear that they exist in the realm of Middle Earth, simply from the descriptions and dialogue in the novels. It is not an overt reference, but we must remember that these books were written over 100 years ago, when storytelling was a subtle art, as opposed to the in your face method of today, as employed in such modern classics as John Grishams The Pelican Brief and Amy Tans The Joy Luck Club. In addition, its a well-known fact that Mr. Tolkien was an alcoholic, as well as a drug addict and a syphilitic. As such, he cannot be held responsible for the oversight of neglecting to actually use the term gnomes in his wonderful stories.
The presence of gnomes, however, is very deeply felt throughout the books, such as in the scene where Agaron confronts the Black Rider of Bellazar, at the River of Shadows and several other points throughout the trilogy. Its unfortunate that Mr. Tolkien chose not to reference gnomes by name in his books, but its even more unfortunate that Mr. Jackson chose not to rectify that error with his films. This is a mistake that we feel MUST be corrected, in order for Mr. Jacksons works to truly take their place as masterpieces of filmed fantasy.

As such, we propose the following: Gnomes immediately be written into the script for the uncoming film, The Return of the King. It is our understanding that shooting for the new movie has only begun recently, which means theres more than enough time to tweak the script and add gnomes to the story.

In addition, we would like to see gnomes inserted into the first two films in the series, either by adding CGI characters or filming new scenes with dwarves (the real kind) in gnome costumes. These scenes could then be inserted into future DVD and video releases of both films, thus giving the fans new material to savor and more importantly, giving the gnome the rightful credit due to such a popular fantasy favorite. We ask that Mr. Jackson and New Line Cinema consider this request very seriously. The chance to rectify this error exists, and we hope that Mr. Jackson and New Line Cinema take that chance. In doing so, they will be helping to make a truly great film franchise even greater.

Finally, while our primary focus here is on gnomes, we propose that Mr. Jackson and New Line Cinema seriously consider the addition of some other popular fantasy characters, which their films have also overlooked. Im speaking of such important icons as unicorns, ogres, trolls, fairies, sprites, mogwais, bigfoots, minotaurs, vampires, mer-people and sea serpents. Such characters are essential to any good fantasy epic and as such, we the fans would really like to see them incorporated into both the upcoming Lord of the Rings movie, as well as the two which have been previously released.

We thank you for your time, as well as your effort to bring J.R.R. Tolkiens vision to life on the big screen. Though slightly flawed (due to a lack of gnomes) your films are carefully crafted and clearly made by those with a love of the genre. Your contribution to the world of fantasy is appreciated by fans all over the globe and we know that once gnomes take their rightful place in the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy, your wondrous vision will then be complete.

Thank you and good day.

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