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The purpose of this petition is to insist that record labels and other companies that represent artist, song writers, djs, producers radio personalities and any other professional that works under the hip hop genre of the music industry with an option in their contracts and service payments to acquire affordable health and death insurance benefits for themselves and theyre families. Hiphop music has been at the top of the Billboard music charts since 1979 when the Sugarhill Gang arrived at number 36 on with Rappers Delight, twenty years later be converted into almost an hundred million dollar cash machine, according to Allen Hughs In fact, hip-hop music sales made up 89.2 million, or 11.7\%, of the 762.8 million albums sold in the U.S. in 2001--ranking it the third bestseller behind rhythm &blues and alternative music, according to SoundScan, a White Plains, New York-based firm that monitors U.S. album sales. At an average of $12 per CD, that's more than a billion dollars in hip-hop music sales alone (Business Publications 2001), Now eleven years later to this date, as acknowledged by Rauly Ramirez, L.A. on website On R&B/Hip-Hop Albums, Nicki Minaj's "Pink Friday" picks up a fourth week at No. 1 with a 35\% increase to 38,000 copies, according to Nielsen SoundScan. Her sales performance this week causes her debut to beat Kanye West's "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy's" total U.S. sales for the first time - 989,000 vs. 981,000. Both albums were released on November 22, 2010 (By Rauly Ramirez, L.A., February 03, 2011 6:44 EST). Furthermore, despite the recent decline in traditional record sales the hip hop trade continues to be a multi-million dollar cash machine being utilized on a daily basis abundantly to promote, advertize, and influence members of our community (hip hop) to exploit there products, services, and companies that initially had no association to our genre of music. Yet the majority of us have minimum to access to the appropriate insurance benefits to properly care for our families. Estimates cited on the Gotham Gazette found that approximately 4 out of every 10 artists have no health insurance. This represents more than twice the average rate of uninsured Americans (about 1.7 in every 10 Americans, according to the Employee Benefit Research Institute)(Artist Health Insurance 2011). While there are a number of benefit packages made available for artist and musicians although, there arent many that specify hip hop artist in particular, the deductibles are enormous, in addition to the fact that their unaffordable to most hip hop artist to attain.

As a result of the unobtainable benefits there has been a number of successful hip hop artist, song writers, and producers as well as founding our fathers of this form of music. In 2001 we lost Too Poetic from the Gravediggaz to colon cancer, medical benefits played a significant roll in his battle. During the time of his battle Too Poetic lobbied for a hip hop union in an attempt to address medical insurance concerns for hip hop artist. At present one of the founding fathers of hip hop DJ Kool Hercs latest health condition and medical benefit concerns News reported that Kool Herc did undergo surgery a kidney stone procedure despite not having medical insurance which meant he paid out of pocket. There are some artists in the hip hop community who vowed to aid Kool Herc with his bills however, if medical coverage was available, most likely Herc wouldnt require the aid of others. In addition, Kool Herc himself stated on MTV News Tuesday (February 1)Give me your tired, your poor ... ' and then you don't take care of them? There should be no weak ants in the colony. There shouldn't be anyone fighting for health care! This has been going on too damn long! (2011). Kool Hercs situation is actually a major element in the motivation for this petition not to mention the fact that every 4 out of every ten of artist have no medical or death insurance benefits yet our talents and services contribute millions and billions of revenue into our own in addition to other countries lifestyles and their economy. All of these thoughts, facts, and concerns in these matters have to change. Therefore in the memory of Too Poetic, his plight, and his lost battle with cancer, Kool Hercs quandary with healthcare benefits, moreover our communitys need and or rights to affordable, accessible, and valuable insurance for our genre of music. We want to change the idea that deciding to pursue a profession under this form is one and the same of choosing a lifestyle of poverty without benefits for ourselves and our families. According to Bill Alder Hip-Hop historian, publicist and former Def Jam Records executive told The New York Times that unfortunately, those who choose to pursue a living as an artist, can face serious financial and health risks.
"The reality is that the majority of people who choose a life in the arts make a tough economic choice. Theyre almost choosing voluntary poverty," (February 01, 2011). We must unite and insist that concerns are recognized and changes are made and as we all know There is strength in numbers!!
We will begin by distributing this electronically created petition with the expectation of congregating as many signatures as possible. During this time we will attempt put in order a panel of professional individuals to research a number dynamics that surround these concerns including possible options and arrangements directly with the insurance companies, create a proposal based on the information retrieved, solicit and unite with other inhabitants also supporters from every state and country of our cultural and beyond to shore up the masses. Subsequently we will commence to presented this petition to major record labels for instance Sony, Warner, and Universal music groups with plans to later come within reach of them all not excluding independent labels, companies that represent/utilize artist and their talents and services such as ASCAP, BMI, and Clear Channel not exclusive of a host of others, also electronic, internet, and social networking media sources and websites that also benefit from the trafficking our community generates through promotions, downloads, or utilization for example Facebook, Aol, and Whats more is we will propose this petition to the political society particularly since it was recently viewed on the Global Grind website a statement by one of our political hip hop activist in addition to The Senior Advisor for the Black Alliance for Educational Options (BAEO) and the President of Education Online Services Corporation. Ben Chavis "It Will Be The Hip-Hop Vote In 2012 That Will Shape The Future (February 1, 2011). If this there is any legitimacy to this statement, it will be essential that we make the most of fact that political parties and their leaders will be relying on our votes to win the many of the up and coming elections. Well, we want, need, and deserve something for our votes. Benefits!
Please keep in mind that many of these companies do have some form of benefit packages however, as stated earlier in many cases the cost and or the deductibles are astronomical. In addition some other genres does provide some form assistance for their artist that fall upon hard times or for families unable to pay artist doctor bills and or funeral expenses . Nevertheless there is nothing set in place specifically for the professionals working in the hip hop community. We need medical, life, and death insurance benefits for ourselves and our families, and if these companies and businesses generate a multitude of revenue by way of our music, talent, and services, they should be liable to provide use with the appropriate benefits.
Please sign and circulate this petition to as many people as you can THERE IS STRENGHT IN NUMBERS!! PLEASE SIGN
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