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Mr R. R. Patil
The, Home Minister
Maharashtra Government
Subject In the matter of Attack on Shamim Modi., Senior Police Inspector of Manikpur Police Station Ashok Pawar manipulated crucial evidences and conspired with former Revenue Minster of M.P., Kamal Patel & others. They all should be made co-accused and immediately arrested.
Reference- Crime No I-229/09 of Manikpur (Vasai) P.S, District- Thane.
After Mumbai High Courts Order Presently case is being Investigated by Mumbai, CB, CID, Unit 12, Dhaisar Branch.
Dear Sir,
Social Activist Shamim Modi, currently serving as an Assistant professor with Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai was brutally attacked in her apartment in Vasai on 23rd July 2009. Despite sustaining 118 stitches she could survive because of sheer courage and presence of mind shown by her. Her opponents, includes former Revenue Mister of M. P. a present BJP MLA Kamal Patel, have been after her life, had planned to get her killed by her own watchman and make it look like a simple robbery case, Manikpur police conspired with them. . In light of the fact police has manipulated many evidences, including vital forensic evidences, on 17/11/09 we made formal request letter to Commissioner of Police, Mumbai, DGP, Maharashtra Police and Chief Minister to include Senior Inspector of Manikpur Police Station. CID has done nothing more than recording the statement of former Revenue Minister of M.P. Kamal Patel. Mumbai CIDs team is neither making any effort to further probe the involvement of Manikpur Police in the attack nor probing the role of the alleged Minster.
The Senior Police Inspector and in-charge of Manikpur Police Station Ashok Pawar in his effort to alter the motive of the attack from attempt to murder to robbery, has manipulated and fabricated many vital evidences. He neither registered the correct version of FIR nor applied the proper sections of IPC. The case was registered under section 397 of IPC. On the intervention of Mumbai High Court, at the later stage, police applied section 307. The High Court observing biased role played by the police handed over the investigation to CB CID, Mumbai and presently the case is being investigated by their unit 12, Dahisar Branch.
(1) Manipulating Forensic Evidence- The police has switched the night gown of Shamim Modi, which she was wearing at the time of the incident. The night gown which was drenched in blood due to excessive bleeding has not been taken on record as forensic evidence. The Salwar- Kurta which was lying there on the bed, at the time of the attack was shown to be worn by the victim.
(2) Victims Statement was Doctored- On 24th July while recording her statement Shamim categorically told the senior PSI of Manikpur Police that the attack was not for money and she suspected former Revenue Minster of M.P., Kamal Patel and his business partner Natwar Patel have engineered the attack. At the time of recording the statement, Dr Rajani Konantambgi, Reader at TISS and victims brother Munaf Meghani were present at the Nursing Home. Moreover, within few hours of the incident Shamim Modis husband spoke to the Senior Police Inspector of Manikpur Police Station Ashok Pawar over the phone and informed him of the history of consistent threat to her life including two earlier unsuccessful attempts made on her life. But when Shamims husband checked her statement he got to know that her statement has been doctored.
(3) Victims Husbands Statement was Doctored- On 27th July when victims husband Anurag Modi visited Manikpur Police station to deliver his statement, the writer of the Senior PSI just asked him his personal details and took out the print out of his supposedly statement that read my wife informed me over the phone that the watchman attacked her for money. He refused to acknowledge that and on 29th July gave his written statement to the police.
(3) Proper statement were recorded after much deliberation-On 30th July we made a written compliant in this regard with Manikpur police and Superintendent of the Police, Thane (Rural). The matter was also reported to Chitra Iyanger, additional Principal Secretary; Home. A delegation from TISS, Mumbai, comprising of faculty; staff and students met her on 31st July and handed over a memorandum signed by about 700 of them. In addition, on 3rd August the delegation of many social groups led by Ex Education Minster of Maharashtra, Prof Bhai Vadiya and Medha Patkar met S.P., Thane (Rural). Finally proper statement of Shamim was re recorded by the police.
(4) Appropriate Sections of IPC not Applied - Despite re recording of the statements, the proper sections of IPC were not applied by the police and case was still being investigated as another simple robbery case under section 397 of IPC.
(5) Victims Fathers FIR was not Registered- Victim Shamim Modis father was the first one to reach the scene of the crime at around 3.20 pm. He thereafter, admitting Shamim at Prakash Nursing and after obtaining necessary medical papers reached Manikpur Police Station at around 4.15 pm and informed the police about the occurrence of crime and was there with them till 6.15 p. But, the police did not lodge his FIR since he refused to acknowledge polices version that the attack was aimed to rob Shamim, as he was well aware of the fact that there was threat to Shamims life. The police, later, complaining that his father was not co- operating called victims brother Munaf Meghani, and taking advantage of his ignorance, made him lodge the FIR at around 6.45 pm.
(6) Doctor Treating Shamim, was Pressurized- The doctor of Prakash Nursing Home Dr. Prakash Shinde , who was treating Shamim, was pressurized by police to change his observation and declare Shamim fit for recording statement. Few days later he was again pressurized to discharge her early from his nursing home.
We apprehend that further investigation may reveal many more manipulations on the part of the Manikpur Police. In the light of the above facts and circumstances we demand that-
(1) That in the light of above facts, Senior Police Inspector of Manikpur Police Station, Ashok Pawar be made co-accused along with former Revenue Minister of M. P., Kamal Patel.
(2) Name of the persons, including the former Revenue Minster of M.P. Kamal Patel be included in the FIR and they all should be arrested.
Your predecessor, Jayant Patil had promised CBI enquiry in the matte but no formal request in this direction was made by Mahrashtra Government. We hope that with the new Maharashtra Government in the office, the attack on socio-political activists & academician will be taken up seriously.

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