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19 October 2007

The purpose of this petition is to encourage Governor Martin O'Malley to release Christian Bowie of Anne Arundel County, Maryland. Christian has spent the past 18 years in prison for murders she did not commit. Retired P. G. County Circuit Court Judge Vincent J. Femia sentenced Christian to two life sentences plus 60 years for two-counts of felony first degree pre-meditated murder on 8 January 1991.

In October of 1989, there was a double murder at Stoneys Restaurant and Bar in Clinton, Maryland. Arnold Batson and Kevin Shelly were killed and an additional two people were shot, Alan Stone and then P.G. County Detective Robert McDaniel. Christian Bowie was giving James Edmonds, Shaun Harris, and Derrell Thomas a ride home to Waldorf MD, when James asked to stop at a 7-11 convenience store in Clinton, MD, which is adjacent to Stoneys Restaurant. Some time after the men exited Ms. Bowies truck, Derrell ran back to her vehicle, waving a 9mm gun saying, I had to do it, I had to do it, and hollering that she should exit the parking lot quickly. As she was driving off, James came running from around the corner .

Confused and not knowing what had transpired, Ms. Bowie obliged. Before dropping the men off, James held a gun to Christians head and told her that if she told anyone about where she had been and who she was with, that he would kill her son (who was three years old at the time). Christian told no one out of fear for her and her familys safety. Early the next morning, Christian learned what happened in Stoneys on the news. About a month and a half later P.G. County police came to her residence and arrested her, her father, and her brother Damon Bowie was arrested at his residence.

Derrell Thomas and Shaun Markell Harris were arrested and charged in the November 1989 shootings at an IGA Grocery store in Aquasco, Maryland. The same 9mm handgun that was used at the IGA was used at Stoneys. Shaun Markell Harris named Christian, Damon, Derrell and James in his confession following his IGA arrests. James Edmonds, Shaun Harris, Derrell Thomas, Christian Bowie, and Damon Bowie were all charged with double murder in connection with the Stoneys incident. Every eyewitness at Stoneys on the night of the crime identified James Edmonds as one of the assailants. It was later revealed at trial that the 9mm actually belonged to James Edmonds, which coincides with the testimony of John Chancellor, an ex co-worker of James Edmonds from Beretta USA.

Shaun Markell Harris testified for The State and was given a $5000.00 bond and eventually given 5 years of home detention for 2 counts of first degree pre-mediated murder and several counts of attempted first degree murder and numerous counts of armed robbery through out the State of Maryland and Virginia.

Christian Bowie had no knowledge of, nor did she play a part in the Stoneys incident. The State of Maryland and Judge Femia knew this to be a fact. Judge Femia stated that he did not believe Christian played a role in the murders:

and certainly she had no knowledge that they were going to do that
Nor probably any intention whatsoever with that in mind

- Quote from Judge V. Femia from the transcript of Ms. Bowies 8 January 1991 sentencing hearing.

Christian Bowie had three lawyers that did nothing to defend her. Their primary interest was assisting prosecutors in their attempts to threaten Ms. Bowie into pleading guilty and accepting the states plea deal. The lawyers went so far as to try to threaten Christians father, a single parent, into making her accept the deal. The safety of her son and the threat of him being placed in social services were also used as a weapon to threaten and intimidate her during trial.

Christian Bowie's sentence of two counts of first-degree, premeditated felony murder was vacated by the Special Court of Appeals as well as the two counts of malicious shooting of Alan Stone and Robert McDaniel. There was no remand for a new sentence, but Judge V. Femia re-sentenced Christian Bowie to the above-vacated counts without Christian Bowie or her attorney's presence on 17 June 1992. The transcript of this special hearing was found by mistake and it remains clear that CHRISTIAN BOWIE IS BEING HELD IN THE MARYLAND CORRECTIONAL INSTITUTE FOR WOMEN ILLEGALLY.

Michael McCormick of the National Inmate Legal Advocacy Center (NILAC) wrote Chief Judge William Missouri in P. G. County a letter stating that Christian Bowie is being illegally held in prison. The letter was turned over to retired Judge Femia (The Judge that had been asked to recuse himself 5 times.) at the request of Judge Missouri via his paralegal. Judge Femia never responded to the allegations in the letter. He merely stated the law provides that the sentence meets the crime. RETIRED JUDGE FEMIA, JUDGE MISSIOURI, AND THE STATE OF MARYLAND REFUSE TO ADDRESS THE FACT THAT CHRISTIAN BOWIE IS UNJUSTLY SITTING IN MCI-W TODAY.

A lot of Christians original court documents were lost in the 2004 Prince Georges County courthouse fire in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. Also, one of Christians original attorneys, Alan Goldstein, passed away shortly after her trial from cancer. These two losses, coupled with the familys depleted financial situation, have made it increasingly difficult for Ms. Bowie and her current defense. Over the years, friends and family of Christian Bowie have exhausted countless avenues to fight her unjust conviction and sentence. Christian Bowie graduated with highest honors from college while in MCI-W and has worked the same job for over 15 years. She has never had a disciplinary action taken against her and there is not a single correctional officer or worker at MCI-W that will not state that Christian Bowie does not belong in jail.

We, the family and friends of Christian Bowie, would like for you to join our plight. We are not asking for a monetary donation, just a signature. Please click the corresponding link below to show your support of what is just. Remember that every signature counts. Feel free to learn more about Christian and Damon at: Here you can see pictures, letters from several supporters (including Maryland State Delegate Clarence Davis), and links to court documents surrounding the case.

Thank you,

Family and Friends of Christian Bowie

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    Please help to free my mother from this injustice, it has been a constant struggle and we need help from everyone! Bless all of you who sign this petition!!
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    Please look into this. Christian should have never went to jail in the first place. She has missed out on her son's life. And yes I know him and he is a wonderful person that i watched grow. Christian was still a wonderful mother and always gave her gudan
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    This makes me sad to know that this young lady and her child has missed out on a life time of expieriences that no one can replace
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    This story is unbelievable and has movede to tears for the victims and Ms . Christian Bowie. Free her immediately!!!! Address 10808 Apple way Clinton MD 20735
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    I am outraged at the level of corruption perpetrated, repeatedly, during this family's horrific entanglement with so many ill-willed, selfish criminals.
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    Justice was never served in this case. Mercy is long overdue.

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