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Here is the E-mail I got and decided to make it into a real petition. These are the signatures from the E-mail, please add to it.

This is so terrible. A site that we were able to shut last year has
returned, so we have to try to shut it down again!
( A
Japanese man in New York breeds and sells kittens that are called
CATS. That would sound cute, if it weren't kittens that were
put into little bottles after being given a muscle relaxant and
then locked
up for the rest of their lives! The cats are fed through a straw
and have
a small tube for their faces. The skeleton of the cat will take on
the form
of the bottle as the kitten grows. The cats never get the
opportunity to
move. They are used as original and exclusive souvenirs. These are
latest trends in New York, China, Indonesia and New Zealand. If you
you can handle it, go to this site and have a
look at
the methods being used to put these little kittens into bottles.
petition needs 500 names, so please put your one name on it!!! Copy
text into a new email and put your name on the bottom, then send it
everyone you know!
1) Vicky Pratt, Canada
2) Alanna Julian, Kitchener, Canada
3) Tim Mathias, Kitchener, Canada
4) Erin Lindsay, Kitchener, Canada
5)Jody Fischer, Kichener, Canada
6) Jessica Walters, Kitchener, ON
7) Kathryn Sutton, Peterborough, ON
8) Julia Fife, Peterbrough, ON
9) Melody Thomas, Peterborough, ON, Canada
10) ~*Chrissy*~ Ontario Canada
11) Cheryl- Ontario Canada
12) Katie-Quebec Canada
13) Kendra Kearns-Quebec Canada
14) Jodi Tubman~Shawville Quebec Canada
15) Emily~Ontario Canada
16) Lauren Hall-Ontario Canada
17) Kristen Logan- Ontario Canada
18) Adriana Hinson - Ontario Canada
19) Alysha McLeod- Ontario, Canada
20) Andrew Stewart - Ontario Canada
21) Caitlin Langdon - Ontario,Canada
22) Katie Dunngian- Ontario, Canada
23) Katie Dewson- Ontario, Canada
24) Nicole R- Ontario, Canada
25) SHARON KENNEDY - Ontario, Canada (that's so twisted!!)
26) Katherine Graham- Ontario, Canada
27) samantha fox-Ontario, Canada
28) wendy fox-Ontario, Canada
29) steven fox- Onyario, Canada
30) mallory fox-ontario, canada
31) Jessica Fox-Ontario, Canada
32) Anne McLagan, Ontario Canada
33) magda trzos, Ontario,Canada
34) Isabelle Kolodziej, Ontario, Canada
35) Tanja Brkic, Canada
36) Stephanie Durocher, ON Canada
37) James Trussler, ON, Canada
38) Sandra Cronin, ONT, Canada
39) Zack Blecher, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
40) Taylor Vaught, East Lansing, MI USA
41) Alex Rutkowski, Ann Arbor, MI USA
42) Sara Jozefiak, Ann Arbor, MI USA
43) Laura, Michigan "USA
44) Brynn, Michigan, USA
45) Nicole Ray, Michigan,USA
46) Nicole, Michigan, USA
47) Sonja, Michigan, USA
48) Lindsey, Michigan, USA
49) Mariel, Michigan, USA
50)Rajsh, Michigan, USA
60) Bowee, New York, USA
61) Odeta, Michi 62) Erinda, Michigan, USA
63) Sara, Michigan, USA
64) Eda, Michigan, USA
65) Nick, Michigan, USA
66) Sam, Michigan, USA
67) Alvi, Michigan, USA
68) Nik, Michigan, USA
69) Joe, Michigan, USA
70) Bryan, Michigan, USA
71) Eda, Michigan, USA
72) Vjorela, Michigan, USA
73) Eri, Michigan, USA
74) Tony, Michigan, USA
75) Eriton, Michigan, USA
76) Rachel, Michigan, USA
77) Ashley, Michigan, USA
78) Alyssa, Michigan, USA
79) Danny, Michigan, USA
80) Robie, Michigan, USA
81) Reggna, Michigan, USA
82) Evan, Michigan, USA
83) Tony, Michigan, USA
84) Mirenda, Michigan, USA
85) Alyssa, Michigan, USA
86) Milessa, Michigan, USA
87) Scott, Michigan, USA
89) Jason, Michigan, USA
90) Hunter, Michigan, USA
91) Mason, Michigan, USA
92) Jake, Michigan, USA
93) Bobby, Michigan, USA
94) Josh, Michiga n, USA
95) Sarah, Michigan, USA
96) John, Michigan, USA
97) Fjona, Michigan, USA
98) Chelsea, Michigan, USA
99) Justine, Michigan, USA
100) Letta, Michigan, USA
101) Lauren, Michigan, USA
102) Jennie, Michigan, USA
103) Jenna, Michigan, USA
104) Jimmy, Michigan, USA
105) Jessica, Michigan, USA
106) Stephanie, Michigan, USA
107) Crysta, Michigan, USA
108) D.J , Michigan, USA
109) T.J, Michigan, USA
110) Jennifer, Michigan, USA
111) Lauren, Michigan, USA
112) Alfanse, Michigan, USA
113) Mirsela, Michigan, USA
114) Donika, Michigan, USA
115) Danjela, Michigan, USA
116) Elton, Michigan, USA
117) Mauge, Michigan, USA
118) Wendy, Michigan, USA
119) Brianna, Michigan, USA
120) Jeff, Michigan, USA
121) Danny, Michigan, USA
122) Holly, Michigan, USA
123) Jennifer, Michigan, USA
124) Randi, Michigan, USA
125) Steven, Michigan, USA
126) Chris, Michigan, USA
127) Joey, Michigan, USA
128) Taylor, Michigan, USA 1
129) Joe, Michigan, USA
130) Ray, Michigan, USA
131) Jared, Michigan, USA
132) Tino, Michigan, USA
133) Shana, Michigan, USA
134) Samantha, Michigan, USA
135) Nick, Michigan, USA
136) Katelin, Michigan, USA
137) David, Michigan, USA
138) Brittany, Michigan, USA 1
140) Sahar, Michigan, USA
141) Ashley, Michigan, USA
142) Lizzy, Michigan, USA
143) Eva, Michigan, USA
144) Pheobe, Michigan, USA
145) Paige, Michigan, USA
146) Lydia, Michigan, USA
147) Lisa , Michigan, USA
148) Mirjeta, Michigan, USA
149) Glo, Michigan, USA
150) Djana, Michigan, USA
151) Lorena, Michigan, USA
152) Marwa, Michigan, USA
153) Heather, Michigan, USA
154) Anneta, Michigan, USA
155) Loma, Michigan, USA
156) Barnadeta, Michigan, USA
157) Charlotte, England
158) Mariel, Michigan, USA
159) Daniel, Michigan, USA
160) Mary, Michigan, USA
161) Tom, Michigan, USA
162) Mario, Michigan, USA
163) Bobby, Michigan, USA
164) Marjo, Michigan, USA
165) Marjan, Michigan, USA
166) Rammy, Michigan, USA
167) Firas, Michigan, USA
168) Sam, Michigan, USA
169) Sarah , Michigan, USA
170) Rovena, Michigan, USA
171) Lauren , Michigan, USA
172) Elaina, Michigan, USA
173) Rose, Michigan, USA
174) Sindes, Michigan, USA
175) Irene, Michigan, USA
176) Becky, Michigan, USA
177) Paige, Michigan, USA
178) Jessica, Michigan, USA
179) Merna, Michigan, USA
180) Rebecca, Michigan, USA
181) Emily, Michigan, USA
182) Emalie, Michigan, USA
183) Cathy, Michigan, USA
184) Claudia, Michigan, USA
185) Leona, Michigan, USA
186) Jackie, Michigan, USA
187) Christina, Michigan, USA
188) Amanda, Michigan, USA
189) Amanda, Michigan, USA
190) Amani, Michigan, USA
191) Charntel, Sunderland, UK
192) Rachel, Sunderland, UK
193) Thomas, Newcastle, UK
194) Mark, UK
195) Iestyn, Aberystwyth, UK
196) Naeil Lotfi, Aberystwyth, UK
197)Nariman Lotfi, Aberystwyth, UK
198) Gamal Lotfi, Aberystwyth, UK
199) Maha Lotfi, Aberystwyth, UK
200) Adam Stevens, Aberystwyth, UK
201) Kayleigh Rose, Aberystwyth, UK
202) Sam Brown, Borth, UK
203)Sioned Hewitt-Smith , Machynlleth, UK
204) Heddwyn Hewitt-Smith, Machynlleth, UK
205)Rob Hewitt Smith, Machynlleth, UK
206)Jean Hewitt Smith, Machynlleth, UK
207) Luci Edwards, Machynlleth, uk
208)Fay Thompson, Fairbourne, UK
209)Norma Perrie, Dumbarton UK
210)Lisa Eadie, Dumbarton UK
211)Jocelyn Duff, Dumbarton UK
212)Amy Gibson, Dumbarton UK
213) Charlotte McShane, Helensburgh, Scotland
214) Emma Graham, Livingston, UK. (aww this is a wee shame fur the
wee cats, plz plz plz sign it!)
215)Sabrina Finlayson, Livingston, UK (this is sick)
216) Emma, Scotland 217) Hannah Main, Scotland
218) Luisa Park, UK
219) Catherine Stanners, UK ( dis is really really sick)
220) Emma.S , Uk (catherine is right it is disgusting even so that
one page
you have to send a permission slip to look at it, it must be awful.
stop theese people and save the kittens. Its Animals rights isn't
it? The
people who do this should be put in a bottle and have a little
straw to
drink out of to see how hard and disgusting it must be.)
221) David, England 222) Dolores UK
223) Derek, Glasgow, Scotland PLease do something to help these
kittens 277
more signatures to go and they will be saved.xx
224) Kirsten, scotland
225) denise, uk
226) Melissa, Germany
227) francesca ,rotherham ,england
228) Marissa, Germany
229) Hannah, England
230) Anna, uk
231) Belinda, Scotland
232) Abigail, UK
234) Leah, Leeds
235) Holly, Liverpool,
236) Yolande, London
237) Elenor, Canada
238) Rosie, Liverpool
239) Eve, London
240) Elli, Blackmoor
241) Isobel, Australia
242) Leann, manchester
243) Natalie, Ireland
244) Elen, Wallasey
245) Nigel, Es***
246) Lesley, Fulham
247) Tim, Wembley
248) John, Wembley
249) Ameil, Brixton
250) Simon, Finchley
251)Emma, London
252)Judith, Chester
253) Samantha, Manchester
254) kerrie, warrington uk
255) Sarah, UK
257) Emma, england
258) Sian, Liverpool
260) linzi liverpool
261) bethany, Belfast
262) hannah, Belfast
263) joshua, belfast
264) anita, belfast
265) ray, belfast
266) katy, belfast
267) Mitchell, Belfast
268)Jade, Belfast
269)Lynda, Belfast (there are some sick ******** in this world, I
someone sticks him in a glass that's too small for him for the rest
of his
life so he can see how cruel and unjust he is being)
270)Katie, Belfast (this is the worst website in the world and even
if ur nt
cat lovers and u dont sign ur name there some wrong wif u there r
kittens and they cant defend there self so plzz dont be a sick no
person cuz u shouldnt b like tht if i no the ppl i no u wont be tht
271) Leanne, Toledo ( i agree with lynda like omg wut would he do
if he was
stuck in a jar for the rest of his life???)
272)~Josh~,toronto(yea thats a pretty ****in sick thing to do,he
needs a
273) Kristen,toledo(awwww the poor kitties can we say someone needs
something to do with? his time!!!!)
274) Joe-Anne, Cardinal, Ontario, (My poor kittys will never be
275)Mark Vaal-Henke, Cardinal, Ontario
276)Amber-Lynn, Auckland, NewZealand
277) Sophie, England
278) Chels, Victoria, Canada
279) Tara, Victoria, Canada 2
80) Anne, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada (that Japanese guy is
one sick
281)Giselle,Victoria,BC,Canada,when i saw this websit i wanted to
282) Nicky, Victoria, BC, Canada
283) Jessica, Kincardine, Ontario, Canada
284) Alice, Kincardine, Ontario, Canada
285) Lindsay, South Wales, UK (this site is so sick whoever set
this up
should have it done to him)
286) Alanna, Kilmarnock, Scotland, UK (I have a cat and I couldn't
bear the
thought of anything like this happening to her or any other cat or
?This 'Bonsai Cat' thing will ultimately end up killing the cat as
it grows
287) Michelle, Belfast
288) Vicky, England
289) Jennie England
290) Bob England
291) Kirstie England
292) Georgina England
293) Kirsty P? England
294) Abbie b England
295) Maylee Joy Fraser England
296) Sophia Canada
297) Florence Canada
298) Helen Canada
299) Sophie Canada
300)Ashely Canada
301) Kandace Canada
302) meliss
304) Madi, Australia (this site is so cruel to the little kitty
cats :-( I'm
gonna cry!?�!�!)
305) Lara, Australia
306) Laura, Australia
307) Angelica, Australia
308) Stephanie,Australia
309) Amanda,Australia
310) Allira, Australia
311) Natasha, Australia (Disgusting. I wonder how good their animal
laws are over there.)
312) Camilla, Australia (Oh the poor things)
313) Sharayah, Australia ( not cool)
314) Jasmine, Australia (whoever you are SOOOOOOO CRUEL!!!
No animal deserves to be treated like that!!)
315) Matthew, Australia. Whoever he is, he's one sick little
316)Catherine, Australia
317)Cameron, Australia
318)Jenna, Australia
319) Kasey, Australia (aaawww this is so so so so so so
320) Nic, Australia 321) Sarah, Australia,
320)PhiL, Australia (those cats desserve a life of there own...
321) Stacey Begg UK
323) Mady Charbine UK, This is the so horrible, whoever did this i
hope they rot in hell and i hope they are a lonely sod who no one loves
and the person be in GREAT pain forever. Please sign this THANKYOU
(324)ben thomas AUS
this is sick, man that is sooooooo horrible,u wouldn't like if cat's
did this to us so sign this please!!!!!!!!
(325) B. Douglas AUS
that man is so sick, he should be put behind
326)amy ferguson, Aussie
327) Mahalia Nathan, Australia
328) Samuel Brent, Australia
329) Adrian Ferrari, Australia... personally, i am not a cat lover, but
this is sick...
331) Emily McIntyre, Australia *people sign this!! this is horrible and is
332) Imogen, Ausatralia
334)Bianca, Australia
335)Amelia, Austalia
336)Letitia,New Zealand
337)Joe,USA ( that sick freak should spend his life in prison)
338)Taylor, USA
339)Alyssa, USA (Who ever gave him the right to do that!?!)
340) Lynn, USA (Whomever likes this stuff is deaply preverted, and
needs alot of help- this is sooo sooo sooo sad, and cruel -animals have
rights too.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
341) BETTY-C (rachel) USA (this is sad...but I like dogs better!) jk!
wel not really!
344) Chessie usa
345) Chelsey USA (that is sooo mean and sad and i hate that man!!)
346) Nick USA
347) whitney colorado usa
348) Kiki USA
349)Amy Colorado, US of A
350)Kyle Colorado,usa
351)alex Colorado, USA
352)Nona Colorado,Usa
353)Hannah Colorado, Usa
354) Hannah P. Colorado, USA ( why does he have to do that to poor inocent
355)Katherine F. Texas, USA
356)Alyssa Texas, USA (he s=is such a cruel person!!!
357)Krysten Texas,USA (This is horrible!)
358 Kalyn Schieffer TX USA_________________________________________________
359) Kara TX USA
400) Rachel TX USA ( this is sooooooooooooooooo horrible, i can't live with
401) Alexandra TX USA
402) rachel fry tx usa
403) Kimbie Marston TX USA (that is so mean. how can someone hurt little
403) Rachel Fizeseri TX USA (My cat was sitting right by me
when I read this!! That is sooooo mean and sooooooo STUPID!!!
404) Katelyn TX USA (that is soo horrible and wrong!!!)
405)Sarah TX USA
406)Erin Zimmerman TX USA
407)Blair Robbins TX USA (this is sick, disgusting and wrong and pains me to
know that someone would do this to a baby kitten!!!! come on, only 93 more
signatures to go!!!!!)
408)Celeste Hook TX USA (omg seeing the little kitties made me cry!! SIGN
409) Rachel Shook TX USA
410) Mackenzie Boyles TX USA
411) Joseph Boyles TX USA
412) Alyona Rogojina MN, USA
413) Elizabeth wruck tx,usa
414) Dustin Hilliard, TX, USA

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Latest Signatures

  • 09 December 201032. bethany
    i have looked on the website ( not because i knoew i couldn't handle it , because i didn't know what it was) IT'S SSOOOOOO SICK AND HORRRIBLE , dont things like that jjust make you bloody angry !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 14 November 201031. that
  • 25 October 201030. tyler
    your sick disgusting people and i wish i could stuff you in bottle your a @$*!%
  • 07 October 201029. Tom
  • 19 September 201028. Cassie
  • 21 August 201027. ana
    uuuuuuuuuuuuughhhhhggghgh this is horrible come on people only 46 more signatures
  • 11 August 201026. Michael
    F**k anyone who thinks that kinda stuff is alright.
  • 04 August 201025. Jacquie
  • 28 July 201024. Vicky
  • 28 July 201023. Kelly
  • 27 July 201022. caitlin
  • 26 July 201021. Jessica
  • 25 July 201020. djgrizzly
    i heared that this isn't real, if so, u have my signature for the petition
  • 23 July 201019. Katy
    This is cruel
  • 23 July 201018. Whitney
  • 23 July 201017. Natalie
  • 23 July 201016. Courtney
    that was horrible!
  • 23 July 201015. Sam
  • 23 July 201014. nadine
  • 23 July 201013. K.Evans
  • 23 July 201012. Lindsay
    1234 I can't take this anymore 5678 why dont they appreciate Kittens kittens kittens
  • 23 July 201011. Dafydd
  • 23 July 201010. heather
    dude. this is f-ing sick and twisted.
  • 20 July 20109. M.J.
    You are so right, it is so sick.
  • 17 July 20108. Amanda
  • 17 July 20107. Kayla
  • 17 July 20106. Jessica

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