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Dear People of the Public,
Whether you know me or not, this needs urgent and immediate action. In America, somebody has started a company called Bonsai Kitten. It is truly sick and disturbing that someone has such a warped and tormented brain that they can even bare to look at themselves in the mirror without hanging their head in shame for the cruel and disgusting things they have done.

Bonsai Kitten has taken the idea from Japanese traditions were they change the shape of plants to suit their tastes, it was quite unusual, but since it was only plants nobody neither cared nor wanted to get involved. It was their tradition, let them keep it. But now some American jerk has taken it a step too far, Im not positive whether the inventor is male or female, but my instincts are for some reason swaying me to believe its male. What they have so wrongly started to endorse through a website (Ill give you the link later if you can handle it) is pushing newly born kittens into glass containers, so they can twist and warp them into the shape of their suiting and taste, its truly disgusting and horrifying when you see pictures and instructions on how to make your own, or as they so nicely put it Starting from scratch and Home growing your kitten

As you can see, they think its funny that theyre torturing innocent creatures that have as much right to walk this Earth freely without the threat of being stuffed in a box for Christs sake. What they are doing is truly wrong and demented, theyre acting like cave people, so cold hearted and un-phased by the fact theyre squashing these poor things. Some sick person on the guest book has actually requested a star shaped kitten, its horrible.

And the cruelty doesnt stop there, oh no. Because these kittens are inside the jar moulding they cant eat or go to the toilet. So what they do is feed them through a tube that leads down their throat, and to go to the toilet, they superglue their bottoms and have another tube were they dispense their waste down.

The way this works is also puzzling as to how they live with themselves.

They take newborn kittens and because the bone structure is still tender and easy to shape (they even tell you about a lovely piece, dropping the kittens on the floor will make them bounce, yet they have the decency to say We do not recommend that you try this at home on the throwing them on the floor yet they still persist with this extreme cruelty) they shove them into boxes and glass containers, like bottled ships, and let them grow into the squashed shape desired. Then they smash the glass (another danger) to remove the kitten.

As you can see, they have no respect or decency. On the Method page they use so many ! youd have thought it was an article for the circus or something apparently funny like that. And it seems that American Police are actually giving people permits to start from scratch so it looks like its up to everybody else to sort this out. Please tell everybody you know about this website and get them to sign. (

Also, i've just been searching through their guestbook and look at this applaingly hideous letter!

From Megan [email protected]> Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2001

My brother David is the quarterback for our High School football team I want to know if it is possible to get a kitten in the shape of a football, no one else will get him anything like that for his birthday and if you could make it our school colors (white and green) that would be great! A Safe non-toxic way to color the kitty is to use Jell-o thats what they used for the hourse of a different color in The Wizard of Oz.

Dear Megan,

A football-shaped kitty would certainly be possible. Please see our mail drop for a positive testimonial on a baseball kitty we produced for another customer, and get in touch with us for more information. Thanks also for the coloring tip - it is important to us that all additives used with Bonsai Kittens be safe and non-toxic to the children that love them!

They all think it's a joke, but God forbid if I ever get my hands on the creator.

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