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For the past few years, UMass Lowell has not seen a current rock act during their Spring Carnival or and major concert event. Run DMC, Rahzel & Jurassic 5 have all headlined Storing Canival in the past 4 years. I'm not forgetting they Might Be Giants, but they can not be considered a current act. Andrew WK recently headlined an MTV "Hand picked" tour, has had an MTV special, hosted numerous shows for MTV, has performed on different awards shows, and also hosted different shows on Spike TV as well. His two albums, "I Get Wet" and "The Wolf" have enjoyed Billboard success, and he is often considered one of the next big "rock stars". UMass Lowell has a golden opportunity to invite this emerging artist to play at our school, yet we have not.
What does the campus provide itself? Most of the near 100 University bands are rock-oriented in some form. Look at the list of Battle of the Bands winners from previous years. Failed Silence, Brie Sullivan, Center of the Earth and Our Friend Rippy. Runners up - Harris, Static Mind, No Ones Kind, Second to Mecca. The lsit goes on and on, but they are all "rock" bands in some way shape or form. Yes, Brie is a folk artist, and I did lmp her in there, but I had to be comprehensive.
Even if you are not the biggest fan of Andrew WK, you must agree with me that teh door must be opened to rock acts. That UMass Lowell needs to extend their "diversity" into it's Spring Canival acts as well. Perhaps the reason why people think that a rock group will not draw people is because it has never been done previous. Sign up and show your support of the idea that our campus needs Andrew WK or another CURRENT rock act to play Spring Carnival.

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Latest Signatures

  • 19 February 201047. Dan
    I would absolutely love to see Andrew WK play the spring carnival. It's my third year here and that would be an act I would finally enjoy.
  • 15 February 201046. Kimberly
    ANDREW W.K.!!!!!!!111!!!1!!!!!!
  • 28 January 201045. Sean
    Yes I completely believe that rock acts need to be considered equally with rap acts. This is only fair to the many students on campus. I do not like Andrew WK but I also do not like rap. In fact I didn't see much support for Jurrasic 5 last spring. Pe
  • 22 January 201044. Jon
    Woo! Rock!
  • 21 January 201043. adam
  • 20 January 201042. amy
    i would prefer a rock band on spring carnival.
  • 18 January 201041. johnny
  • 17 January 201040. Ryan
    Not a fan of the Andrew WK, but a simple rock act would be nice
  • 17 January 201039. casey
    i've been waiting for some "rock" at spring carnival.
  • 16 January 201038. Kevin
    I think a FUN rock act, one that will get people dancing and just having fun in general (a la Less Than Jake) would be perfect for Spring Carnival.
  • 15 January 201037. Adam
    ya for rock.
  • 15 January 201036. Dan
  • 15 January 201035. Justin
    i think its a good idea, it'll make it worth my while to actually go to the spring carnival...
  • 15 January 201034. Amanda
    I dont know what this is for, but Stephanie said do it. I'm usually a leader not a follower, but I'll listen to her anyway
  • 15 January 201033. Pat
    Sock it to me, AWK!
  • 14 January 201032. Michael
    Rock & Roll... simply rocks.
  • 14 January 201031. Mary
    I feel as though many of the acts who have performed in past years have been great, but are also somewhat "out of date". A more current rock band would totally make an impact at UML. Amherst has had big name artist perform on their campus, why can't Low
  • 14 January 201030. nicole
    yes please
  • 14 January 201029. Brian
  • 14 January 201028. Michael
    rock umass!
  • 14 January 201027. Michelle
    Let them play!
  • 14 January 201026. Jason
    We need the rock!
  • 14 January 201025. Meghan
    I agree. AWK needs to make his presence at UML while I'm here. and other rock bands as well.
  • 14 January 201024. Luke
    Rock is awesome.
  • 14 January 201023. Michael
    I think this is a great idea.
  • 14 January 201022. al
    well presented case.
  • 14 January 201021. Matthew
    Activities Commision has not been in tune with the students' interests for years. Bring the rock!

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