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Scrubs is one of the biggest and, in the opinion of many satisfied viewers, one of the best comedy sitcoms ever to hit television. How ever, the bad news is that it got cancelled half way through the ninth season.

I think I speak for all Scrubs viewers when I say that we are highly disappointed and upset to find out that Scrubs has been cancelled. It is one of the all time greatest sitcoms created and the characters aren't just any ordinary sitcom characters. They are characters that we can relate to.

Scrubs is one of the best written shows I have ever had the pleasure to watch. It is clever and funny and still has a moral underlining within it that many other shows struggle to show.

This is a petition to bring back Scrubs with its original line up to AT LEAST complete Season 9, if not then go on to create further seasons.

Scrubs has always been one of my favourite shows and whilst I am not a huge fan of Season 9 because of the new characters, I do still enjoy watching it so I hope that you will all agree with everything I have said and sign this petition to hopefully bring back Scrubs and give it the Finale it has earned and it deserves

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Latest Signatures

  • 26 October 201550. Neera S
    Brilliant show, inspiring, highly intelligent yet hilarious, should not be stopped as it has a much deeper meaning along with a lot off fun. Best character Dr. Percival Cox Best episode All! Best season 9
  • 25 October 201549. Tyler B
    I LOVE SCRUBS Best character Dr. Cox
  • 23 August 201548. Alek C
    Skip the med school crap, go back to the way it was season 8 and prior. Best character J.D aka. Dr.John Dorian Best episode HUGE choice here. I love many of them and it depends on what mood I am in. I'd have to say the episode where Dr.Cox loses 3 patient
  • 01 August 201547. Tommy W
    i thought season 9 looked good shouldnt have been cancelled Best character J.D Best episode season 7 finale Best season seventh
  • 26 July 201546. Shavyah Sexton
    bring scrubs back!!! Best character Turk Best episode Season 9 Episode 6 Best season 9
  • 25 July 201545. Aron Ray
    Bring one of the best shows back Best character JD Best season 8
  • 26 May 201544. Lewis L
    Awesome show what was ABC thinking Best character Dr Cox Best episode His Story 2 Best season Hard To Say
  • 09 May 201543. Avril Annw
    I support this petition
  • 05 May 201542. Joshua Conner
    I really was angry that ended! BRING BACK JD, BRING BACK JANITOR and bring back any other original characters you can I loved the series! AND LET J.D GET HIS BLEEPING HUG YOU INHUMANE JERKS hahahah Best character JD AND JANITOR
  • 28 April 201541. Tomas Jonw
    best show ever need it back Best character Dr.Christopher Turk + janitor Best episode my finale 1 and 2 Best season 8
  • 28 February 201540. Shivani S
    i liked some of the new cast as well and i would have enjoyed seeing another dimension develop with them Best character Dr. Percival Cox Best episode dont have one Best season dont have one
  • 16 November 201439. James L
    Need scrubs back it was such a good show I still watch reruns Best character Turk Best episode My musical Best season 8
  • 11 November 201438. Utsa M
    bring it back!! Best character the janitor and turk
  • 30 October 201437. Alexander P
    I support this petition
  • 16 September 201436. Ben Wu
    Season 9 was fantastic, please renew for a tenth season!!
  • 30 August 201435. Ml Taylor
    I support this petition
  • 23 August 201434. Connor S
    I miss scrubs, my mom got all 9 (more like 8 1/2) seasons, for christmas and i spent the next few days glued to the couch watching episode after episode, i LOVE this show, i remember when i first started watching this show, i would set it to record and wh
  • 13 August 201433. Cameron Barnett
    I support this petition
  • 20 April 201432. Dan Jarvis
    I support this petition
  • 05 March 201431. Jola O
    Scrubs is not just a TV show, its a world of memories, a world that forces you to believe you can be what you want to be, and its certainly helped my life Best character The Janitor Best episode My Lunch Best season Season 5
  • 22 February 201430. Patrick D
    I support this petition
  • 19 February 201429. Nicole Boone
    I LOVE Scrubs! I don't usually watch sitcoms but its so meaningful that I don't feel at all like I'm wasting my time watching it, I actually feel like I'm learning :) Best character JD obviously! Best episode hmm... I love them all really, I do love JD i
  • 27 January 201428. Michal K
    I support this petition
  • 11 January 201427. Erik La
    I can't live withot Scrubs! Please bring it back! Best character JD Best season 1-8
  • 03 December 201326. Robert E
    i love this show give complete season 9, give it the ending it desorvs Best character denise Best season seasons 8 and 9
  • 27 November 201325. James M
    I support this petition
  • 05 November 201324. Tish Chaney
    Bring Scrubs Back Best character Janitor

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