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[1].The Pentagon of the United States Government has achieved successfully a real life powerful working mind attack weapon system of sort of sophisticated laser beams that in for last ten years as of today of the continent-wide deliveries of penetrations & assaults against foreign state territories aimed at human targets & objective target points. It is still stealth to any air defence of all states as to the fact of their no capabilities of picking up any such penetration of the laser beams of the Pentagon.

[2].Using this weapon system, the secret force of the Pentagon has been real time on-the-fly projecting most human targets in the Pentagon's attack operators' thought & action with undetected. They do on-the-fly their brainwaves of though & action streams injected directly & forcibly into the human targets (include sort of animals like dogs having brain function). It is on the fly attack against mind. Of course, it does all other kind in term of the typical physical & mental bad effects & damages to the targets even killing the targets each with a shot of the laser shot.

[3].Particularly after the year 2001, they started using this weapon system in global scope & scale in 24/7 operative mode to carry out covertly their hostile & evil assaults & sabotages in foreign country territories in human targets for destructive & bad consequences to human life & objective target points. The Pentagon has been 24/7 operative running the global & domestic terror attack operation hostilely & destructively aimed at other countries & individuals particularly on the Pentagon's hostile state target list.

- The more disclosures in details & cover-its are going to be, please follow the link at:

Crack Down The Global Terror Attack Operation of Pentagon of United States!

Truly speaking, for almost last 10 year long until present of the Pentagon's 24/7 outer-space mirror vehicle continent-wide deliveries of sophisticated continuous laser attack beams penetrated efficiently foreign countries' territory without detected, effectively, the Pentagon is the real 24/7 national security threat & highly prejudicial to every single state & individuals that it is based on the fact of the laser attack weapon system used by the Pentagon as of today freely targeting, stalking, assaulting, terrorizing, degrading & turning into criminals & terrorists virtually any human targets in foreign countries from EU to Asia, and, there have been global & domestic terror attack activities already committed manoeuvrably by the Pentagon's CIA in foreign territories; All foreign states are total open vulnerable to this invasion & attack of this laser attack weapon system particularly delivered by space vehicles in Pentagon's operation.

It is a black covert operation of global strategic hit activities of Pentagon. From the US ground bases, a special secret force of the Pentagon runs the operation 24/7 in the uses of this US ground laser attack weapon complex. It has been operative at first in the US for a few years before 2001. It started worldwide in global strike activities after then. Their specialized outer-space mirroring vehicles are used to deliver real time continent-wide high precisely continuous laser beam strikes & discrete assaults on any human (include animals like dogs of having brain functions) targets & civilian & military objective points.
For a half of a decade of R&D intensively in the darkness, the last ten years, the Pentagon achieved a sophisticated working laser attack weapon system that specialized in assaulting mind, carrying out the particular capability of forcibly projecting most human targets into the operators' thought & act that the targets can not know of being mind controlled & manipulated by an external masterminds, predators & perpetrators (the Pentagon actually).

Servicing as a disclosure, following is a small set of foreign state territories in EU & Asia already being hit times in last years after 2001 by the Pentagon' used this laser attack weapon system, include but not limit to Norway (2009+), Netherlands (2002+), Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, & likely Poland & Lithuania also. For example, the Pentagon's has already committed laser attack beams at a number of random picks on airport service personnel, airport security force, airline navigation control service personnel, people & customers at several domestic & international airports of the foreign countries; during the flights, there were airliners being stalked & a number of on-board customers & flight crews were laser beamed by the Pentagon's; No state has yet been aware of it & detected it, and the US itself national defence has been as well as to the fact that, at least several times in years from 2005 to 2009, the Pentagon's hit force has used this weapon system to through-outer-space beam the airports in California (LAX, San Francisco) Texas, Seattle & so on on human targets (customers, airport service personnel, police staff, flight screws) and it was not picked up by all system security complex at all. It is the still situation that the Pentagon's can carry it out any-time & anywhere with undetected still.

That's just a brief on the request submissions to international community & national counter-intelligences to get sense on it & to catch in the act the Pentagon on 24/7 operating the global black covert terror attack operation & particularly heavily exploiting the outer-space 'freedom' in evilly carrying out hostile & offensive militarizations & evil & terror sabotages targeted at every foreign state in the extend but not limit to national security affairs, political & civil objective target points.

[Threat Prejudicial Being Imposed 24/7 On Every State's National Security & Individuals]
Effectively, using this laser attack weapon system, in last years as of today, the Pentagon has committed scattered crimes prejudicial to national security matters & individuals of the foreign states (in the extent of, but not limit to, implemented terror attack activities, political & social disturbances, social misconducts, criminals & criminal crimes (thefts, robberies, sexual assaults, child sex, teen sex), sort of criminal & misconduct acts, possible financial & trade arrangements, financial sabotages and so on) Their operation is 24/7 operative.

[Let Give A Physical Evidence To Track & Prove it]
Truly speaking the fact after years of follow-up from 2004 on the Pentagon's uses of this laser attack weapon system implemented hostile covert act of sabotage activities against the state, people & individuals in Vietnam, it has been pinpointed that, effectively, the Pentagon has been hostilely, covertly & freely 24/7 laser beaming Vietnam territory on unlimited human targets, military, state & civilian objective target points. The Pentagon was being totally failed in the past on sabotaging Vietnam all the time after the US heavy defeat in 1975. But since after 2001, with using this attack weapon system, the Pentagon has been efficiently on slowly gradually and fraudulently implementing the Pentagon's hostile evil goals to Vietnam for the lose to Vietnam & people & the gain to the US that in the past, the Pentagon totally failed with its conventional means & weapons. Vietnam is not the only one on the Pentagon's hostile target list.
As noted, the Pentagon's global sabotage squads are so high manoeuvrably committing crimes & terror attack activities to make all outcomes as planned appear as if either it is native by itself of things & people's or it is committed by victimized individuals being turned covertly into the evil zombies of the Pentagon to carry out such sabotage plans of CIA.

'You are breaking the Western Silence rule!', 'we struck you with our own rules!' - what the Pentagon's hit squads have talked at times. There are somebodies most likely can serve physical evidences (at least, most likely brain transplanted covertly that general MRI scanners can not pick it up) & they have planned official contacts (such walk-in) with the National Counter-Intelligence Agencies for evidence scrutiny & sophisticated examinations & collects; Yes indeed, the Pentagon is always feared to be cracked on this & is always-on to suppress it most as possible even to put a silence to it if any of the worse circumstance.


1.The two real valued add-on features & physical evidences disclosed by Khanh Dac Pham (A Vietnamese in Vietnam) & Peter Mooring (A Netherlander in Netherlands). We have seriously advised that both being stalked, assaulted, raped, terrorized, life ruined by the Pentagon's global hit force runs the black covert operation of global terror attack activities all the time where're domestically & overseas.
, & himself ICC (International Criminal Court) petition receipt:

2. The more disclosures in details & cover-its are going to be, please follow the link at:

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