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Are you against the Scottish Independence Bill being shoved down your throat by the SNP?.

Do you disagree paying an extra 5,667 a year in Tax on top of what your paying already paying for an Independence you dont even want?.

Do you like being in the United Kingdom and dont want to see over 500 years of history destroyed for no reason.

Are you tired of the SNP's constant propoganda to make you belive something that they want you to just so that they benifit.

Then Sign This Petition To Show Your Against Their Propoganda And Lies.

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Latest Signatures

  • 23 October 2015100. Debbie N
    Scottish independence woulld be a one way ticket to chaos, instability and commerical meltdown. It may be independence but it won't be freedom. It will be isolation but it will not be in any way splendid
  • 09 February 201599. David S
    I dont wan't to see so much history of a great nation ruined so easily.
  • 18 October 201498. Craig L
    Against Independence
  • 23 September 201497. John M
    Independence will cause more trouble than its worth, Salmond wants Scotland in Norways image, Norway is an incredibly expensive country
  • 01 September 201496. Peter L
    scotland should not be indepedent for many reasons and one is that unitied kindom will divide and it will no longer be united kingdom
  • 03 August 201495. Rachael S
    Scotland would be worse off independent
  • 11 June 201494. Fraser K
    i have never heard a good arguement for independence
  • 01 May 201493. Rodger R
    Scottish Independence would be disastrous for Scotland and would cause total Meltdown
  • 06 April 201492. Abdel Rahmane
    500 years of history,the economy grows, UK helps the unemployement, UK help us to have a voice in International Organizations, PNS absorbed our heads, thoughts,...
  • 04 December 201391. John B
    Im against their constant flow of lies to make us want independance they still think theres a war on with England
  • 13 November 201390. Michael E
    i dont want my country to be broken up by the snp
  • 28 October 201389. Alex Little
    I want the United Kingdom to stay united!
  • 29 September 201388. Jose D
    I am half Scottish/Spanish and live in Spain, I dont want independence since i am a conservative and a unionist, and I think Scotland has benefited from the Union with England, Wales and Northern Ireland, i also don't want Scotland to be a small socialist
  • 29 August 201387. Leona M
  • 05 June 201386. Jonathan T
    The Union should not be broken
  • 20 May 201385. John S
    I believe Scotland is better off in the union, but to be honest, i still think the Scottish people should have the RIGHT to choose wheather they want independence, after all, this is a democracy isnt it ? I do believe there should be a referendum on indep
  • 10 March 201384. Davlin Spears
    Born Scottish and happy to stay British. Totally against independance.
  • 09 December 201283. Irene D
    Salmond is targeting politically ill informed 16 and 17 year old's to bolster support for the SNP. He is also trying to harness the minority groups in his campaign. He has a vision of Scotland with the pipes and kilts that has no place in the modern world
  • 12 September 201282. Matt V
    Say no to the SNP
  • 06 June 201281. Henry Freeman
    It's not called an act of union for nothing! Part Of A Political Party Which One? Conservative
  • 25 March 201280. Gareth M
    Support the Union, or us Ulster Unionist are buggered Part Of A Political Party Which One? DUP
  • 27 February 201279. Charlie M
    keep scotland british we are to stupid to rule ourselves Part Of A Political Party Which One? tory
  • 08 January 201278. Steve Black
    the uk should stay ad the uk
  • 20 December 201177. Madeleine R
    All this talk of Scottish "freedom" is nonsense. I am 100% Scottish however when asked I tend to declare my nationality as British. Scotland was unified with England because it was on the verge of bankruptcy after spending a fifth of the entire country's
  • 29 October 201176. Frazer I
    Having an independent scotland shall tear the great nation we have apart. Part Of A Political Party Which One? Labour
  • 21 July 201175. Lynne W
    I think pursuing Independence for Scotland is Totally UNNECESSARY, will be costly, we'll all have less money in our pockets at the end of the day. I dont want to lose the pound and be forced to join a currency thats in crisis. Most of all I DO NOT WANT PO
  • 16 July 201174. Michael S
    Great Britain forever

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