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We the undersigned implore you to reconsider your decision to cast Miley Cyrus as the main character, Laurel, in your upcoming motion picture Wings. If you visit any Wings fan sites, forums, or have any contact with fans of the novel it will become apparent to you that we do not support her. This petition is merely another outlet of our frustration and hopefully a better way to get our point across, seeing as how it is unlikely that we would be heard otherwise.

There is usually only one person who knows more about the characters of a book than the die-hard fans themselves: the author. Even that, sometimes, is debatable. The original novel, having spent weeks on the New York Times' best-sellers list, has gained a sizable, very loyal following. Unfortunately, the majority of this following seems quite opposed to the casting of Miley Cyrus as Laurel, as evidenced by the often heated posts on internet fan forums and websites. We therefore hope you'll listen to us when we tell you that Miss Cyrus is not the right person to play the wonderful character of Laurel. They are not a match physically or emotionally, and we do not believe that Miss Cyrus will be able to accurately portray Laurel.

First of all, Laurel is described in the book as a small, lithe fifteen-year-old with a perfectly oval face and light green eyes. She has blond hair, almost translucent white skin and, being a faery, is perfectly symmetrical. She is willowy and walks with a dancers grace, despite having never taken lessons. (Aprilynne Pikes Wings, pg. 7) Miss Cyrus is attractive, but we feel that she would not be a good fit even with a blond wig and green contacts. There are so many other young actresses who would naturally fit that description more accurately. Why choose a girl whom you would have to alter to fit the part physically when you could pick another, equally or even more talented girl who would be a better fit by just being herself?

Secondly, Laurel is a quiet, withdrawn character. We do not believe that Miss Cyrus fits that description. From what we've seen her loud, southern mannerisms are too harsh. We do not feel that it's likely that she could accurately portray a quiet, delicate faerie. The roles that she's had so far, in Hannah Montana and The Last Song, have been tailored to fit her personality. It is unbelievable that she would be able to mold herself to fit the role of Laurel instead. Casting her as Laurel, a role that demands a constantly calm and withdrawn portrayal of the character, would be a waste of the outgoing charm for which Miss Cyrus is so famous.
Another concern is Miss Cyrus' career. Since the seventeen-year-old is currently trying to transition from TV to films for older audiences, we believe that an urban fantasy directed at children and teenagers may not be the wisest "next step" for Miss Cyrus.
Admittedly, although there is opposition of the fans, it certainly wouldn't prevent a Wings film starring Miss Cyrus from performing well at the box office. However, the most powerful advertising tool among young adults is word-of-mouth, and it's entirely possible that potential interest in the movie could decline, largely thanks to the work of disgruntled fans. We ask that you take a moment to consider your casting choice and the effect it will have on Miss Cyrus and on a potential fantasy movie series. Perhaps casting an unknown as Laurel would open up the Wings film series to a wider audience, as well as pushing Miss Cyrus onward and upward to films for older audiences. If Miss Cyrus continues with Wings, she runs the risk of permanently branding herself as "just another teen pop sensation".

We sincerely hope that you will take our advice into consideration and at least think about hiring another young actress instead. We feel that Miley Cyrus is the completely wrong person to represent Laurel in the movie Wings, and we hope that her family's connections with the company won't cloud your senses and lead you to make the wrong decision.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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Latest Signatures

  • 22 December 2015300. Emely Mclean
    i do not think miley would be a good for the role of Laurel. To me Chelsea is a better role for her. I hope you take this into consideration ~Loved the book I got to sad when i read the last page i wanted it to never end~
  • 18 December 2015299. Mel Barrett
    NO Miley please!
  • 10 December 2015298. Kamar Peters
    I support this petition
  • 05 December 2015297. Allysia J
    I support this petition
  • 02 December 2015296. Stacey T
    Please listen to the fans, Although Miley Cyrus is a great actress i don't think she would at all fit the role of Laurel even with Vocal changes and Hair and Make-Up.
  • 26 October 2015295. Maddie Andersen
    please please please i beg you DONT PUT MILEY CYRUS AS LAUREL PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 08 October 2015294. Angela Mcclain
    i agree with the petition. i dont think miley cyrus is the right actress for the role.
  • 07 October 2015293. Cassie B
    Miley does not fit the part.... please reconsider!!!!!
  • 05 October 2015292. Jessica M
    I support this petition
  • 29 September 2015291. J Clairer
    Oh, gods, please no.. She dosn't even FIT the description, not even close!
  • 28 September 2015290. Jenna C
    Please listen to the fans! We only want what's best for Wings!
  • 28 September 2015289. Jennifer H
    ANYONE but Miley Cyrus.
  • 28 September 2015288. Victoria Jimenez
    I support this petition
  • 26 September 2015287. Abby Hurley
    I do believe that Miley Cyrus would be the entirely wrong person to portray Laurel, and wholeheartedly agree with the contents of this petition. Please reconsider
  • 21 September 2015286. Hannah Mileyh
    miley isnt right for Laurel at all.she doesnt look like her,act like her,and she doesnt remind me of a faerie at all.
  • 16 September 2015285. Cindy Wood
    I support this petition
  • 10 September 2015284. Kristina Miller
    I support this petition
  • 09 September 2015283. Anna Moon
    I think that an unknown young actress would benefit more people, such as the new actress. I don't mean to seem so foward, but I would play Laurel any second. Sorry, but my eyes are blue but my hair is blonde.
  • 08 September 2015282. Maria G
    Miley Cyrus, come on you can do better. If you want to sell tickets, when it hits theaters then don't cast Cyrus as your lead. We all want it to be a box office hit. Her acting is lame and not up to par. By the way her face "eeeww" does not fit the part.
  • 06 September 2015281. Lau Austin
    I support this petition
  • 30 August 2015280. Melissa M
    I support this petition
  • 29 August 2015279. Annina H
    I support this petition
  • 31 July 2015278. Alex Murray
    I support this petition
  • 18 July 2015277. Maria T
    Miley is too well known...
  • 14 July 2015276. Madeline B
    I suggest Sara Paxton or Dakota Fanning as Laurel instead.
  • 29 June 2015275. Adelaide Boyd
    Laurel must have an another type of beauty, and another type of voice, not like Miley, I don't hate miley, but she's good for another kinds of roles.
  • 26 June 2015274. Jahzeel Stephenson
    laurel is so different from miley. i don't like miley either.i hate her!

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