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Atomic Veterans Petition for Justice

Wars and Nuclear explosionss not only cause physical damage to humans and structural losses, but they are destructive environmentally to all natural resources from the outer regions of the universe down to the infaunal that burrow in the substrates of the ocean floor. It is understandable wars are necessary when our sovereignty is in jeopardy or homeland is attacked without provocation. When nations are gifted with intelligent leaders they will find an alternative to devastating and ruinous wars if at all possible.

The number of early infirmities and deaths are statistically projected in the initial strategic plans of attacks synonymously with the taskmasters abilities to judge the taskforces enemies. However, our foolish White House leaders at the end of WW11 egregiously and sadly elected to remove any doubt in calculating the number of casualties during the Occupational Duties in Japan. The White House leaders unwisely choose to inclusively use our famous Headquarters, Second Pioneer Battalion, Pictorial Arrowhead, Second Marine Division Troops, that served in WW11 and other supporting units, 410,000 more or less, as human experimentations. This inane decision was made without consideration to our Loyal Marines. Historical Records and Division books will prove that many battles were won by many Marines at different times serving in this great Marine Division protecting our Country for freedom. Our leaders at the time yearned to study what effects from exposure to ionizing radiation would have on humans. Notwithstanding top secrets for 50 plus years the effects proved to be deadly as warned by some Nuclear Physicist beforehand. Two hundred thousand, 200,000, out of the 410,000 died an early death at an average age of 57. The others of us have suffered every second of our lives along with family members who cared for us. Our Doctors made wrong diagnoses by not knowing that we were exposed to excessive amounts of ionizing radiation further compounding our severe radiation sickness.

The Government repeatedly stated that we were not exposed to harmful amounts of radiation. Mathematicians and Nuclear Physicist have proven our Government made wrong decisions in calculating radiation because their formula included guesswork in determining the amounts of radiation we were exposed to. If we were not exposed to harmful amounts of radiation, what was the purpose of secrecy for half a century before leaking out to the public? We have pled 58 years for medical support without being administered an aspirin. I understand now that we are not allowed to have a Judge to hear our case. To me, I consider this trampling on our Constitutional Rights and infringing on our Citizenships. We 18 year olds in WW11 served proudly with pride for your freedom and now veterans that were exposed to radiation need your vote in petitioning the White House for us to have Simply Justice. All other resources have been exhausted. We were taught in our intensive training not to leave a comrade behind for any reason if possible, yet our own Government left us in harms way. The evil inhumane acts awarded to all atomic veterans, are not characteristic of America principles so you can help right these wrongs by petitioning in favor of ATOMIC VETERANS. Our Legacy must continue until Justice is served.

To view information formalized by Professionals Online please use Keyword: or your favorite Search Engine: Dr. Rosalie Bertell--Senate Testimony affecting atomic veterans, Shaw Pittman DOD Allegedly Cover Up Medical Records.

For how ionizing radiation personally affected myself go to: Invisible Enemies Of Atomic Veterans, And How They Were Betrayed. Search or Keyword: John D. Bankston to review some descriptions.

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