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Gender biased laws have no place in civilized society.

Hundreds of Thousands of males ( and females ) in India are dismayed and anguished by draconian laws such as the 498a, and the dowry laws passed recently by parliament, which are both misused commonly against innocent husbands.

In these circumstances, we deplore The Frontline article written to show such harassment of husbands in favourable light. This article is further proof of extreme anti-male activism, entering mainstream journalism, in India today.

Males are being legally harassed, and financial extortion is carried out under the aegis of the police and judiciary, under the threat of social ostracisation by the media. Even males need to awake and arise to these new challenges and the media has to remain unbiased to make this possible. The male rights movement in India is very young, while feminist groups have tremendous monetary support, especially from the Congress government, and this needs to be rectified urgently. Hence, the demand for a Minister for Mens Welfare to urgently be created for the redressal of male grievances.

Minister Renuka Chowdhury has identified herself strongly with the extreme anti-male forces in the country, and is quoted as saying that 'she would teach Indian males a lesson that their mothers failed to teach them (!)'. This is unbecoming of her as a minister, and we have demanded her immediate resignation. Without doubt, there are thorny dowry issues. But the WCD minister can instead of living in denial, structure inheritance laws in a more transparent manner to avoid needless allegations by the girls family.

Also, IPC 498a wrongly assumes that only males can be aggressors in a domestic discord, just as dowry laws assume that only dowry takers ( males ) are wrong. These assumptions are morally reprehensible and unjustifiable.

The feminist movement is giving wives a shady sense of 'empowerment', only to break their own family over minor issues also contributing to the high divorce rates, and this trend needs to be confronted legally. Otherwise, the traditional Indian family can become history soon.

We strongly condemn the recent article in The Frontline, by T.K.Rajalakshmi, as a totally false and one-sided view of the male victims need for justice and equality.

References :

1 . Male victims voluntarily disclose REAL stories of their traumatic experiences
2. The Supreme Court itself has referred to IPC 498a as legal terrorism

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Latest Signatures

  • 25 December 2015100. Kasiviswanathan R
    If you guys cannot apply common sense before analyizing issues like misuses of 498a, dont claim that your newspaper house has 100 year old unbiased traidition. I feel ashamed for being born in the state where your newspaper was established.
  • 06 November 201599. Suvir K
    excellent step
  • 26 September 201598. Ram B
    only stupids will oppose gender neutral laws.
  • 02 August 201597. Vikas Lindsey
    misuser of 498a and their supporter are national shame
  • 14 July 201596. Surendra N
    Indian media and the typical indian mindset has to be changed, otherwise the future of the courtry will be in stake. Males mostly educated and with good ethics are targeted and innocent and old aged people are harrased. These law are much worst then anti-
  • 18 June 201595. Parthasarathy Anderson
    I support this petition
  • 14 May 201594. Suchibrata B
    I support this petition
  • 23 April 201593. Ram Ranjans
    498a and other gender biased laws r anti male. their supporters are inhuman. NCW is responsible for destroying peacde and harmony of indian family system.
  • 07 March 201592. Sarabjit S
    Stop anti-male bashing immediately
  • 15 December 201491. Gokulpr Clark
    Saying that theres no misuse of women-protection laws, is like saying theres no criminals among women. Stating that there is no basis in opposing misuse of women protection laws, is like stating there is no gender bias in laws.
  • 27 November 201490. Ayub K
    Please help me & my old aged parents as me wife & In-laws are mentally torchering us.
  • 31 October 201489. Manoranjan R
    i respect indian law but dislike anti male laws
  • 26 September 201488. Pradeep S
    I support this petition
  • 20 September 201487. Imran K
    A start to re-empower men.
  • 12 July 201486. Gaurav S
    I support this petition
  • 05 May 201485. Kevan Hawkins
    Educated husband who can help to build up economy are spending time thinking to prove themselves innocent - SAD
  • 14 March 201484. Dinesh K
    I support this petition
  • 21 February 201483. Nalavde Underwood
    I support this petition
  • 31 October 201382. Uttam R
    Stop the misuse of anti-family gender-biased uncivilized laws like 498A, DV act by faminists, money hungry police, bad lawyers, money and power hungry so-called womens. The real victims do not get justice and help from Police. Police is using these bised
  • 01 September 201381. Sujay Callahan
    498a against human rights.. cheap law made by cheap people who have no family values
  • 05 June 201380. Bharath Barton
    Gender biased Laws like IPC 498a and DV Act 2005 needs to be abolished and replaced with gender neutral laws.
  • 16 May 201379. Sada P
    I support this petition
  • 21 January 201378. Sanjana Zamora
    Irresponsible and Minister's Arsehole Lickers!! Ethicless and insincere to their profession combined with total unprofessionalism. When its their duty to bring to the public the absolute truth and only the truth, protect innocents and open the eyes of the
  • 07 January 201377. Vihan Huerta
    Irresponsible journalism is an evil for our society.
  • 11 December 201276. Vivek Ray
    I support this petition
  • 17 June 201275. Janis Solis
    I support this petition
  • 15 March 201274. Somnath Blankenship
    There cannot be any women's development without development of Men where men are going to Dogs. If there are no dowry givers, there are no takers. Dowry is a way to look for best prospective grooms.

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