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We, the truly dedicated and loyal Fans of Eastenders would like to take this opportunity to Sincerely say THANK YOU to the brilliant Actors and Actresses (including the budgie, dogs and cats) for your hard work in the face of cutbacks, less than wonderful scriptwriting at times, more than brilliant at others. We thank you for bringing into our homes a show that we can relate to. Real people, real situations, real characters. As you have heard of our plight in America, September 27, 2003 was heartbreaking for us when BBCA cancelled our beloved UK Soap/Drama EASTENDERS! We fought long and hard and now approximately 1/3 of us have it back via Dish Network/Echostar. In a few weeks it will be 1 year since "Black Saturday" as we like to call it. We just want you to know how dear you all are to us, and that we are still here and still working to get you back into our homes so we can all feel as though we are back in the Square with you. You have our support and our loyalty and we will not waver. We will continue to try to find new fans. We have united and experienced our own hardships together across this country,and even united with some in your country! It's been a long year, but we wanted to say Thanks to you all, for without you this would not have happened. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

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Latest Signatures

  • 22 June 201550. Marlies B
    I support this petition
  • 22 June 201549. Kate B
    Thank you! State, Country Rhode Island, USA
  • 07 June 201548. Hinda Anddavidf
    Your work is a beacon of quality in a tough world. State, Country California, U.S.
  • 11 July 201447. Marc B
    Good luck to Garry State, Country Florida U.S.A
  • 04 July 201446. Nannieg Fritz
    Great show, much better than what the U.S. comes out with!!! State, Country Maine, USA
  • 27 June 201445. Melissa M
    Please give me back Eastenders. State, Country Ohio U.S.
  • 20 June 201444. E M
    I support this petition
  • 30 January 201443. Shirley S
    The "Square"is my home. It's inhabitants feel like family. This has been a difficult year for fans in the US but it's made us appreciate the power of EastEnders even more. Thank you so much for bringing us pleasure for so many years! Long may EE reign! St
  • 07 January 201442. Ambrin H
  • 15 December 201341. Charlotte Hensley
    eastenders is the best ever State, Country england
  • 22 November 201340. Coralee S
    I support this petition
  • 02 August 201339. Elizabeth G
    GREATEST show, beats any over repeated show here any time. State, Country Florida, USA
  • 21 March 201338. Susan C
    how wonderful to see you back in my home after so long..you were surely missed State, Country calif, usa
  • 06 January 201337. Suzie Romero
    Plz bring back BBCA back to America so the best soup can be put back there again!!! State, Country England
  • 30 September 201236. Tom Wright
    Thank you!! :D State, Country England
  • 23 August 201235. Teresa W
    Just a big thank you too all the cast & crew of Eastenders.
  • 14 August 201234. Craig W
    You guys are the best State, Country Pennsylvania, United States
  • 22 July 201233. Susan Gutierrez
    Keep up the Good work!!! State, Country England
  • 05 April 201232. Sarah C
    this Petition is good State, Country united kingdom
  • 21 December 201131. Patricia R
    I am a true Eastenders Fan and I love you State, Country New York, United States
  • 12 November 201130. Pamela M
    I support this petition
  • 09 July 201129. Mandy J
    I support this petition
  • 19 October 201028. Tec C
    Gratitude for all the entertainment you bring us. State, Country Dallas, TX USA
  • 13 September 201027. Sherry W
    I am four years behind because I watch it on our PBS channel since BBCA decided to give all the American fans the shaft by taking your show away from us. I like your show so much and too me it is so much better than American soaps, much more realistic. Ke
  • 25 March 201026. Gerry L
    It's still Rock 'N Roll to me....Muppets Rule!!!! State, Country California, USA
  • 20 December 200925. Tazmin I
    i would like to become a charactar in eastenders State, Country England ( Bury St Edmunds )
  • 14 October 200924. Sophie Meyers
    thank you

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Cast of Eastenders


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