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A site that we were able to shut last year has returned. We have to try to shut it down again! ( A Japanese man in New York breeds and sells kittens that are called BONSAI CATS. That would sound cute, if it weren't kittens that were put in to little bottles after being given a muscle relaxant and then locked up for the rest of their lives! The cats are fed through a straw and have a small tube for their Faces. The skeleton of the cat will take on the form of the bottle as the kitten grows. The cats never get the opportunity to move. They are used as original and exclusive souvenirs. These are the latest trends in New York, China, Indonesia and New Zealand. If you think you can handle it, view and have a look at the methods being used to put these little kittens into bottles.

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Latest Signatures

  • 24 September 201550. Maya Gould
    that is cruel! Wouldyou likr that to bappen to you? Like a bonsai person? Name, State, Country caliornia USA
  • 07 April 201549. Ivailo A
    I'm terrified. I hope the doctor goes to jail with life sentence. Name, State, Country Ivailo Alexandrov, Vidin, Bulgaria
  • 21 December 201448. Sarah W
    n/a Name, State, Country Beaufort, SC, United States
  • 04 July 201447. Lauren Collier
    this is cruel and unusual Name, State, Country Il. united states
  • 09 June 201446. Brenda G
    This is horrible, disgusting, and cruel beyond words. Name, State, Country Brenda Greenwalt, IN, USA
  • 02 January 201445. Dr Georgeknaueri
    STOP ABUSING THE KITTENS Name, State, Country Dr, George Knauer III, FL, USA
  • 20 October 201344. Michael K
    This site was so sick and horrible i thought it was a joke at first. Name, State, Country Michael Kline IL United States
  • 08 September 201343. Scarlett Duarte
    Cheap people! Name, State, Country Scarlett, Pennsylvania, United States of America
  • 27 April 201342. Nora I
    Boycott Bonsai Kittens! Name, State, Country Nora Inman, Kentucky, U.S.A.
  • 24 December 201241. Tara M
    i cant believe this its rediculous Name, State, Country Tara Morgan, NJ, USA
  • 02 December 201240. Emil Asenovr
    We have to shut it down again Name, State, Country Bulgaria
  • 08 February 201239. Sam Kirby
    How gross. Name, State, Country USA
  • 05 November 201138. Jp Mcdowell
    I support this petition
  • 22 September 201137. Lexii Carlson
    i think this is soo wrong . my friends and i have put together a halloween thing to raise money and send it for this . I love kittens ; that's gross what they do . Name, State, Country lexii NY US
  • 25 June 201136. Kim Robinson
    shut it down..its horrible wut u ppl do :-( Name, State, Country Kim - -NJ,USA
  • 18 April 201135. Tim M
    I support this petition
  • 13 March 201134. Susan O
    The people who buy them are just as disgusting as the man who sells them! Name, State, Country California, USA
  • 29 November 201033. Cassie Camacho
    aww thats horrible i dont understand why you would do that to a poor little kitty
  • 01 November 201032. Christina P
    This is sick and unhumane, I'm shocked that it was allowed in the first place. Name, State, Country FL, USA
  • 04 May 201031. Boyco P
    stop this! the japanese idiot must be transofmed with its own method to "bonsai idiot"! Name, State, Country Sofia, Bulgaria
  • 31 July 200930. Kirsty M
    It's disgusting that they can get away with this Name, State, Country England
  • 18 May 200929. Gloria Green
    The "bottlers" should become the "bottlees". Name, State, Country N. Aurora, IL, USA
  • 08 March 200928. Gokce A
    damned Name, State, Country Istanbul-TURKIYE
  • 08 March 200927. Mallort F
    I support this petition
  • 09 November 200826. Carly M
    This is so disgusting! Name, State, Country Carly, New Jersey, USA
  • 22 September 200825. Rachel Ball
    this is terrible and the shop should be shut down immediately Name, State, Country Rachel, NJ, USA
  • 09 July 200824. Samantha D
    Thats horrible that anyone would ever want to do that to an animal. It should b stopped Name, State, Country Samantha, IL, USA

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Bonsai Kitten, Inc.


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