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Dear NH Attorney General,

Please help my husband! He was recently wrongfully convicted of crimes he DID NOT commit. His ex-wife wanted to make sure he was punished for leaving her, (to be with me). He is currently in prison. We are to poor for a private lawyer and had to put his life in the hands of a public defender. We are currently filing appeals. My husband obtained a restraining order on his ex-wife.One hour after she was served with the restraining order, she went to the police station and claimed he sexually abused her daughter for 5 years. Oddly enough though the child had never told anyone of the abuse ever before. Not one person in 5 years. The police's investigation consisted of talking to the alledged victim, and her mother. The police never talked to my husband, they only arrested him. We went to trial, the state had absolutly NO physical evidence,Doctor Wendy Gladstone specializes in sexually abused children examined the child and testified to the fact that although the mother and the child were claiming there was penetration, that the child had NEVER been penetrated. We had a lot in our defense, such as the fact that the mother had done the same thing to her first husband in her first divorce, and the fact the the mothers own friend was willing to testify that the mother had said , "she wanted to ruin his life for leaving her for me".Convinently the state attorney filed motions to supress this evidence. We also had the grandfather of the child who testified that he was home all the time, and never heard a thing, or knew anything of this. We had the police testify that they told the mother to go home, she was just being vendictive. The child testified that my husband made video tapes of the alleged abuse and then melted the tapes immediately in the micro-wave,the live in grandfather stated he never smelt anything burning and never heard smoke alarms go off.The alleged victim claimed she would kick and scream,and then testified that the abuse was quit, she was caught in several lies while testifying.The states entire case was based on nothing but hearsay. To this day they have no evidence. Only lies. While the trial was taking place Judge Patricia Coffey of Rockingham County Superior Court Took a Nap! What is wrong with our justice system that a judge can sleep through someone's trial (literally) and then justify sentencing that man to 23-46 years in prison? I am outraged at how corrupt our system is. An Innocent man, completely innocent was sentenced to 23-46 years in NH state prison, with NO physical evidence, police misconduct, over zealous county attorney and a Judge who SLEPT through the entire trial! Thats right she slept! Then she had the nerve to sentence an innocent man to 23-46 years in prison. There was or never will be any physical evidence! There was or never will be any witnesses to any "alleged" crime. I was present during the entire circus they called a trial, I saw the jury NOT understand their instruction. I saw the judge sleeping on the bench. I saw the jury watching the judge sleep. What kind of impression does that give a jury? Not to mention a jury that was at the end of a 30 day long jury duty and clearly wanted to go home! This is such an injustice! This is still America right? This is still innocent until proven guilty right? This is still a country where a man is entitled to a judge who is awake and able to make a fair and just decision in regards to sentencing? If the judge was not awake, then how can she rule on his sentencing, how can she be sure she is being fair? Of course the man told his public defender that the judge sleeping could not be good, but the public defender didnt care because at the end of the day, the public defender gets to go home to his family.
I say NEW TRIAL based on in-effective counsel and a Judge who is a disgrace to the justice system! This should not be over-looked. I am not talking about a teacher who slept in class, I am talking about a woman, a judge,in a position of total power who robbed a man of 23-46 years of his life after she picked her head up off the bench and wiped the drool from her chin then she simply crossed the T's and dotted the I's slammed her gavel down and left the court room to retire to her cot out back to finish up her nap! I am outraged if you can not already tell. I will continue to tell this story until this Innocent man is granted a new trial and released from prison.
Please help us. My husband is innocent and No man or Woman deserves this. By signing our petition you could help use free an innocent man. If you were charged tomorrow with sexually assualting a 14 year old over the last 5 years, what would your defense be? If it came down to your word against someone else what would you do? That is a scary thought. This is a modern day witch-hunt. 60\% or more of the men in prison for this crime are falsely accused. There are men out there who committ these acts on innocent children,we need to save our resources for the true criminals, this gross abuse of the system is only wasting precious resources that could be used for the true offenders. We have to put a stop to this. Please sign my petition to help me help my husband. Please help put a stop to such a major unjustice.
Mr and Mrs Donald Spinner
The Undersigned

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