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On 2/15/2005, Electronic Arts released a PC game titled, NASCAR SIM RACING. We are disappointed because we feel you have misled your consumers for monetary gain without honoring such expectations you stated in your development of this game, your product has not performed as it should, nor as you have marketed because, in part, the visuals are NOT any better than a Saturday morning cartoon, the drivability is horendous, and overall RESPONSE from other buyers is horrible.

You have stated that other NASCAR drivers love this game and that it is "the most realistic NASCAR simulation I've ever raced" as you quoted Ryan Newman. How much was spent for him to allegedly say that? On your own forums you have obviously neglected the USER, such that there are COUNTLESS requests for TECHNICAL SUPPORT, and no response from YOU. Bugs, glitches, lockups, etc, with NO help from you. Why not? You've got your $40 per copy, why should you help. You've taken from us something that this country was founded on, CHOICE. You, in my opinion, have MONOPOLIZED the industry by STEALING the rights to NASCAR. You have not allowed other people to offer us a choice in this particular sport. Papyrus/Sierra seemed to have what it takes to create a game that offered FAR more than what you have EVER been able to produce, need I mention your other BOMB of Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault...Much hype, alot of money to buy, and alot of disappointed players who are now stuck with a game that wasn't worth buying in the first place. We have heard from folks on the internet that the game, NASCAR:Sim Racing, doesn't play any better than the demo that was released.

To resolve the problem I would appreciate your company to offer the following resolutions:

1) Refund for those who are DISSATISFIED with this product that is not upto expectations.

2) Releasing your rights of control of the NASCAR franchise to be the SOLE company to produce such a product. Let us have a choice as we do with other games in the market, or do you want to buy the rights to the WWII genre as well?

I look forward to hearing from you and to a resolution of this problem. I will wait for 1yr before seeking help from Trading Standards, consumer group, solicitor etc.

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Latest Signatures

  • 24 December 201550. Charles J
    Bring Back Papyrus. The way its meant to be played!!
  • 22 December 201549. Joe B
    I support this petition
  • 08 October 201548. James J
    I want my money back...
  • 04 October 201547. Aly A
    More power to David Kaemmer, a thank you...
  • 19 July 201546. Jerry F
    It is very much like NT2004, which is why we stopped playing that game.
  • 07 July 201545. Craig Ab
    This is a joke... AI is unplayable and Multi is unplayable. So I guess its a testing only game. 1 car on the track at a time. Sober up you jerks.
  • 04 April 201544. Micheal At
    Please patch the SIM ,lose the damage and out I was out for a blown tire in the pits LOL really sucks
  • 23 March 201543. Tom H
    lame at best,,,,,,,this might be ok for kids that never race papys sims
  • 16 February 201542. Greg E
    game just sucks sorry
  • 24 November 201441. David M
    EA sux and will always will RELEASE GTR FFS
  • 27 September 201440. Richard Jc
    I support this petition
  • 09 April 201439. Tomas T
    Deliver 2006 or sell license
  • 02 April 201438. Peter K
    I was VERY let down after waitng so long for the release of what should have been the NEXT step forward in racing simulaltion. Instead we got CRAP !! A glorified version the the arcade -like Nascar Thunder .
  • 22 December 201337. John W
    It makes you money, but let Papyrus/Sierra Develop a real sim!!!!
  • 11 February 201336. John P
    i tried it, it stinks, i unloaded the whole thing, i want my 40.00 dollars back, i dont even play the pacific assault any more, i want my 65.00 dollars back from that one to
  • 22 January 201335. Jason S
    I support this petition
  • 13 January 201334. Daniel C
    Bring Back Papyrus/Sierra
  • 12 October 201233. Gary W
  • 29 June 201232. Terry B
    I support this petition
  • 21 June 201231. Mike S
    EA is clearly a video game monopoly. I would take it as seriously as Microsoft's monopoly on operating systems
  • 14 May 201230. D W
  • 31 March 201229. Michael Fisher
    Very dissapointing. If EA can't make a good game, don't buy the rights away
  • 04 February 201228. Chad S
    This the worst EA Racing Sim to date its horrible what a waste of money
  • 22 September 201127. Chris K
    This game is horrible, and we were promised a patch within the first 24 hours of game release. We have not received that update, nor do I hold hopes that it will ever happen. I purchased NT04 and NSR seems to be the same exact game in a different box. Als
  • 12 May 201126. Kevin Key
    I support this petition
  • 07 March 201125. Mike F
    Lack of interest in improving the product is your biggest mistake. There is a wealth of knowledge and interest available to your company for FREE.
  • 12 December 201024. Jim S
    I support this petition

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EA's CEO and all others involved


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