Let's face it, with the bridge being out, there is almost NO traffic. Teenagers in Royersford & Spring City have nowhere to go now, & there is nothing to do in our small towns. The local police are constantly on our backs about "hanging around" businesses & such, but there is really no place to go. Our parents say to get outside & enjoy the weather, & we need exercise. Yet the only thing to do is loiter around in groups of our friends. A skatepark would be the perfect solution, because it would provide a place to get exercise & see everybody, without clogging parking lots or just standing around. And think about it: yes, it may take time & money, but you'll be making the community better & you'll be making the money back. So please, sign this petition & maybe we'll have something to look forward to next summer. Something that has been brought to my attention is about the space. Think about it: they're knocking down all the old factories to build housing developments. Why not just set some of that land aside & make a skatepark there? It would cost a lot less than building a house, & it would also provide employment to people whose only "gift" is skateboarding. The township would be actually MAKING money on this if they thought about it. Once we get 500 signatures I'm walking right up to the township building, slapping the papers on the desk, & demanding to speak to whoever's in charge of land development. This could work, this could honestly work. Oh, & for the people without computers, I'm printing out a signup sheet so I can just type in the names of everyone that signs.

THIS IS NOT A CORRUPT WAY OF DEALING WITH THINGS, I WILL NOT MAKE ANY NAMES UP. The email/home address of everyone that signs will be posted on the petition itself. If you have a problem with sharing personal information, stop & think: YOU don't wanna help YOUR COMMUNITY because you're afraid your address is gonna get out on the internet somewhere. Everything here is legit. No one's going to say no to at least 500 signatures saying yes.

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Latest Signatures

  • 20 November 201024. kendra
  • 10 October 201023.
  • 07 September 201022. Jessica
    It's about time there is something safe and recreational going down in Royersford and Spring City; I have friends there and it's ridiculous what we end up doing for lack of anything better. We feel like homeless bums, standing around on street corners.
  • 06 September 201021.
  • 06 September 201020.
  • 05 September 201019. kurt
    make it!
  • 05 September 201018. mickey
    i beleive that building a skate park would gather a new and better crowd of people to the communtiy and possibily clean up the town.
  • 05 September 201017. Cody
  • 05 September 201016. Adina
    This town has nothing to do...We get in trouble non stop for having no where to hang out...Us kids Need Something
  • 05 September 201015. Sarah
  • 04 September 201014. Emerson
  • 04 September 201013. Kevin
    build it i stopped skating because of no transportation to the closest one.
  • 04 September 201012. Laura
  • 04 September 201011. Lindsey
    a skate park would be the best thing for the two towns. Everyone would always be there instead of loitering in parking lots. Please and thanks!
  • 04 September 201010. Alex
    Yes, that is a good decision to do.. Skateboard..
  • 04 September 20109. Alex
    i would really like to see this happen
  • 04 September 20108. Jen
    we need somewhere to go... a place we wont get yelled at for being.. and a place we can relax and skate at without driving half an hour away ((((plus time to get around the bridge))))
  • 04 September 20107. Emalie
  • 04 September 20106. Alex
  • 04 September 20105. Angela
  • 04 September 20104. Patrick
  • 04 September 20103. brandon
    i think this is a good idea
  • 04 September 20102. Dan
  • 04 September 20101. Rhiannon
    Good Idea. We need something to do..



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