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The Palestinian Intelligence System arrested Sari Orabi on 14/7/2009, during which he underwent a vigorous investigation that caused him a lot of diseases and many physical, mental, and psychological agonies. All this was because he distributed articles that (in their opinion) mishandled the nations reputation

The Islamic author Sari Orabi Taha, still in his 30s, from the village of Rafat in Rama Allah District, and an Arabic-language graduate from Birzeit University, is a model of a painful and daily story of many young Palestinians in the West Bank. Actually he spent most of his life in both the Israeli occupation's jails and the Palestinian Authority's prisons in the West Bank.

In his recent arrest he remained in prison for five months without trial, then the Supreme Court ruled his release and revoked the decision converting intelligence of Military Justice because he is a civilian.

He got out of jail on 14/12/2009, with nothing issued against him, to be imprisoned just after 12 days by the Palestinian Intelligence System and treated as a military man.

On 10/01/2010 he was sentenced for 3 years by the military court just for (also in their opinion) insulting VIPs in his articles. These articles were not proved to be written by him in the first place, however he was falsely accused and unjustly convicted.

In this detention Sari suffers psychologically and physically. As for his family members, they are humiliated and dealt with harshly. In fact, people in West Bank suffer in every minute of their lives: in detention, being tortured, humiliation and denial of even the basic human rights, in making a living, in studying, and in all aspects of life.

This is the real miserable story of Sari Orabi in all what the word holds in meaning. The media have contributed to keep such stories out of the world's attention. It did not convey to us the true picture of the suffering of thousands of prisoners and families in the West Bank.

How a civil man is tried in a military court?! How a trial is held without evidence and without the most basic human rights to object or self-defense?

This young guy, Sari, nowadays suffers from a microbe in his stomach and aches in his back and all his body. All this is caused in the Palestinian Authority's prison in West Bank. His health now is in a very bad condition.
We call Human Rights committees, "Journalists with no Limits", "Human Rights Watch", "Amnesty International" and all the humanitarian committees and organizations to support and defend Sari's case because he's innocent and not proven guilty.

We urge them all to support him on a humanitarian basis and to stand with all the tortured, the oppressed and the deprived of their most basic rights. Also we urge them to defend their right to life and their right to defend themselves against injustice, tyranny and arbitrary arrests.


ЮЗг МеЗТ ЗбгОЗИСЗК ЗбЭбУШндн Эн ЗбЦЭшЙ ЗбЫСИнЙ ИЗЪКЮЗб ЗбФЗИ (УЗСн ЪСЗИн Ше) ИКЗСнО 14/7/2009г ОЦЪ ОбЗбеЗ бКНЮнЮ ЮЗУ Эн ЗбУМд УИшуИ бе ГгСЗЦЗр ЯЛнСЙ жВбЗгЗр дЭУншЙ жгЪджншЙ жМУПншЙ.
ЗбЯЗКИ ЗбЕУбЗгн жЗбПЗЪнЙ ЗбФЗИ (УЗСн ЪСЗИн Ше) нИбЫ (30) ЪЗгЗ жеж гд ЮСнЙ СЗЭЗК гд ЮЦЗБ СЗг Зббе жОСнМ ЮУг ЗббЫЙ ЗбЪСИнЙ гд МЗгЪЙ ИнСТнК ж ЮЦм дХЭ ЪгСе Эн УМжд ЗбЗНКбЗб жУМжд ЗбУбШЙ ЗбЭбУШнднЙ Эн ЗбЦЭЙ ЗбЫСИнЙ.

жЭн ЗбЗЪКЮЗб ЗбГОнС бг нЛИК Ъбне ФнБ жгЪ РбЯ ИЮн Эн ЗбУМд бгПЙ ОгУЙ ФежС ИПжд гНЗЯгЙ Ебм Гд ЮЦК ЗбгНЯгЙ ЗбЪбнЗ ИЗбЕЭСЗМ Ъде жГИШбК ЮСЗС МеЗТ ЗбгОЗИСЗК ИКНжнбе ббЮЦЗБ ЗбЪУЯСн бГде ФОХ гПдн.
ОСМ (УЗСн) Эн 14/12/2009 жИЪП 12 нжгЗ ЗЪКЮбе МеЗТ ЗбгОЗИСЗК ЗбЭбУШндн гд МПнП жУбшге ИЪП нжгнд бМеЗТ ЗбЗУКОИЗСЗК ЗбгУДжб Ъд ЗЪКЮЗб ЗбЪУЯСннд ЭЮШ.
жЭн КЗСнО 10/1/2010г НЯгК Ъбне ЗбгНЯгЙ ЗбЪУЯСнЙ ИЗбУМд бгПЙ 3 УджЗК ИКегЙ ЕеЗдЙ гЮЗгЗК ЪбнЗ гд ОбЗб ИЪЦ ЗбгЮЗбЗК ЗбКн бг нЛИК Где ЯЗКИеЗ ГХбЗр.
Ед ЗбФЗИ (УЗСн) нЪЗдн гЪЗдЗЙ дЭУнЙ жМУПнЙ еж жЗебе ЗбРнд ККг ЕеЗдКег жЗбКЪЗгб гЪег ИЮУжЙ гЪЗдЗЙ ККгЛб Эн ЗбЗЪКЮЗб жЗбКЪРнИ жЗбЕеЗдЙ жЗбНСгЗд НКм гд ГИУШ ЗбНЮжЮ ЗбЕдУЗдншЙ гЪЗдЗЙ Эн ЗбНнЗЙ жЗбСТЮ жбЮгЙ ЗбЪнФ жЗбПСЗУЙ жЯб гЮжшцгЗК ЗбНнЗЙ.
ЕдеЗ НнЗЙ гДбгЙ ИЯб гЗ КНгб еРе ЗбЯбгЙ гд гЪдм УЗег ЗбЕЪбЗг Эн КЫннИеЗ Ъд ГдЩЗС ЗбЪЗбг Эбг ндЮб бдЗ ЗбХжСЙ ЗбНЮнЮнЙ бгЪЗдЗЙ ЗбВбЗЭ гд ЗбГУСм жЗбГУС жЗбЪжЗЖб Эн ЗбЦЭшЙ ЗбЫСИншЙ.
ЗбФЗИ (УЗСн) нЪЗдн ЗбВд гд НХжЙ Эн ЗбгСЗСЙ жМСЛжгЙ Эн ЗбгЪПЙ жВбЗг Эн ЗбЩеС жЭн МгнЪ МУПе жРбЯ Эн УМжд ЗбУбШЙ Эн ЗбЦЭшЙ жеж Эн НЗбЙ ХНншЙ УнЖЙ.

ддЗФП МгЪншЗК НЮжЮ ЗбЕдУЗд ж гСЗУбжд ИбЗ НПжП жМгнЪ ЗбМгЪншЗК жЗбгдЩшгЗК ЗбЕдУЗдншЙ ббжЮжЭ гЪ ЮЦншЙ (УЗСн) жЗбПЭЗЪ Ъде бГде ЕдУЗд ИСнБ жбг КЛИК ЕПЗдКе Гж ЗбКег ЗбгжМеЙ бе.
дПЪж ЗбМгнЪ бГд нЮЭ жЮЭЙ ЕдУЗднЙ (ЭЮШ) гд ГМб еДбЗБ ЗбгЪРшИнд жЗбгЩбжгнд жЗбгНСжгнд гд ГИУШ НЮжЮег.. жЮЭЙ КПЗЭЪ Ъд НЮшег Эн ЗбНнЗЙ жНЮшег Эн ЗбПЭЗЪ Ъд ГдЭУег ЦП ЗбЩбг жЗбШЫнЗд жЗбЗЪКЮЗбЗК ЗбКЪУЭншЙ.

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