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I am asking for your assistance concerning the return of our troops who are stationed in Iraq. Many of our young men and women have been in this country for almost a year. I would like to mention that these dedicated young people felt it was thier duty to defend thier country, and what we hold in the highest regard, freedom. These soldiers have risen above and beyond the call of duty. Many were told that they would were returning home in July 2003, only to have these orders suspended. Again they were told Sept. 2003, again put off, changed to Nov. 2003, and now suspended indefinatly. This is not rumour, many have received thier orders, so this is a fact, not heresay. I have been told that low-morale isn't even close to how they feel, as well as anger, resulting in a number of suicides. I would not mention this if someone hadn't seen the reports firsthand. I realize that peacekeeping is a major factor in this issue, and troop rotation is expensive, but what price can we pay for the life of a precious son/daughter who is grieving for loss of home and family? They have given unselfishly to thier country, thier lives have been on hold long enough. I am asking you to petition in behalf of our troops; to give them in return for what they fought to give us.....freedom. I would like to thank you for your time and effort in this matter.

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Latest Signatures

  • 01 December 201031. vonda
    i think bush should bring our troops home if it was some of his family i dont think he would be so eager to keep them over their. so many americans have been killed for a senseless act i no that the 911 bombing was uncalled for but i think enough is enoug
  • 03 November 201030. Diane
    let the troops come home
  • 02 October 201029. Ashlyn
    I think that we need to get the American troops out of Iraq back to their families. They have been there for way to long.
  • 27 September 201028. Turi
    No war for oil
  • 25 September 201027. Lindsay
  • 31 August 201026. Monique
    I pray for the troops to come home and I never supported the decision to send them to the Middle East.
  • 28 August 201025. Chauna
    I think we need to bring everyone back state side unless you are stationed there. Why are so many of our soilders and marines getting killed everyday and for what.
  • 21 August 201024. Laura
    AMEN TO THAT !!!!
  • 05 August 201023. max
    Bring 'em Home!
  • 30 July 201022. Cathy
    In my opinion no more than 3 months for any service person should be spent out of the country at a time, and at "home" for at least 3 months before being sent out of the country again. If the government doesn't have enough money to do this they should sto
  • 30 July 201021. NOEL
  • 27 July 201020. Norelyz
    I believe that is time to make a rotation for the men and women that were deployed. We've got plenty of soldiers willing to go and defend our country and our freedom that have not had the opportunity to do so. And at the same time a lot of families waitin
  • 24 July 201019. Rachel
    It's time we bring the troops home. Troops are being killed almost daily over in Iraq, and what does our President say-"Bring 'em on."
  • 22 July 201018. Sean
    Come home safe Nathen Biggerstaff
  • 21 July 201017. Arelis
    Rotate and be fair to these soldiers.
  • 21 July 201016. Nadine
    Go America! I support our country's leaders and forces, but please bring them home. Maybe fresh forces there will be more effective.
  • 20 July 201015. kay
    my son has been there now for 9 months he holding up ok but it is very tough. especially since he had wedding plans for january. his fiance' has been there for a year and does not know when she will get to come home.
  • 20 July 201014. Willie
    One thing is to ask soldiers to sacrifice for their country, another thing is to abuse this willingless to do so.
  • 20 July 201013. Karah
    They should be able to come home now!
  • 19 July 201012. John
  • 18 July 201011. Lewis
    send 'em home!
  • 18 July 201010. SGT
    I agree with the person who started this petition, I have been in the AOR for over a year now and was told I would be returning home in July 03 and now will not be returning until supposedly the December timeframe. I am not filling out this petition on my
  • 18 July 20109. Sharlene
    I was in the Military for 12 years and I understand what our troops are going thru. I believe that they should be rotating our troops and not keeping them over there so long. Moral is really bad and now they are talking about punishing our troops if they
  • 18 July 20108. Allen
    why are they still there?
  • 18 July 20107. Shelly
    This is a very important petition! Our troops have given us our freedom why not give them theirs!?!?
  • 18 July 20106. Janette
    I have been there and know how it feels to be so far from home for so long. I pray for our guys everyday!
  • 18 July 20105. BETH
    My husband is out there...I feel for all the military families around the world waiting for their loved ones to return. I only hope for a safe, swift return home.

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Bring, Home, our, Troops


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