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Shaker Aamer has been held illegally without charge or trial at Guantanamo bay for eight years. He is a British resident and his wife and four children are citizens of the UK and reside here. He has faced horrendous and humiliating treatment and is in very ill health. He has technically been cleared for release since 2007 but is the last British Resident still in Guantanamo. Act now to force the British Government to demand the release of Shaker Aamer.
Shaker lives in solitary confinement. The conditions he is under have taken a severe toll on his mental and physical health. Letters from him have not been received since 2006 when he noted:
I am dying here every day, mentally and physically. This is happening to all of us. We have been ignored, locked up in the middle of the ocean for many yearsI have problems many problems from the filthy yellow waterI have lung problems from the chemicals they spread all over the floorI am already arthritic at 40 because I sleep on a steel bed, and they use freezing air conditioning as part of the interrogation process. I have ruined eyes from the permanent, 24-hourfluorescent lights. I have tinnitus in my ears from the perpetual noiseI have ulcers and almost permanent constipation from the food. I have been made paranoid, so I can trust nobody, not even my lawyer. I was over 250 lbs. I dropped to 130lbs in the hunger strike. I want to make it easy on everyone, I want no feeding, no forced tubes, no help, no intensive assisted feeding.


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Latest Signatures

  • 14 December 201550. Rahi C
  • 12 December 201549. Humza N
    Do the right thing...
  • 27 November 201548. H R
    "To deprive a man of his natural liberty and to deny to him the ordinary amenities of life is worse then starving the body; it is starvation of the soul, the dweller in the body." Mohandas Gandhi
  • 13 October 201547. Anwar H
    Free our brother please Ameen
  • 03 October 201546. Saleem B
    Free Shaker Now!!!
  • 24 August 201545. Alexander N
    Please free Mr Aamer!
  • 23 July 201544. Zaida P
    Please release him...
  • 21 July 201543. Cem M
    It is a great worry that these sort of atrocites and many more are allowed to be
  • 29 March 201542. Jabrayah Navarro
    Free Shaker Aamer! He has been granted release since 2007!
  • 27 March 201541. Umm E
    free shaker
  • 09 March 201540. Ismail S
    how can any 'free society' condone the actions of the US?
  • 28 February 201539. Mohima C
    This is discrimination at its worse and a abuse of civil liberties.
  • 14 October 201438. V Hansen
    no !!!
  • 08 August 201437. Elaine Esparza
    free Shaker Aamer.
  • 27 April 201436. Afsor U
    What you are doing is against international human rights law. Free this man!!
  • 24 January 201435. Adam G
  • 08 November 201334. Fardous Pitts
    please return him back to his family
  • 25 August 201333. Natasha R
    Please bring Shaker Aamer back to the U.K. it is absolutely wrong and incomprehensible that we still have British residents and citizens in Guantamno Bay.
  • 19 July 201332. Kamran K
    do what's right - truth always prevails
  • 22 May 201331. S C
    Free Shaker Aamer
  • 18 September 201230. Salman B
  • 17 August 201229. Syed Schmitt
  • 23 June 201228. Hashim May
    imagine being in isolation for so many years, and you have kids waiting for you out there
  • 28 April 201227. Ali Dickerson
    The release of this British National must be demanded. He has not been convicted and has been deemed ok to release since 2007
  • 31 July 201126. Taha Ha
    Freedom 4 Inocents
  • 17 June 201125. Hashi Small
    please free these innocent people or charge them if they have committed crime.
  • 13 June 201124. Kittlylittly Clarke

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Justice, rights and public orderIn:
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British Government: David Cameron


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