My name is N J Shah (India) . I live in Bristol CT USA . My husband name is Ajmal Mehdi (Pakistan) .

We were ( Human Faith ) married in New York cut off from our families because of religious problem moved to Bristol Connecticut USA.

We were very happy have two kids America was safe for us we were Patriotic Citizen without signing Patriotic Act .

1. 1996 I went to Pakistan to drop our daughter for four years so we could improve our education and financial condition here and decide not to go on welfare in USA was Patriot Act.

2. 2000 I was held in Pakistan for three days when i went to bring our daughter back just because i was Indian Born . Human right Geneva office helped us get back here in Connecticut USA . That day we thanked God and blessed American justice system and freedom.

3. July 2003 Hudson United Bank called my husband and said Mr.Mehdi you need to sign Patriot Act for one second you will think what did I do wrong then you will sing it because you have no choice . but you think what did you do wrong just wrote two Letter to editor one for New York Time and Other one for Hartford Currants about "How freedom can change life" or applying for police jobs .

4. June 30 2004 he pass Citizenship test but his Oath is held need background investigation almost four years no Oath yet .

5. Next some one write 187 K-town Dr. on the Property which mean" Homicide" by local police department which started mental problem for him can not sleep up all night doing Homeland Security thinking every minute of his life what's really going on is some one trying to give him psychological torture or real torture.

6. Lost his job because one customer wanted to Rearrange his face when he complained to his boss was fired from work .

7. I Start losing my small business here in our town we love Bristol and America Business name (Bristol Fashions) due to my Husband Health Diarrhea up to six time a day going to bathroom . he is taking all these medicines.

1st. Clidinium/ Librax for stomach ulcer .

2nd Cymbalta 60mg Psychological Problem.

3rd Rozerem (Ramelteon) for sleeping.

4th Tylenol PM for Sleeping.

5th Tylenol Extra Strength for Pain in back and neck.

6th Pepcid AC for Heart Burn.

He thinks someone is spying on him 24/7 threw his stomach with some kind of device which was given to him in food some how .

He like to stay in bed don't go out no one to talk to he thinks every one is spying on him no more Mosque, Church,Munder and Cinagag.

How would you feel when every minute of your life you just think why I'm Victim of Name Discrimination ,Religious Discrimination, Civil Liberties and Racial Profiling.

How would you feel When you are driving and you feel every one driving behind you just following you.

How would you feel when Customer Walks in to you store look at you and you feel they are spying on you.

How would you feel when every day same issue when you talk to your family and end up with argument .

How would you feel when you tell your kids if something happen to me please help your mom and be good .

How would you feel when you tell your wife incase I die please move back to India.

Almost every week you write letters and e-mail to President , Vice President , Department of Homeland security and all US Senators and US Congress why his name what did he do wrong and what happen to our Liberty, Freedom and justice system .

We asked news media all over USA no one willing to report this issue " Why " We are Human and have feeling , Question is who should we trust or ask for Help ??????????????.

Psychological torture on minorities should be consider code Red or worst crime and terror on Human Being. torture of the mind can create permanent

brain damage and force people to change their names and religious enrollment due to fear . major issue with Psychological torture is creating alienation

of minorities which is causing personality disorder and daily function of disturb brain. I hope we wont see that day when American Dreams will turn

into Nightmares.


We do not blong to any political party


N J Shah

860 583 3338

511 Pine street Bristol CT 06010

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