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Please spend just a few minutes of your time signing this petition to the BBC to get them to recommision a second series of "Servants" which was shown on BBC1 earlier this year. Amazing dramas like "Servants" should not be stopped, or at the very least a video or DVD should be released! Thank you for your time.

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Latest Signatures

  • 13 November 201053.
    Servants was so good, can't believe the BBC scrapped it! Bring back Servants!!
  • 07 November 201052. Rebecca
    This was such a good series, brilliantly written and an excellent cast. How could they even contemplate not having a second series?
  • 05 November 201051. Paula
    Will the show ever be run on BBC America?
  • 05 November 201050. Ros
  • 04 November 201049. chloe
    fantastic drama, miss it loads
  • 31 October 201048. Linda
    Only the beeb with thier heads so far up thier own backsides could be oblivious to possibly the best series to be screened by them in a decade. if all else fails think of the cash cow youll be slaughtering by abandoning this series, its a commodity with w
  • 29 October 201047. Elaine
    Come on bring it back, you know you want to BBC
  • 28 October 201046. CHRISTINA
  • 24 October 201045. Rowen
    Servants is great - bring it back! You can't just leave it hanging like that...
  • 24 October 201044. Alison
    I really enjoyed the drama series 'Servants' and really hope that a second series will be made.
  • 22 October 201043. Richard
    Please BBC, this was one of the best dramas of the year and deserves another series. One of the few programmes that my kids looked forward to as much as I did.
  • 22 October 201042. Hannah
    Great proggrame, with great writting and acting + production. Would love to see second series or realeased on dvd/vhs.
  • 22 October 201041. joe
    yeah! damn good stuff!
  • 22 October 201040. Ruth
    Pleeeeaaaaaaasssssssseeeee bring back servants or at least release the first series on video or DVD. It is the best drama ever!
  • 22 October 201039. daniel
    Bring back Servants
  • 22 October 201038. Holly
    This drama is in the same class as Pride & Prejudice, it is one of the most intelligent dramas shown this year, something the BBC should be proud of
  • 21 October 201037. Jessica
    Servants rulz! Bring it back! Or bring in out on DVD!!!!!
  • 21 October 201036. Josh
    I would like to see a second series of servants also i would like to own the first series of servants on DVD.
  • 20 October 201035. beverly
    if the bbc are silly enoguh to lose out on this brilliant drama it is their loss. the ratings might have been lower because of itv showing one of their popular programs at exactly the same time. since the program finished the bbc has gone down hill in my
  • 18 October 201034. Linda
    Yes, please bring back this fantastic show. We really enjoyed watching it on BBC Canada and were shocked to learn that's it.
  • 18 October 201033. Emma
    please please please please please please please do some more series. It was the best!!
  • 14 October 201032. Emma
    Bring it back!! TV has not been the same without it!
  • 14 October 201031. Adam
    Bring back this high-class drama to our screens, we NEED to know what happens next!!
  • 06 October 201030. Rachel
    bring it back, u know u want 2
  • 29 September 201029. Evelyn
    Servants was a brilliant TV series that truly deserves to be recommisioned.You just have to see the BBC fantasy page, or the Servants website set up by fans, to see how many people want Servants back. Please!
  • 26 September 201028. Gemma
    I absolutely adored "Servants" I can't believe the BBC have pulled it!! It was a unique drama series that could appeal to anyone and i would love to see more!!
  • 26 September 201027. Katie
    This programme should really be continued, it is much better than some of the other rubbish on which is allowed to run continuously.

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