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Dear Square Enix,

The current account penalties for Final Fantasy XI are dissatisfactory with the online community. In particular, permanent banning is not always a befitting punishment, and the current penalty system has been too limiting by offering too few and broad options. This petition would like to propose amendments to the account penalties of FFXI.

This petition will open with two summaries of arguments from offenders and non-offenders. Keep firmly in mind: this does not express the entire community's sentiments on the matter; there are those that agree strongly with the inflexible punishment system. The undersigned of this petition request Square Enix and Final Fantasy XI development team to consider these arguments in determining the necessity of restructuring the account penalties. The undersigned of this petition do not necessarily agree on all or any of the arguments presented here; however, all undersigned of this petition request adjustments to the penalty system.

Offenders: The time, money (game purchase, expansions, & fees), and effort developing a FFXI character is often a hefty investment. In addition, one's personal life is sacrificed despite SE's best intentions. Relationships with friends and families, work time, and future prospects are often traded for active involvement in FFXI. The aftermath of a permanent ban is that of regret: the inability to find closure with what has been lost. And that of frustration: the inability to make amends and transitional change with real life.

Non-offenders: For persons directly connected, online interactions have been severed w/ friends and comrades. In some effect, gameplay is affected w/ in-game activities losing their key-members. For persons with no connections, the community feels the current penalty system does not appeal to the general consensus. Although offenders who have violated policy indeed offend the playerbase, the general community feels that permanent banning is not the true end-all solution. While the community is in agreement that violators should receive punishment, the community calls for a more befitting and fair punishment based on most circumstances. The current penalty system, however, displays reckless disregard and lack of concern for the customer; the devotion poured into crafting one's character should be taken more into consideration. The player should not have to forfeit considerable effort and sacrifice for often one mistake. To say the least, Square-Enix can offer a "reasonable" chance at paying for those mistakes. In addition, inadequacies have arisen that has left some doubt in the abilities of customer service and the Special Task Force (STF). January 2009 bannings left questionable inaccuracy in determining temporary and permanent bans; some offenders were not even charged with a LM-17. More recent bannings have been caused with trivial offenses like credit card mistakes and gardening mules not related to RMT activities. Lastly, customer service has been lacking in aiding customers especially to those banned in error.

Despite these arguments presented here, the community would like to reaffirm that offending actions should still have consequence. However, the account penalties should be restructured and, in effect, offer opportunities for redemption. While the community understands the arduous task of discerning legitimate players unrelated to RMT activities, the community requests Square Enix to make the attempt. At this time, the community of FFXI would like to offer ideas in context of these amendments:

i. Deletion of all equipment and items from character(s) on account (mog safe, mog locker, mog satchel, delivery box, & inventory)

ii. More options for temporary account suspension varying on offense (i.e. 1-6 months)

iii. Penalty fee(s) to reactivate character (i.e. $50-$150)

The above terms can be a single entity or a combination of them. In the event the account is perma-banned, the customer can be offered one instance of reactivation per account under the above condition(s). In extent, this one-time reactivation service can only apply to players who have no record of RMT activity in which investigation may be required.

In conclusion, the community requests a more tiered penalty system. Should SE still feel indifferent on the matter: in-depth disclosure and thorough explanation of permanent banning should be available to the customer upon request. We appreciate your time and concern.

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