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State of TEXAS Voters and Citizens Petition & Letter of DEMAND

We the undersigned have enjoined in this Petition and Letter of DEMAND to the Legislators, Attorney General, and Governor Rick Perry, and including ALL those within the higher power of the State of Texas, both elected and appointed, to address and carry out this DEMAND, as given by our signatures.

WE THE PEOPLE of the STATE of TEXAS, now together in unity and of one accord, have witnessed our fellow man/woman, family, and children being abused by the very governmental system/entity/agency that is and was designed to protect and preserve, as well as far too
many of us such Citizens and Voters being personally victimized by this same said system/entity/agency. That system/entity is known as the Department of Family and Protective Services, a.k.a.. CPS --- Child Protective Services and hence forward in this PETITION & LETTER of DEMAND will be referred to Agency.

The damages done to the individuals, the children, the families is massive and occurs multiple times over daily. The United States of America, of which the State of Texas is a part, was founded for, by, and upon the Family Unit and has been supported since its very beginning with the spine and backbone being that of the FAMILY. CPS seeks to destroy and currently has little to no restraints nor constraints against any activity or vengeance it seeks to deploy upon its victims for the general purpose of claiming both State and Federal Governmental Funding and Incentives for carrying out its activities and agendas.

WE THE PEOPLE of the STATE of TEXAS do hereby DEMAND that the current Governmental System and Agency known as the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services/CPS be IMMEDIATELY SHUT DOWN and ALL activity to CEASE and DESIST UNTIL there are revisions, laws, restraints, and constraints to PREVENT them from destroying and victimizing ANY MORE innocent Families --- children and their parents!!!

Under the Umbrella of the DEMAND to IMMEDIATELY SHUT DOWN, CEASE and DESIST of ALL activity, WE THE PEOLPLE of the STATE of TEXAS also DEMAND the following before WE will agree to ANY further activity of ANY kind by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services to commence or be carried out:

1. Case/Social Workers (those employed by CPS who will work on cases involving parents and
TEXAS following the SAME guidelines as ALL such Licensed Social Workers. There
shall be NO exceptions to this as people taken off the street, given a crash course in
Social Work are NOT qualified for these positions nor are those persons whose college
Degrees are in other fields of work or expertise.

2. Case/Social Workers shall have NO IMMUNITY from their actions and deeds on ANY
Cases of which they are involved. IF they are not breaking any LAWS and are abiding by
The LAWS of Land, then there will be no need for immunity against prosecution.

3. PERJURY. Those Case/Social Workers caught in PERJURY, SHALL BE CHARGED
And PROSECUTED to the fullest extent that the LAWS of the STATE of TEXAS allow.
The penalty for Case/Social Workers MUST include BOTH fines and imprisonment.

4. FALSIFYING DOCUMENTS and FORGERY to prove their case against a Parent/s
Or Family. Those Case/Social Workers Caught FALSIFYING DOCUMENTS and
FORGERY, SHALL BE CHARGED and PROSECUTED to the fullest extent that the
LAWS of the STATE of TEXAS allow. The penalty for Case/Social Workers MUST
Include BOTH fines and imprisonment.

5 ANONYMOUS PHONE CALLS for complaints MUST STOP. ANYONE calling in
A complaint to the HOT LINE MUST GIVE verifiable identification OR the call
CANNOT and WILL NOT be accepted. There shall be NO exceptions to this rule.
Too many disgruntled citizens are using this as a means to settle personal vendettas.

6 HOT LINE complaints MUST BE directed or forwarded to local Law Enforcements
For investigation. Case/Social Workers are NOT trained in this field to make judgment
Calls where abuse and severe neglect is or has occurred. If there is or has been such action
Against a child or children, Law Enforcements have the authority to file charges and
Prosecute the offending parents or parties thereof. This protects innocent parents and

7 CPS MUST print and publish ALL POLICIES, RULES, and GUIDELINES they will
Be using and following in their activities. They MUST then follow and adhere to those
Same Policies, Guidelines, and Rules consistently and MUST NOT CHANGE them to suit
Their Agenda and the current situation for the intended purpose of proving their case
Against parents and a family.

8 FAMILY CARE for those children who must be removed from their homes for their
safety and protection MUST BE placed with Relatives if there are any willing to
Take them and care for them. CPS MUST seek to locate such relatives before placing
Those children in foster care.

9. GOVERNMENTAL INCENTIVES for placing children into adoptive homes MUST
The current motive behind and supporting the rampant and illegal child snatching
By CPS workers. Governmental incentives and funding THEY get for taking each
Child, terminating the Parental Rights and then placing that child into an adoption affords
Them the BIG monetary bonuses and incentives that supports their drive to carry
This out on a DAILY basis over and over again. This activity is nothing more than
Legalized black market child selling and MUST BE STOPPED!

IF there are going to be Governmental incentives for placements and adoptions of those
Children who are with disabilities and are hard to place, then there MUST BE EQUAL
INCENTIVES for keeping a family together. Under current operations of CPS, to be
Able to collect those same incentives for each child they take into their control, they are
Currently using mental issues and problems such as ADD and ADHD so that these same
Said children can be qualified as hard to place and with disability to support the collection
Of those BIG Governmental Monetary Incentives when they terminate Parental Rights
And ultimately place those same children into adoptive homes. This has led to ABUSE of
Those same children and their Parents in order for them to carry out their agendas AND
Collect those Incentives.

10. REMOVALS of children from their homes and the care of their Parents MUST NOT be
Carried out unless there are verifiable physical signs that photos taken at the scene WILL
Support and LAW Enforcements MUST BE CALLED TO THE SCENE to investigate.
This is authority for LAW Enforcements to handle and NOT that of CPS.
Such routine removals MUST STOP IMMEDIATELY!

11. Parental Rights MUST BE HONORED and RESPECTED until those such rights have
Been terminated in a legal Court of Law. Parents MUST BE KEPT INFORMED at ALL
Times and in ALL things regarding their children while in Foster Care and the custody
Of CPS. Parents MUST be allowed OPEN communication with their children so as to
Help minimize the trauma to the children when they are removed from the home. A routine
Of weekly visitation for the Parents and their children MUST BE MAINTAINED while
Those children are in Foster Care until such time the Parents rights are terminated when and
ONLY WHEN ALL resources have been exhausted to safely return the children home.

12. CONSTITUTIIONAL AMENDMENTS and RIGHTS granted to ALL Citizens of the
United States of America MUST BE HONORED and RESPECTED by the CPS
Case/Social Workers at ALL TIMES! They may NOT act upon assumed
Authority at ANY time in which it would be to their advantage over a Parent or Child.

13. PARENTS RIGHT TO CHOOSE. Parents MUST HAVE the Right to Choose
The Providers for any and all Evaluations, parenting classes, or other Services that
May be required by CPS. CPS may set the rates of fees for those services that they
Are willing to pay but MUST post or publish those rates. Providers who are licensed
or certified in their respective fields of practice MUST BE DEEMED ACCEPTABLE
Whether or not CPS knows them or has a contract with them. This insures Parents are
Given fair and just true Evaluations with the RIGHT to CHOOSE.

AGAINST any Parent or Child. ANY Case/Social Worker caught doing so MUST
BE TERMINATED from employment by the Department of Human Resources, aka.
CPS IMMEDIATELY, HAVE their STATE of TEXAS Social Workers License
REVOKED or at very minimum suspended for a period of time NOT LESS than
5 (five) years, and be PERMANENTLY CLASSIFIED --- NOT FOR REHIRE ---
In ANY Governmental Department that deals with Families, Parents and Children.

15. RE-OPEN ALL CPS Cases within the past 3 Years (2002, 2003, 2004) in which Parental
Rights and/or Adoptions have occurred. TOO MANY such cases were closed and ruled
Upon by the Judges in the Juvenile Court System with twisted and false evidence and
Documentation being used to support these case closures BY CPS for financial gains.
Parents of these such cases SHALL HAVE a period of 90 days from PUBLIC Notification
Of the RE-OPENING of these such cases to file their appeals for their case Reversals.
Adoptions placed under these circumstances SHALL NOT take ANY preference over the
Birth family of the children and MAY BE REVERSED. Adoptive Parents MAY FILE
Charges against CPS case/social workers when and if they were given FALSE information
And the circumstances mis-represented to them by CPS with the adoption placements.

Upon proper investigations INTO these such cases, those cases being found to have been
Conducted and closed IMproperly, Unjustly, and Unfairly MUST BE REOPENED and
POSSIBLE . CPS Case/Social Workers having carried out these such cases with these
To their ILLEGAL activity supporting the case. ALL Governmental INCENTIVES
Collected for these such adoptions MUST BE RE-IMBURSED to the Governmental
Agency having provided such Financial Incentive, or face CHARGES of FRAUD,
Supported by the LAWS of the LAND with BOTH fines and imprisonment.

WE THE PEOPLE of the STATE of TEXAS, so state our Personal DEMANDS by the giving of our signatures below.

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