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This petition is being created because we are tired of the prisons and jails being filled up with men who fall on hard times (whether they be laid off, get hurt and lose their job or are short on finances because work is slow) and miss a few child support payments. This doesnt make sense, in the fact that there are SO many other WORSE criminals out there who harm, rape, murder, rob and beyond to people. They are running free on the streets because the counties are focusing on men who owe child support. Its not that they DONT want to pay it.THEY CANT or are unable to due to it being SO much money that they cant afford to live after PAYING this COURT ORDERED child supportDont get me wrong, I am a mother who is owed $16,000 in child support but, if the judicial system would do its job correctly it means one less BAD criminal is off the streets, instead of the man who is financially strapped and UNABLE to support and take care of his family, much less pay this child support he owes and is just having a hard time at life.This petition is for the court systems to STOP clogging up the prisons and jails with these poor unfortunate men instead of the violent criminals that need to be there. The court system needs to REEVAULATE the child support laws and STOP clogging the jails and prisons with men who fall on hard times.

Lets take it back to the way it used to beSend these men a letter to attend a court hearing for them to explain their circumstancesIf they fail to show up and are GENUINE deadbeats, THEN send out the warrants and go after them. Its what they do anywayThey lock these men up and make them wait for a few days or sometimes a few weeks or months and then make them go in front of a judge anyway, so whats the difference? Some of these men WANT to pay their child support but they ask for SO MUCH they just cant financially support themselves let alone a CHILD ( or two or three or however many they may have) after paying this child support and the courts dont care. They wonder why so many people are on welfareits because after child support gets DONE with these men, they cant afford to LIVEEAT...or put a roof over their heads.

I am not bashing the child support system because they DO do good work on SOME aspectsHOWEVER, I am talking about the men who ARENT deadbeats and actually WANT to pay, actually WANT to be apart of their childrens lives and the court system makes it impossibleWHY is it fair to make these men pay so much when the mothers are the ones who live with the children, the women are the ones who provide for these children on a daily basis? Why is it fair that its a 70\%/ 30\% split between the parents, sometimes more!? WHY cant it be an EVEN split so that these men can afford to support themselves and whatever other family they may have? Its a 50/50 split when they lay down to MAKE these children, WHY cant it be that way in child support and court and sometimes even custody? Even if you dont have kids, imagine being in this kind of situation:

A man (imagine this is you in this scenario) has a relationship with a woman and they are happy and they are loving and everything is peachy keen. Then one day the woman says IM PREGNANT! and they are overjoyed.The man goes to work 16 hours a day ( now imagining this is YOU) 6 days a week, to provide for this family that is about to grow. Then, one fine day, he walks into surprise the mother of his child, that hes home early to see herHe walks into their bedroom to find her in bed cheating with another man. Then everything is shatteredThe man goes from making $400 a week and able to support himself and his family to $200 a week and cant even put a roof over his head or food in his belly and has to be HOMELESS living from house to house BECAUSE the court system screws him over. THEN, he loses his job because he gets hurt (still imagining this is you) and has NO income at all and he CANT pay his support at all, even though he WANTS toThe courts then issue a warrant for his arrest time after time after timeCLOGGING THE JAILS when it should be filled with more VIOLENT CRIMINALS instead of these men in this story

Even if you have children or you dont have children, if you think that the Child support system should reevaluate the guidelines they use to establish support and how they handle people who dont pay then sign this petition. If you dont want to sign it, PLEASE, for those men who are in hard times and WANT to pay their support but CANT due to their circumstances, keep forwarding it UNTIL SOMETHING IS DONE!!!

Please help us in our fight to get something done with the child support guidelines so we dont keep locking up the NONVIOLENT GOOD FATHERS WHO WANT TO BE IN THEIR CHILDRENS LIFE AND PAY THEIR SUPPORT THAT THOSE CHILDREN DESERVE!!

Once this petition reaches 1000 signatures please email it to: [email protected] cc: [email protected]

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