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In 1958, DC Comics created the Legion of Super-Heroes.

In 1994, DC decited to relaunch the series by rebooting it to scratch, since during the years its original continuity had become a mess unfriendly to every possible new reader.

This reboot was perfectly respectful of the historic concept of the Legion, that's basically that of a team of people (not necessarily kids) from the future who gathered to support a common dream of unity and peace. And thanks to Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning we could even read some of the best Legion adventures ever, starting from the unforgettable "Legion of the damned" saga.
I loved DnA's Legion. It showed us all that the new Legion could work, that it could have been a smart and addictive series with strong sci-fi components. I think that DC just didn't support that series enough, and today its still a shame to me that beautiful stories like Legion Lost had never been reprinted in volumes.

Please be aware that when i talk about "respect" of older concepts i don't do it in a nerdish way, implying that comics should always stay the same and not evolve. What i mean is that the ideas at the core of a comic book are what define that series in a unique way, and that i can gladly accept to see them being evolved as long as they are not denied, or the outcome would just be to change the original comic into something else.

In 2005... DC rebooted the Legion AGAIN.

This final Legion, re-created by Mark Waid, Barry Kitson and editor Stephen Wacker, is the reason why I decided to start this online petition. As an old Legion reader this latest reboot just hurted me deeply because it dramatically doesn't fit the original ideas behind the series, starting with the fact that now the Legions motive is not to be pro something but to be against something (specifically, against adults).

The current Legion is about revolution, that is a violent and sudden change of the status quo. Previous incarnations of the team were moved, instead, by the very same ideals of present-day heroes like Superman. A "never ending battle" like Superman's (a theme that still stands today in other DC books, so its certainly not outdated) is quite the opposite of a revolution because it's the try to inspire society to change by itself just by giving a good example.
The whole background of the current series is built so the Legion's motive orbits around their being teen-agers. It doesnt matter to me if the legionnaires are kids or adults, but the Legion principles should embrace both of them. Being about all of humanity, and not only about youth by itself, is a strong part of what the Legion has ever been before and should still be considered.

Am I paying paying too much attention to their political rhetoric and adolescent behavior? Am I overlooking their heart and spirit? I mean, in the end Waids Legion has the same goal the Legion always had, i.e., justice, hasnt it? But aren't ALL super heroes about justice? Even anti-heroes like the Punisher or Rorschach are about that in their own way, so could they ever be accepted as legionnaires?
I think that what defines super heroes is the reason behind their efforts. Spider-Man fights because of his sense of guilt, Batman patrols Gotham City so the tragedy he was forced to live doesn't repeat itself, etc. That said, I think that changing the Legion's politics means unavoidably to change the series itself into something else. I mean, I'm not saying that Waids legionnaires are not heroic at all, but that their heroism is not moved by the reasons that made me fall in love with the Legion in the first place.

Abnett and Lannings Legion didnt need to be fixed. Its continuity was crystal clear and easy to follow for everyone. Anyway, even if their stories werent good enough, and I dont even remotely think that, how many bad Superman or Batman stories have we read during the years? Did DC reboot it all every time just because of them?
To overcome bad storyarcs you just have to push the story forward them instead of erasing it all, the latter being a lazy and unimaginative solution. Unfortunately, Waids Legion is too much different from the original one to be corrected just by pushing the story forward. The whole revolution stuff is not a plot device, it's the core concept of the book and it coudnt just be forgotten from one issue to another.

So, with this petiton I demand DC Comics to throw away this latest, lame Legion reboot, maybe by considering it just as an all-star title and concluding it as a self-contained maxiseries, and let the TRUE Legion of Super-Heroes come back.

Thank you all in advance for your support, and Long Live the Legion!

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