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I have created this petition for 3 reasons all based in the same area of course the message boards
Firstly i am asking you to sign to stand up for your opinions, when i tried to i found the subject at hand was ignored by the admin herself.
Secondly i am asking you to sign if you dont not agree or like or get on with the new mods on the boards i feel everyone should have a say and this seems the only way.
thirdly i am asking you to stand up for those who cant the Banned members of these boards help them have a say, help them get heard, some of these people havent had a warning and it does state in the board rules that everyone gets a warning and will only be banned in extreme case, when really the mods have just had a power trip and banned whom they dislike.

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Latest Signatures

  • 17 August 201550. Aimee Maddox
    What did they Actually Do to get banned?? spoke?!
  • 16 August 201549. Nickys G
    the banned deserve to be banned. load of wannabe troublemakers. keep them banned.
  • 04 January 201548. Terri Berger
    we've lost some valued members of the forum, bring them back
  • 06 November 201447. Teresa Wallace
    mod and admin on officials have gone power mad and are not being fair to people unless they are friends of theirs.
  • 07 September 201446. Lisa Bennett
    Wipe the entire Message Board and start AFRESH, un-banning the banned ones and appointing some moderators that don't get involved in the fights!!
  • 13 August 201445. Toni Middleton
    Free the banned!!!
  • 10 April 201444. Kate Harding
    everyone should have their say whether they agree with the mods or not!!!
  • 07 February 201443. Becky Colon
    Un-ban these members! They did nothing wrong.
  • 17 January 201442. Tash Sexton
    Something seriously need re-looked at regarding the whole running of the message boards. You are sowly losing members every day, and tarring yourselves and Brian with a bad name..all because of the mods
  • 06 January 201441. Ali
    Free the banned... Sack incompetent mods and admins!!
  • 21 December 201340. Toria Tran
    The mods are beyond a joke! Banning people for no reason what so ever!
  • 18 August 201339. Shanes W
    Let them back on the boards
  • 02 March 201338. Rachel L
    i do think its about time fan sites were friendlier again and used for what they were intended.
  • 09 December 201237. Saz Leblanc
    bring back the banned!
  • 29 July 201236. Maria G
    dey gotta get bck on....tis abs pathetic tat they were banned in the 1st place anyways.......FREE THE BANNED!...:-)
  • 14 April 201235. Emma Richard
    unban them...they didnt deserve to be banned
  • 29 March 201234. Vicki Sullivan
    everyone should have an opinion, and it should be heard
  • 27 January 201233. Greta Mejia
    The moderator situation a few months ago was not acceptable, and led to bannings of active friendly members.
  • 24 December 201132. Aoife Yu
    I think people have the right to voice their opinions so I'm signing the petition!
  • 08 November 201131. Jo Hardy
    you cant ban the xrated girls
  • 31 July 201130. Christine Watson
    Its like the official westife boards all over again..are moderators not supposed to be fair???
  • 30 July 201129. Kelley Armstrong
    its crazy what happened im still an active member and mods admin, too uptight
  • 13 July 201128. Jasmine O
    It was totally unjust to ban such well liked members who in my opinion didn'nt deserve to be treated so harshly. Where's the freedom of speech and personal opinions?!
  • 30 April 201127. Jayne M
    free the banned! theyve done nothing wrong and the admin on the site is a joke!
  • 05 February 201126. Amy M
    Looks like Brian still has quite alot in common with Westlife - both have dodgey moderators on their official message boards!
  • 20 December 201025. Natalie F
    Freedom of speech.
  • 17 November 201024. Susan Ruiz
    Mods on power trips... grr!

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