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Background History: brewt was perceived as a dictator who had been making unilateral decisions for the channel. The old guard had mostly faded away and we were left with few in power. Crash2bur decided to take over the channel. With the help of redrum-I, c0rrupt and vap0r, a mass deop was initiated. A corrupt ircop (fl0pster), along with restoring flagged ops, helped bypass normal chanfix processes. In a swift coup dйtat the channel was now under the power of Crash2bur, c0rrupt and vap0r. It was not the first or the last time c0rrupt would betray #impulse. At first I protested but Crash2bur assured me it would lead to a more democratic channel. I agreed and put faith in a more perfect union. Sadly, this soon changed and his weak moral fiber and lust for power and control affected his judgment. Crash2bur began making unilateral decisions for the channel without consulting a majority of ops. His anti-g00n lackeys, Drageon and Hamsnibit, soon opened the pumper floodgates. One such decision was the banishment of utility bot, Weblog. Protest was met with insults and complete lack of acknowledgement. He even went so far as to ignore neutral elder statesmen aics diplomatic calls for reason. Crash2bur relied on the backing of g00n-grudged Drageon and Hamsnibit to create the illusion of majority consent. One dictator had now been replaced with another. Most did not take notice; however, one guardian took issue.

I g00n, savior of the people & Captain of BlogForce9, do hereby present Resolution 1 for the voting body of #impulse. Weblog ([email protected]) is a utility bot owned and operated my max, founder of Its sole purpose is to aggregate, sort, and date pictures posted in channels on efnet. In addition, it also highlights dupes. In addition, it can cull and aggregate pictures from chosen forums and websites. At this time it is limited to one website and a handful of efnet channels. There are currently no plans for it to ever display any chats from any channels. The bot poses no security or privacy risk above that of other logging bots such as ChatBuddy or stinknet. It has been argued that the reason for Weblogs ban is because it is not owned by an impulse member. However, mef is never in the channel anymore either. Furthermore, its ridiculous to say a bot from the outside shouldnt be allowed in when it provides a useful function. We currently allow multiple non-impulse members in the channel who cause a much greater disturbance. There is no logic behind the decision. Weblog has been in the channel for roughly 2 years with no issues. Recently, Crashbur decided it was a risk and perm. banned it without consulting anyone. When a few ops asked for it to be unbanned he ignored them. A majority vote by regulars and userlist ops can restore justice.

Resolution 1
A. By signing this petition I hereby agree that Weblog shall be unbanned at once and no further action shall be taken against it in the future. Should weblogs development progress into a direction which invades our privacy, it can be banned upon majority vote at any time and for any reason if we so choose.

B. All channel activity such a perm. bans of longtime regulars, deops, or channel policy shall only be made with consent by a majority of userlist ops as well as longstanding impulse veterans.

C. Authenticity Clause: I hereby verify that my signing of this petition constitutes a vote. I shall use my nick from the channel (or familiar variation) to sign this petition. I have received this petition URL via private message. Due to inevitable exposure and tampering with this petition any appearance of my name subsequent to my initial vote will be assumed a fraudulent imposter. There shall be no retroactive revote or renunciation by a second appearance of my nick on this petition.

D. Fat Clause: I hereby pledge to look out for the wellbeing and longevity of beloved channel members Drageon and Hamsnibit. Both are now morbidly obese and are putting their life expectancy at risk. By casting this vote, I pledge to encourage, motivate, and remind these valued members of their weight issues in hopes of helping them demonstrate some self control in the near future.

E. Democracy Clause: By signing this petition I am casting a vote for the future democracy of the channel. All decisions must be made by a majority of userlist ops. Unilateral actions without channel op consent are considered rogue activity and shall face judgment by the impulse tribunal.
Where there is injustice you will find me! Where there is corruption you will find me! The voice of the voiceless!

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