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This is a petition designed to demand that Kaiser Permanente recognize that National Seating and Mobility does not satisfy consumers that use Kaiser as their insurance provider. All people who sign below are demanding that Kaiser drop the contract with National Seating and Mobility because of bad service and go with a different more accessible vendor that are sensitive to the needs of all Kaiser patients, regardless of disability. Injustices by National Seating and Mobility could mean the difference between life and death for people who depend on durable medical equipment. The demands are as follows:
1. Kaiser drops the contract with National Seating and Mobility.
2. Kaiser write a letter to all durable medical equipment recipients apologizing and asking people to share concerns and suggestions regarding National Seating and Mobility.
3. Investigate and resolve consumer complaints, including monetary damages.
4. Kaiser openly admits to the public that National Seating and Mobility has been neglectful to provide reasonable satisfactory service.
5. For those who are satisfied with National Seating and Mobility, remain with National Seating and Mobility.
6. No one shall be retaliated against by Kaiser or any of it affiliate doctors, staff, contracted providers by signing this petition.

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Latest Signatures

  • 26 December 201597. William L
    nsm is horrible
  • 09 November 201596. Rodriguez Shaw
    National Seating is all about getting the patient the cheapest product and then telling kaiser it was the best. They don't care about the client! Address and Zip Code Richmond
  • 04 November 201595. Jas A
    As of Jan 13, 2008, has failed to provide wheelchair cushion paid for on November 16, 2007
  • 27 October 201594. Hcmyjtts Washington
    It will depend on your repayment capacity and get one of these personal loans, and are in that case unable to split the period., <a href="">fast loans inc pittsburgh</a>, [url=]fa
  • 24 October 201593. Hanny M
    I am a transexual and like black men in wheelchairs
  • 05 October 201592. Nsm F
    All you people need to stop whining about your service needs and realize that the machine is bigger than you. There are MANY satisfied NSM customers and I am one of them. I find that people who whine about poor service would whine regardless of who was ho
  • 26 September 201591. Robert Brucee
    I support this petition
  • 03 September 201590. No M
    i dropped kaiser from my medical plan...partly due to the sorry service from national seating...good riddance... Address and Zip Code san jose
  • 29 August 201589. Carolyn H
    I support this petition
  • 03 July 201588. Darla A
    I support this petition
  • 14 May 201587. Neva L
    call me (925) 685-3461
  • 17 April 201586. Karin R
    В Address and Zip Code 815 hogan ave
  • 13 April 201585. Bradley Weber
    Put your money where your mouth is. I am an adult female with CP and have had excellent service from NSM. They have made multiple trips to see me at my request when I have a concern about my power chair. I have had other insurances and other wheelchair co
  • 07 April 201584. Deena T
    В Address and Zip Code В
  • 30 January 201583. Carrie F
    customer service not knowledgeable
  • 20 December 201482. Kenneth D
    I support this petition
  • 27 November 201481. Richard D
    One week wait for home visits. Failed to show up for appointment. Incomplete repairs. Address and Zip Code 94539
  • 24 November 201480. Dick Zn
    blow me
  • 15 November 201479. Richard H
    Not able to work with the company. They want the highest price always. Address and Zip Code 2368 Belle Glade Lane Manteca, CA 95336
  • 30 October 201478. Petition Worthlessn
    People have invalidated this petition with attempts at humor. We need to cancel this one and start again to show solidarity
  • 29 October 201477. B Ettyi
    bad service Address and Zip Code 95828
  • 12 October 201476. Leticia P
  • 10 September 201475. Mark Lm
    1.5 years to fix a new chair for me, what does that tell you
  • 24 August 201474. Sandra G
    you turned down a shower bench which I need in order to take care of my feet. Shame on you Kaiser Address and Zip Code 2625 surrey aveneu
  • 05 July 201473. Rhea T
    This petition is for people with no ability to work out their own difficulties. It's is so much easier to pass on the responsibility to someone else. Time to take responsibility for your own problems and work them out with the powers that be!
  • 04 June 201472. Bonnie L
    I support this petition
  • 14 April 201471. John D
    I have been dealing with NSM for 10+ years and it always the same BS. The most recent I need tires and hand rims for my manual chair its been 45 days still no parts and this is after speaking to a manager "Wendy" 3 weeks ago. It Seems the more I complain

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