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Dear "Gothic Movement",

I hearby declare that "gothic", "goths", and the entire "gothic" movment should cease to exist for 3 reasons.

Stature 1) The way in which "gothics" dress is distracting, retarded, and degrading to all of man-kind.

Stature 2) The way in which "gothics" lie about being depressed rips off those who truly are, and degrades them to the point of non-existance.

Stature 3) The store "Hot Topic" and all of it's commercial lines have ripped off anything that is good and original and marketed it to these "gothics", extoring good original movies such as The Nightmare Before Christmas by Tim Burton, or Johhny The Homicidle Maniac into highly popularized items that "gothics" can latch on-to and make into items that are no longer original or desirable.

Please, help the anti-gothic movement begin. These people are no longer just looking stupid, they are killing brain cells and causing eye stress.

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Latest Signatures

  • 29 December 2015100. Phylicia Irwin
    I support this petition
  • 11 December 201599. Blazo Humphrey
    what kind of human beengs are those who hate thair lives ???!@*^&\%#$^&*
  • 21 September 201598. Gabriel Harris
    i can't wait to see them all in Hell
  • 05 August 201597. Goulash Salas
    *plants a huge black gothy kiss on all the haters*
  • 05 August 201596. Sm Smith
    Lol, it seems more goffs than antigoffs have sined this petition, ok so im not a goff, but i like hanging out with them and like doing all the goff stuff, and my sister and my other sisteer are bofe goffs, and they are like the coolest people, and even th
  • 27 July 201595. Psychopathic S
    I think this is retarded. O.o I really do... That's like the whole getting rid of Jew thing, basically..
  • 19 July 201594. Chris R
    i hate em too, they just want attention like emo fags
  • 29 June 201593. John H
    This is completly insane,I'm proud of the way I dress,and there is nthing wrong about it,we get to choose who we want to be.If this is what I choose,and you people dont accept and respect that,that your not much better than what you say about goth's
  • 11 May 201592. Anti Gothallthew
  • 03 March 201591. Tiberius Randolph
    Stop the Gothic Tribes for Rome and SPQR
  • 04 February 201590. Yeah Imagothm
    LOL, this petition made me laugh so hard. I have to take this whole thing as a joke just because no one could seriously be that gay!! Lol.
  • 24 January 201589. Miss A
    Wow I am guessing you dont get out much or actually have an indepth conversation with many goths?? Because I am sure if you did your preconception of goths would change.Ah well your loss!! Hugs & Kisses
  • 06 December 201488. Kat B
    I support this petition
  • 21 November 201487. Mat Green
    je les emmerde eus et leurs putain de idees noirs et leurs fring minables!!!leurs provoke a deux bale ia keux ke sa fй bander!!
  • 08 September 201486. Emma L
    LOL, this petition made me laugh so hard. I feel kinda silly signing it but only to leave a comment. I am a goth. I am 56 years old and I have been goth since before goth was. In my day I have seen many such people as you, being ridiculous. How can you th
  • 04 September 201485. Kate P
    Goths are heanous kids who are one big ozzing pimpel.And they smell like grease and B.O because its too "preppy"to take a shower.
  • 31 August 201484. Daniel Theg
    The Goths must be stopped because they are a threat to civilization
  • 17 August 201483. Cassie Mccarthy
    I support this petition
  • 06 July 201482. Wouter Parsons
    I support this petition
  • 25 June 201481. Robdrop Donovan
    Uhmmm, for the first thing i want to say is, Suck my dick.... And second... you knnow what Goth is? than e-mail me with the exact information about goths.... and last.... Stick ur own penis in your mother vagina
  • 24 June 201480. I Hventhngtod
    Most gothics are faking that they are depressed to get attention and they are ugly, but some are really hot!
  • 08 May 201479. Stephen G
    Gothic people suck!!
  • 02 April 201478. Elvis Simpson
    To the goths who're taking this all too seriously: This guy's obviously just doing it to get a rise out of you, and you're not doing yourselves any favours with your "OMG gothz r awesumz, dun persecute us, fuk u prepz/chavz!". By causing a huge fuss you'r
  • 01 March 201477. Oliver Kemp
    goths are like sheep. you can't get rid of them. they infest every goddamn corner of every mall and every hot topic.
  • 23 December 201376. Stefan Roach
    I support this petition
  • 01 December 201375. Natalee G
    God they are so retarded
  • 11 October 201374. Jon G
    Good Petition

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