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This is a petition to encourage Blizzard Entertainment to remove Mike Morhaime from his current position with the company.

Mike Morhaime is the lead Producer of Blizzard's popular game "World of Warcraft". While credit for the general design of the game surely goes to the project's lead designers (Rob Pardo and Allen Adham), it has been under Mike Morhaime's direction that problems have continued to plague the project since its first day of public release in November of 2004.

There are four primary problems, which Mike Morhaime has ostensibly not sought to have properly corrected in the nearly 1.5 years the game has been open to the public.

1) Account Management Issues:
Many times over the months customers have been unable to gain access to their account management section of the World of Warcraft website. And as many times when access can be had, customers have been unable to change account information or make a payment due to server-side software/hardware bugs. This has been a known issue for a long time and continues to be one that the paying customers are forced to periodically struggle with.

2) Server and Network Issues:
Arguably the biggest customer complaint, which has haunted Mike Morhaime's tenure over the project, arises from the unreliable service and network down-time relating to the project's hardware servers. Despite shutting the entire network down for many hours every week for "maintenance", the server-side problems have seen no improvements since November of 2004. This is despite the often "extended maintenance" times in which the servers are down for several additional hours beyond the 'normal' range of down-time hours.

Authentication Server issues have certainly not seen any improvement over the last 1.5 years. Many times, every week, every month since the project has been open to the public, there are critical problems with customers being unable to log in through the Authentication Server. The result of this problem is that customers are not only unable to log into the game in which they're paying for, but also unable to log into their own Account Management, as well as being unable to log into the forums on the World of Warcraft website.

Queues and over-burdened servers (realms) have also been a long time source of anger and frustration for the paying customers of the World of Warcraft software. As though the excessive server down-time isn't enough, often times customers are forced to sit through long queues before they can even log into the game that they're paying for. And once logged in the customers are treated to server lag, which is sometimes significant enough to render the game outright unplayable. Despite months upon months of warnings from paying customers not to allow too many accounts onto each server, Mike Morhaime has done very little to enforce a resolution of the issue. When the game first came online in November of 2004 the servers were grossly over-burdened with too many accounts (players) per server, thus resulting in brutal lag. Now, after well over a year later, customers are still plagued by this same problem.

3) Software Patches Client and Server-side:
Patch days have un-affectionately become known by customers as "Bug & Crash Weeks". This is an issue that has existed since the early days of the product's release. It has become quite clear to the customers that the patches introduced during the weekly maintenance down-time are rarely tested properly. The result is almost always a week of unreliable service with the introduction of as many new bugs into the game as were intended to be fixed by the patch itself. This is no clearer than with the recent 1.10 patch introduced on April 4th of this year. Since that patch there has been a dramatic increase in server unreliability (down-time) and in-game bug issues. In effect the 1.10 patch has caused far more problems than it was intended to fix. This has resulted in another patch being rushed out the following Tuesday. Unfortunately, this patch only seemed to fix very few of the in-game bugs, and has done nothing for fixing the horrific server reliability.

4) Customer Service:
Customer service has been dismal since the beginning and has never shown one sign of improvement. Specifically, the communication, or lack thereof, between authorized spokespersons/representatives of the project and the customer, has been very poor. One such area is the Realm Status page, which almost consistently will show all realms as being up and online, when in fact the customers are unable to connect. Another area in drastic need of improvement is the communication on the project's official forums. The only actual source of information for the customers seems to be the forum moderators. And for whatever reason, they often times ignore legitimate questions and concerns from customers, unless those questions and concerns are posted in a proper format/style, or so they claim. Since the beginning however, what is considered 'proper' has varied from one moderator to the next. Countless times over the many months there have been topics of legitimate concerns, backed by replies from literally hundreds upon hundreds of paying customers, which have gone completely ignored because the original author of the topic didn't word the concern in some specific format, or the sentence structure/syntax wasn't quite up to snuff. Additionally, legitimate customer concerns are often ignored in favor of non-critical topics, such as singing squirrels or murloc tatoos.

Nevertheless, the forum moderators should never be expected to be the sole source of information and communication between those who have real authority with the project and the paying customers. Because of this aspect of the poor customer service, legitimate concerns from customers are most often met with little more than responses such as, "we're looking into it", with no follow-up.

As these patterns of the four primary problems with the project have existed non-stop since the first day of the project's public release, it falls squarely onto Mike Morhaime's shoulders. As the lead Producer of the project it is his responsibility to ensure that the various team leaders under him (programming, network administrators, customer service, etc.) strive to perform their jobs with increasing effectiveness and decreasing errors and problems. Despite any self-congratulating which may be going on behind the closed doors of the project, from the perspective of the paying customer, we've seen very little in the way of improvements to these primary concerns. Therefore we, the paying customers, feel the time is long overdue to replace Mike Morhaime with a properly qualified person who'll step into the leadership shoes and rein in control over those under him/her by replacing those who have consistently provided inferior work to the World of Warcraft project.

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