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Before I get started here, a disclaimer.

I have not spoken with Bernie regarding what I am about to write. As a matter of fact, Ive never even spoken with BK face-to-face. Weve exchanged e-mails regarding columns Ive written as well as other minor matters, and that is the extent of my relationship with him. Im not comfortable putting this on the front page of the site, because I will be accused as acting as a mouthpiece for BK which I clearly am not doing.

I am simply a devoted fan of this franchise that wants Bernie back as a part of it. And I am going to use this forum to state my case to anyone who cares to read it.

If it were possible to poll Browns fans all across the globe, the vast majority would agree that things simply havent been quite the same since our beloved warriors of the gridiron officially returned to the north coast on September 12th, 1999. And it hasnt just been the losing, though winning just 29 of the 89 games weve played these past six seasons has most definitely been an emotionally draining experience.

Its also been the disconnection with the fan base. From Carmen Policys creation of the new B logo, Dawg Pound mascots, and a taddle-tale phone line to Butch Daviss weekly smattering of half-truths and overall secrecy on team matters these Browns just havent felt like our tradition-rich team of old.

I give the team credit for making some strides in this area this season under Randy Lerner and John Collins. There clearly has been more of an effort to recognize and incorporate the teams past into the present version, and the entire organization has gone out of their way to be more up front with the fans and media friendly. However, listening to Butch Davis talking about how this team is fighting their guts out and mentioning that Bill Parcells, Dick Vermeil, and Jeff Fisher are all 3-6 as well simply does not cut it for me, when I and the rest of these fans just watched our team get completely outclassed by a team with far superior talent.

The fans of this city want and deserve someone they know and can trust as the mouthpiece of this team after years of canned statements at press conferences from a man that told us we needed to get a life. Leaving aside for a moment whether or not he should remain as the head football coach, Butch Davis clearly needs replaced as the Executive Vice President of Football Operations of this team. And Pete Garcia, his Vice President of Player Personnel and Football Development needs to go as well.

These two men, who have been 100\% responsible for the football decisions of this team the past four years, have been terrible judges of how to build a winning football team at the pro level. Their assessments of player character and their complete and utter failure to build an offensive line good enough to allow any offensive consistency, rhythm, and production have been the downfall of this franchise, and will likely end up costing Butch his job as head coach.

Here is what I propose:

Bernie Kosar should be hired immediately as Executive Vice President of Football Operations. He and John Collins, team President and CEO, would report directly to Randy Lerner. As soon as the season concludes, the Browns should aggressively pursue one of two men as the teams new General Manager/Vice President Player Personnel: New Englands Scott Pioli or Baltimores Phil Savage. Both are brilliant (and relatively young) men that have built Super Bowl champions, and both have not only ties to this organization but also ties to some of the top potential coaching candidates the team is likely to pursue if Butch is let go.

Lerner, Kosar, Collins, and Pioli/Savage will then have immediate decisions to make as to the teams Head Coach, Director of Pro Personnel, and Director of College Personnel posts currently held by Butch Davis, Jeremy Green, and Phil Neri. While Im not yet ready to completely discount Butch returning as just a head coach, if the moves I suggest are made, the chances are likely that Butch will resign and jump at a college opening at Texas, Florida, or North Carolina. One would also think that Jeremy Green would use this shakeup and likely uncertainty over his own post, and join his father in Arizona. As far as Neri goes, his track record is less than stellar here, and its likely Pioli or Savage would be bringing several of their own people over with them, something Savage hinted at wanting to do when being pursued by Jacksonville this past winter.

Getting back to the crux of this column, let me make my case for Kosar, and try and convince you all that this is not just the desperate ramblings of a biased fan thinking irrationally after years of losing. Despite being the most popular athlete in recent Cleveland sports history, many fans will question Kosars lack of experience in such a role.

What I see is a brilliant man that has been waiting for this exact opportunity his whole life. I see a man that has had wild success in every business venture he has entered into since retiring in 1997 to pursue said interests. I see a man that should have had this role to begin with, and deserves it now. I see a man that loves the Browns, and has kept a close eye on all transgressions since our re-entry into the league. I see a man that knows this city, this football team, and these fans had played for and led winning teams in this town and knows what needs done to return this team to prominence.

Right here and right now, Randy Lerner has an opportunity to undo a mistake made by his father and Carmen Policy, and offer BK a chance to lead this franchise into the next century. Because of his class and love for this football team, Kosar has refused to say what Im about to. He was blatantly used as a face-man by Carmen Policy to help secure the winning bid for this franchise in the summer of 1998, who then used his influence with Al Lerner to slowly phase him out of the teams plans.

Bernie has repeatedly refused comment, though a source of our very own Lane Adkins laid out the tale of what happened in the following column:

Sadly, the same type of situation occurred when Kosar joined a group of investors that purchased the NHLs Florida Panthers. The sad tale is told here, by the Miami Herald:

Its worth a read if you dont mind the quick registration process.

Bernie is presently involved in several businesses. His is the Editor-In-Chief of Bernies Insiders Magazine, and has major interests in Citadel Publishing and Earlier this year, he opened Bernies Steakhouse in South Miami. He has resided over the Bernie Kosar Charitable Trust since 1991, and also has had prominent roles with a greeting card company, the NFL Quarterback Club, a tele-services company, as well as a company that processes online and automated payments for insurance claims. Everything the man has touched has been a success, and I do not see it as a fluke occurrence. Even going back to his playing days, Kosar has always been a winner, from Boardman to Miami to Cleveland to Dallas where he ultimately received his championship ring.

He has made it no secret that he would like to return to sports in a management or personnel type capacity, and its only a matter of time before he gets that opportunity. To see him pull it off successfully elsewhere, while watching the Browns continue to struggle would be an evil cheap shot in the gut to a city already donning the crown of most tortured sports city in America.

Join me in the crusade to make this so. As fans, we have a voice more powerful than we give ourselves credit for, which we proved to the world when we demanded this franchise back after the betrayals of our past owner.

Bring Back Bernie.

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    I never bet on baeball. I swear.
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    if Ozzie can do it why not Bernie???
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    Dear Mister Lerner, Consider this petition as a committment to fandom. Thank You.
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    As President of the local Browns Backers and long time Browns Fan, I was devastated when Bernie was left go. He a very intelligent, smart person when it comes to the game of football. He could really be an asset to the organization and Randy Lerner.
  • 03 December 2015989. Hiram Hs
    Please restore the team to it's former glory!
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    Bring Back BK!
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    This organization needs a MAJOR overhaul
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    They should hire Big Yoch as the head coach!!!
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    You are losing fans each week. I am personally about done wasting my money on All Things Brown. Bernie can heal that wound, at least for a short term. Show your concern for the people who make your team so great (and valuable)... the fans! This is one wro
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    How can such a great business and football mind be continually ignored by the team that he loves?
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    Bernie is a Brown! He deserves to be here!
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    It's about ime to get some quality personell in the Browns front office. It's also time for Browns alumni to be associated with the franchise. Seems to me that Bernie Kosar fits both catagories perfectly.

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