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WARNING: If youre not Canadian please go to hell, thanks.
I Divado Dukes am a very non political person, so thats why I believe The Canadian Government should Invest in better Peace Fighters as some like to call them, which we all know they are all really there to Kill the so called enemy and to defend us in the mere future when the US decides to act like the Nazis they really are and try to take over Canada Im sure youve realized by now that Im talking about our Canadian Army which is pretty crappy, so what we should do is get rid of every last soldier we have, sell all of our weapons of mass destruction and in vest innn ... ... A Top Secret Ninja Training Camp, yes my fellow Canadians thats right I think are Peace Fighters should be Ninjas, think about it, no body would be able to over power us because the only thing that could come even CLOSE to killing a Ninja is a Pirate Or another Ninja which dont exist any more so weed be the most fared country in the world once we unleash them in the next war we take part in think about the stealthy-ness, cool swords (and other various Weapons), they can practically fly, they know how to disappear, super fast the list goes on over all there the ultimate fighting machine so if your with me then sign.

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Latest Signatures

  • 22 November 2015100. That Asianguywhohiresbartonthesimpsonswhenhebecomeslikeaninjamenub
    Canadian soldier must be fast like rabbit and awesome like ninja
  • 30 September 201599. Uber C
    friggin' awesome
  • 03 August 201598. Ashley M
    ... should I be even... reading this? nah.
  • 12 June 201597. Hewhocantbenamed Jacobs
    Naruturd is an idiot. And why would Canad need ninjas? It's got syrup and meese. LONG LIVE THE MEESE.
  • 13 May 201596. Apple Acevedo
    i tempted a few people in my day but this petition out does me
  • 09 May 201595. Cameron Winters
    Ninjas flip out and kill people all the time! If you don't believe me you had better get a life right now or they will chop your head off!
  • 06 May 201594. Kenny M
    Hmm hmm mmm hmm mm hmm hmmm hmhmm hmhmhm mmmh hhhm mm hmhm hm mmm hmmm hm mmm hmm hmm hmm!
  • 01 May 201593. Kim J
    I support this petition
  • 27 February 201592. Sean H
    sure y not
  • 15 January 201591. Rocky Knight
    They'd kick almost as much ass as me
  • 24 December 201490. Anthony D
    I believe you are mistaken. You see, I live in Texas, and it's already been conquered by the Canadian Ninjas. They just don't tell everyone so as not to inspire panic.
  • 15 December 201489. Prince Ofp
    I'm gonna go back in time and sign this again.
  • 23 November 201488. The Pokemonm
    Im the #1 pokemon master!!!
  • 26 August 201487. Mrs H
    I better not see this petition in the next 5min or your all expeld
  • 08 May 201486. Jordan Theninjanottobeconfusedwithjordank
    brilliance my friend, brilliance.
  • 04 May 201485. Holly Shi
    Ninjas are soooo awesome I want to c r a p my pants!
  • 11 April 201484. Natalie Beasley
  • 09 March 201483. Aaron Fuller
    I support this petition
  • 31 January 201482. Lorena Durham
    this space is reserved for the 53 person to sign this
  • 03 January 201481. Noremac Roach
    This one time, I saw this ninja friend of mine totally flip out on my other friend just because my other friend missed a pass in basketball.
  • 02 December 201380. Karin Bernard
  • 26 November 201379. Hilary C
    OH yes you did Bill. I say everything. I SAW YOU WITH MONICA LEWINSKI, THE BLONDE AND AL GORE!!! LIAR!!! TURD!!!
  • 19 November 201378. Oh Myp
    let us yonder to the ninja...........hehehe u and ur peanell bacon.....hi^^ jesus......i love u....go to hell testicles
  • 09 September 201377. Geroge Dubyab
    I endorse this, we really need to help our neighbors to the north, they are weak and useless. And Naruturd is an idiot. And a Douch, DOUCH!!!
  • 13 April 201376. Young Sonfawoitoemingsows
    it has been many moons since last great idea was made!
  • 06 April 201375. Amanda Myers
  • 10 March 201374. Hochi M
    I support this petition

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