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American Free Roaming Bison Act

We are now the buffalo ----
and the hunted

An American destiny long ago becomes a fate. We perceived it as a nation expanding. As a people we allowed it. We pursued it as a way of life. In just thirteen years from 1869-1882, sixty three million buffalo are exterminated from the earth forever. And sadly, for the very same reasons that thousands upon thousands of buffalo are killed in Yellowstone National Park out of the public eye every decade. In contrast, as a parallel fate the middle class is being destroyed. The largest body of people that make up the world's greatest economy is slowly and methodically being wiped out. And this is only the beginning. The key is history. The keyword is buffalo. The way we got into this, is the only way we can get out.

' Life is as a circle. What ever you do to any living thing or anyone inside the circle, you will do to yourself, as you are all one.'
--White Buffalo Spirit --

The year 2000 marked a great change in American history. It was a time when a great evil entered our time line. We are living in a time of unprecidented uncertainty. It is a time of quantum.

* War over a myth of weapons of mass destruction.
* Death of hundreds of thousands of people in connection with war.
* A myth we should all be afraid.
* Patriot Act a legal spying on American citizens
* An economy that was destroyed.
* A nation with a foundation built on money that does not exist.
* Global warming that was denied to exist.
* Natural Disasters in the United States (Katrina)

In order to save the buffalo, there are four reasons you should primarily know and understand.

#1) The white buffalo is the only mammal on earth that changes it's color four times to mark the four colors of man.

#2) The Circle of Life as it was told to the Sioux people, by the spirit buffalo, is a fate that will happen for every action you do in your life. For the good or the bad.

#3) A Spirit Among Us ... ROBE. The book that documented a unique phenomenon on coins in 2005 of the westward journey having a buffalo. These events accurately parallel events in history as they happened to the buffalo. The result is a communication or message to all mankind. The phenomenon concurs accurately with many of the Sioux legends.

#4) The Sioux Legend of an end time. The most moving evidence ever, that what happened on the those westward journey coins in 2005 meant the phenomenon had come with a specific purpose. In one example we find-

ROBE 392 Severed Leg Buffalo

Sioux Indians believe that the buffalo represent the universe and the four directions, because they stand on four legs, they represent the four ages of man. Each buffalo with a severed leg represents one of the ages of man has passed. When the buffalo loses all his legs and all his hair an end time will come.
Unbeknownst to the Sioux, they had predicted an event that would commence in 2005 on the westward journey coins. Below is a synopsis of what happened. All but one buffalo remains missing to complete this vision.

In the history of American coin minting this vision can be applied to every coin that had a buffalo.

Legs (Prophecy - first part)

2005-S Buffalo Nickel Right Front Leg (ROBE PF-001) Severed

2005-P Buffalo Nickel Left Front Leg (ROBE 3-376) Severed Leg

2005-P Buffalo Nickel Left Rear Leg (ROBE 392) Severed Leg

XXXX Is the 4th Leg out there ?

Hair (Prophecy - second part)

2005-D Buffalo Nickel Total hair loss (ROBE 1142) Summer Buffalo

As you can see the prohetic visions of the Sioux Indians is almost complete. Since there has never been a right rear leg show up, the prophecy would seem to rest on the Yellowstone National Park quarter. Here is the buffalo to watch, as Yellowstone N.P. is where the government has been killing thousands of buffalo out of the public eye, since 1985, over a myth that the buffalo could contaminate nearby cattle outside the park by brucellosis.


Yellowstone National Park wildlife agents along with the Montana Department of Livestock have been systematically been killing buffalo in and around Yellowstone since 1985. And it is all over a myth of a disease called Brucellosis. The fear of cattle contracting the disease from buffalo. This is a collaborated and an undocumented myth. The truth is, wild buffalo and cattle do not herd together. And for cattle to contract the disease, they would have to come in physical contact with an aborted buffalo fetus having the disease. There has never been one documented case in which cattle have gotten the disease from buffalo.

This is a petition for allowing free roam to American bison. After review of all the factual evidence listed below, I the undersigned petitioner do hereby petition the United States Government, Secretary of the Department of Interior, to hereby immediately, cease and subsist any inhumane treatment to the American Bison as listed below. And institute into law the following purposal:

I purpose that the American Bison should have free roam in and around Yellowstone National Park. A multi state buffer zone should be established around the state of Wyoming to allow for expansion. The states involved in a manditory free roam area are: Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Nebraska, and South Dakota. As Yellowstone herd size approaches large enough numbers so as to have starvation or over crowding, the buffalo shall be moved into a relocation program according to specific times where as not to disrupt the breeding season or bithing season. When relocated, these buffalo shall not be hazed, harrassed, chased, or tormented or starved. They shall not in any way be affected by the reasons above other than for a condition of immediate public safety, when those conditions may exist. A regulated hunting season when herd sizes reach a level of 500, shall be established by each state as herd sustainability allows, and to be regulated in accordance to the amount harvested in each year. Buffalo that are in Yellowstone, shall be transported to these states and receive funding from the federal government for the first ten years of the relocation program.

This will save the buffalo from an endless torment from governments local, state or federal or any agency departments that violate any previous measures that should have protected the Yellowstone buffalo.

Furthermore, these actions agianst the buffalo shall stop immediately.

#1) The inhumane methods of constant hazing and chasing buffalo herds with newborn calves just hours old to the point of exhaustion, for miles without a rest is despicable! Injuring adult buffalo and prodding them while held tightly packed in confining capture facilities must end now.

#2) Not allowing buffalo to feed on public grazing lands outside the park must be allowed, especially in times of severe winter when they are starving to death.

#3) Buffalo are a close social order family. Absolutely no quarantine of calves less than 2 years of age, away from their mothers.

#4) Absolutely, only United States wildlife officers allowed to operate inside Yellowstone National Park, when concerning buffalo.

#5) No United States wildlife officers allowed to assist the Montana Department of Livestock in any operations concerning buffalo, in the state of Montana.

One of the worst scenario occurred when park officials decided it was better to kill off thousands of buffalo in 2005/06 and 2007/08, reducing the herd 1,616 and 1,016 respectfully, in Yellowstone. The elimination of approximently 67\% was believed by park officials to create much less adverse publicity as killing them in wanton slaughter every year.

" they fear not the buffalo, as the truth they represent. No great an evil can ever extinguish the truth. Knowing why to save the buffalo, is knowing how to save ourselves."

------- Peter G. Caterham

My fellow citizens, our fate has come for a reason. If and as long as we deny the truth as a reality we can do nothing about, evil will triumph. And worse yet you and your loved ones will suffer from no employment, no homes, possible confiscated lifetime savings, and be subjected to unthinkable living conditions, right here in our own country. Not only can it happen, it will. Harm agianst the American Bison is harm agianst a spiritual essence. It is a condition in which the forces of nature will be allowed to mount agaianst us. And this has already been documented after the southern herd of buffalo were destroyed by 1875. Please sign this petition with your hearts. Lets do this all together and make America's worst shame right again.
My deepest and most sincere thank-you.

Peter G. Caterham


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