To: Government of Rwanda

To: Rwanda Government

We the undersigned call for the immediate and unconditional release of Pasteur Bizimungu" along
with the 20 people recently detained by the Rwandan government, seemingly for their entirely nonviolent and legitimate connection with imprisoned

We, the undersigned citizens of Rwanda and the globe, believes that these people are prisoners of
conscience, detained solely for their perceived or actual peaceful political affiliations.

We believe that the detainees who include peasant farmers, teachers, accountants, civil servants
and shopkeepers, were thought to members of Bizimungu's banned political party, the Parti
Dйmocratique pour le Renouveau-UBUYANJA.


The Undersigned

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Latest Signatures

  • 18 December 2015100. Nick A
    I support this petition
  • 12 December 201599. Miko Rwayitarepresidentofteleceli
    Amahoro mu Rwanda
  • 27 November 201598. Ntahompagaze G
    La libйration immйdiate et sans conditions du Prйsident fondateur du parti Dйmocratique pour le Renouveau (PDR-UBUYANJA). La vйritй finira par gagner et la dйmocratie prendra racines au Rwanda. Le PDR-Ubuyanja est le seul parti unifiant tous les Rwandais.
  • 16 November 201597. Ntirenganya E
    Ariko abahutu natwe twarengana. Ariko batutsi koko mubona ko abahutu bose ari babi pe ? Nka Bizimungu icyo atabakoreye ni iki none mumwituye urupfu rwagashinyaguro ? Batutsi ko bamwe muri mwe twabanye neza koko ni uku mutwirengagije ? Mwibagiwe se ko natw
  • 01 November 201596. Claus L
    I support this petition
  • 25 October 201595. Hakizimana Jeanb
    I support this petition
  • 12 October 201594. Fessenden Barton
    Free Alex Tabera's dad, (so Tibs and I can go skiing)
  • 09 October 201593. Nelson Rolihlahlam
    Mr Paul Kagame please free president Bizimungu now
  • 09 October 201592. Valens K
    Kagame must free Bizimungu
  • 21 September 201591. Justin M
    Kagame is a bloody dictator of a tiny, useless country
  • 16 September 201590. Hiram G
    P.Bizimungu deserves a better trial
  • 30 August 201589. Iraturora F
    Kagame rwose ca inkoni izamba. kuki ariko utagira impuhwe bwana perezida ? Uriya musaza mureke asaze neza rwose perezida Imana izabiguhembere je vous le dis
  • 04 August 201588. Nocky D
    President Kagame, we helped you, now it is your turn. Free Mr Bizimungu
  • 16 July 201587. White Schneider
    One of my best friends from school, was his son, he is a great man and should be free
  • 02 July 201586. Tesauri M
    I support this petition
  • 19 June 201585. Deo N
    Democracy now
  • 06 June 201584. Hakizimana Fabienb
    Arashaje kandi avugisha ukuri nibamurekure ni intwari.
  • 09 May 201583. Angelica G
    Free Pasteur Bizimungu
  • 06 May 201582. Ala Villegas
    I support this petition
  • 06 May 201581. Rwabugiri Newton
    Kagame turagusaba kubabarira uriya musaza ukamufungura agasanga abana,, ariko nawe hamwe n'abandi ba hutus bose bakareka induru kuko batsinzwe.
  • 01 May 201580. David G
    Amashuri makyeya abuza Kagame gutegeka neza
  • 01 April 201579. Margherita P
    I support this petition
  • 25 March 201578. Neb Y
    Watttupp TiBS.... You and your Dad (bizimungu) deserve it.
  • 13 March 201577. Joseph N
    The RPF must put an end to all kind of harassment on its political opponents so that the freedom of association, democracy and freedom of expression prevail in Rwanda. All ILO Conventions that Rwanda has ratified must be respected, expecting that Rwandan
  • 13 February 201576. Faustin M
    Bizimungu has to be freed
  • 03 February 201575. Joe W
    Pasteur Bizimungu deserves prison. He was rude towards Bishop Misago
  • 20 January 201574. Mabya Mayo
    Narekurwe ntawe udashukwa, Kagome yamushutse none yaramwigaritse. Who is next?

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Rwandan Government


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