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On the day of Monday November 22, 2004, one Frank Gallo asks one non-human maciel, if he could drive to and from school, since his car was in the shop. One maciel responded by saying "yeah I can drive, but I have to take you home early, because I have to tutor someone after class. One Frank Gallo asked "are you sure?". One maciel responded "yeah, its fine". As we are in the van pulling into the parking lot at school, one maciel remarks "Oh by the way, I can't drive you home, I don't have the money to spend on gas". One Frank Gallo responded by saying "Wait a minute, you said you would drive me home. I asked you if you were sure, and you said yes". In his defence, maciel said "I just woke up when I talked to you on the phone." One Frank Gallo responded, "Why the hell did you wait till now to tell me this?! I'm stranded now!" One maciel replies "Your not stranded, you can take the bus". (It was rush hour, and I had no bus money). One Frank Gallo had to call in multiple favours from many unbelievable unreliable unontarian sources. Add onto this that he drove someone else home instead of me!

I implore you, as fellow intelligent human beings, with senses of decency and integrity, to put forth your name on to the "Boycott Maciel 2004 Petition". Our mission statement is to prove to everyone that maciel was a complete dick on that day (and my very well be today), with no sense of decency or integrity. He will only do things when it is convinient for him. (Apparently fulfilling promisses isnt convinient for him at all.) He is an inhuman monster. So please, put forth your name now, you can make a difference, your vote does count!

By signing this petition, YOU can help make the world a better, more caring place. YOU can be a hero. (and come celebrate with me on Hero's Day)

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Latest Signatures

  • 25 September 2015100. Mat Summers
  • 17 June 201599. Howard S
    your worse than bettlejuice
  • 11 June 201598. Only Onethingtos
  • 25 February 201597. Bob M
    i always loved laughin at husky stupid boys when i lived lol
  • 06 December 201496. Alexander M
    i can't believe u asked me to have sex with you
  • 18 November 201495. Freddie M
    Another one bites the dust !
  • 25 September 201494. Darius L
    i heard about this from my chap from South Africa
  • 16 August 201493. Maria D
    ::: I Said I'd Sign it Twice, & Twice it is, Cuz Im Still Angry About This Situation :::
  • 20 July 201492. Roddy Torres
    The Omnipotent could not depart without further sounding my resounding disapproval....Maciel is FROWNED UPON for his actions.
  • 07 July 201491. Bill B
    One time I was with Maciel in the back of a pickup truck, along with a live deer. Maciel goes up to the deer and says, 'I'm Chris Maciel! SAY IT!' Then he manipulates the deer's lips in such a way as to make it say, 'Chrismaciel' ... It wasn't exactly lik
  • 04 June 201490. Lunchbox Sexton
    Them emos are vicious... and a little lonely
  • 08 May 201489. Jennilee D
    i wouldn't even date you
  • 24 April 201488. Peter K
    I support this petition
  • 31 January 201487. Carlos D
    eh its trishan really maciel ur small and look like pumpkin haaha :)
  • 30 January 201486. Jono Hess
  • 05 January 201485. Vince T
    As the patriarch of the Tedesco family it is my duty on behalf of every Tedesco in the world to say we agree with you Frank Gallo! I never liked that maciel kid from the moment i shook his hand at graduation...
  • 19 November 201384. Matt T
    I saw chris suck a pen0r on teh intarnet!1!1!11
  • 23 September 201383. Ann M
    to many complaints from my fellow kingsmen about u! total support to!
  • 13 August 201382. Marshall D
    I support this petition
  • 28 July 201381. Mamma M
    I just can't stop thinking about his hairy little penis
  • 20 June 201380. Don M
    Its about time the hype must Die!
  • 03 May 201379. Juan M
    uve samed urself chico
  • 16 April 201378. Cindy Obrien
    signing it again because im outraged!
  • 10 April 201377. Frank T
    I must agree that Chris Maciel was a dick on that day! Sounds like another dick that I know...Peter Roller!
  • 21 February 201376. Andrew Mcfarland
    I support this petition
  • 14 February 201375. Dante L
    I play football for brock!
  • 22 August 201274. Vanilla D
    i smell some thin lika worm

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chris maciel


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