Fire Bill Simmons i.e. ESPN's "Sports Guy" sign now

We are thoroughly disgusted with the way ESPN is wasting our money by taking up space with his column in ESPN magazine. Furthermore, we disapprove of any employment duties he currently does for ESPN. We cite a specific lack of originality, gross redundancy, and a general waste of ESPN's money.

Main reasoning behind petition:
I am sick and tired of wasting my money (I subscripe to ESPN the magazine) on Bill Simmons. Apparently to Bill, there is no other team in the U.S.A. than the Red Sox. And when another New England team wins a championship, they suddenly pop into Bill's superbly creative mind. Bill obviously does not know the meaning of sports. Sports are meant to bring people together in joyous times. Yet Bill continually pokes fun at loyal fans who want nothing other than to enjoy sports as a brotherhood and take from it the joys and disappointments that entail.

Case in point:

"Even in defeat, the Philly fans remained the enduring story of the week. They started descending on the city of Jacksonville in the middle of the week, tens of thousands of them, few of them with tickets, all of them with green Philly jerseys and goofy mustaches. They kept multiplying and multiplying ... by Saturday, every other person in Jacksonville had a mustache. They weren't just enjoying themselves; they were living a dream. At the Maxim party on Saturday night, there were random Philly fans stumbling around in full Eagles gear, like they couldn't imagine heading out in public in anything else. Driving for coffee on Sunday, I passed at least 10 Eagles fans holding cardboard signs and begging for tickets, offering as much as five grand for a pair."
-Bill Simmons

In the previous quotation by Mr. Simmons, he pokes fun at loyal fans. Does Bill find it amusing that maybe some people actually LIKE to enjoy sports, and feel very passionately about them? Apparently to Bill, New England trumps everything in every single way. This single-mindedness influences Bill to be a very poor journalist, lacking the objective integrity the job entails. That is why we request he be dismissed of his duties as an employee of ESPN.

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Latest Signatures

  • 02 December 201550. Bill Cox
    god he's awful
  • 28 October 201549. Bob J
    Bill is the worst
  • 29 September 201548. Vince C
    he knows too much
  • 31 July 201547. Hahaha Bowers
    I can't believe all the idiot Bill Simmons supporters who are writing here. Don't they realize by responding, they are supporting his being fired?! I think that reveals a lot about the mentality and IQ of his true audience.
  • 27 July 201546. Evan Leblanc
    I hope Peyton Manning runs over Bill Simmons with the car he got as a reward for Super Bowl MVP.
  • 18 July 201545. Jason L
    I hate bill simmons - I will avoid you and your advertisers if he continues to be employed
  • 03 May 201544. Mike W
    How about limiting your writing and your dumb, not so witty , to the OC and of the greatest articles ever. You and all of the other stupid sports writers and broadcasters who love counting the Pistons out and never give them credit for anythin
  • 23 March 201543. Bill Reilly
    yeah whatever
  • 18 February 201542. Brian K
    I've lot a long list of reasons why Simmons sucks.
  • 11 October 201441. Derreck S
    He's so tired
  • 26 September 201440. Your As
    You are a shmuck, Bill Simmons is the best part about, just because your a fag doesnt make it ok to hate.
  • 26 May 201439. Nahyan M
    Guy bashes Lakers fans left and right, he is a one sided unprofessional writer.
  • 26 April 201438. Vincent L
    Bill Simmons is WORTHLESS! All he does is whine and complain about everything. Replace him with someone that has talent and objectivity.
  • 29 March 201437. Bill S
    I support this petition
  • 19 February 201436. Collin J
    I support this petition
  • 25 January 201435. Theo E
    Yeah, fire the guy, who likes the Red Sox?
  • 10 August 201334. He Isthebestwritertheyh
    you guys are out of your minds
  • 16 May 201333. Ryan Sloan
    I support this petition
  • 26 February 201332. Tommy P
    Bill Simmons is completely biased. I thought ESPN was supposed to be unbiased. Plus, he's a very poor author, with very little skill at all.
  • 30 June 201231. Peyton M
    I'm gonna tell my Dad you don't like me!
  • 21 April 201230. Bodin Sa
    Fire Bill Simmons yesterday. His writing is the most onanistically narcissistic pile of crap in the history of sports. Not only does his inclusion damage the repuation of ESPN the Magazine, but jeopardizes my interest in ESPN as an network and brand in th
  • 19 April 201229. Chicken Skinner
    I support this petition
  • 10 February 201228. Jonathan L
    I support this petition
  • 19 December 201127. Paul Y
    He's the worst excuse for a sports writer that I have ever read. I've read better articles written by 5th graders.
  • 09 October 201126. Youare Al
    You're a big time loser
  • 17 August 201125. John S
    I support this petition
  • 05 August 201124. Mike T
    He's no longer the "Sports Guy". He's a Starbucks drinking, celebrity party attending hack. His commentary about the Patriots were nauseating. And hey, we all get the Karate Kid and Hoosiers references. Can you come up with something else?

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