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Friends, the critically acclaimed comedy series, which was first broadcast in 1994 and lasted up to 2004, watched by Millions, winning several awards and receiving international accolade, the TV series following the lives of six manhattans, with laughs in every episode and brilliant writing as well as a strong cast has been gone from our screens for 4 years now, none the less still having a strong following, with repeats still popular.

The last episode had 51 million viewers in the U.S alone, watched by people in many other countries. The show was fresh and never seemed to age, with great characters and great writing.
The repeats today still draw thousands upon thousands of viewers.

This petition is to show interest in a Friends Reunion to be made,
such as a special TV double bills every so often perhaps ( maybe for Thanksgiving)

None of the writers, actors or producers has ever slammed the door on the idea completely, so it's not like it can't happen, we just have to show our interest and beg them!

If you are a Friends fan, please support this petition, you never know who might see it. Friends is still as popular now as it was back in the 90's, a great testament to the creators and everyone involved, so please sign if you would like to see a Friends reunion for this great show, nothing is impossible.

Love it or hate it-A lot of people loved it. Millions in fact.

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Latest Signatures

  • 07 December 201550. Nicole S
    friends is my fsvourite show ever. i've been waiting for a reunion for AGES.
  • 15 November 201549. Krisztina B
    from Hungary
  • 28 October 201548. Carmen Moody
    It would be great to see them again. I think it would be a great hit such as Sex in the city or better.
  • 15 October 201547. Iss W
    I support this petition
  • 21 June 201546. Lucy E
    The world hasn't been the same without it and i'm sure no one will be sad to see friends back.
  • 02 May 201545. Emily P
    I support this petition
  • 28 March 201544. Dovile Hoover
    i love Friends
  • 29 October 201443. Rachel J
    please make a friends reunion
  • 09 September 201442. Gary B
    PLEASE make this happen !!!!! I love Friends !
  • 08 September 201441. Amit A
    I support this petition
  • 28 June 201440. Pastor P
    I support this petition
  • 30 July 201339. Diego Rose
    i am a big fan of friends, i am from uruguay south america when i came to the state i didnt know any english and learned it by watching friends, i have all 10 season and the final too... so please make it happen..
  • 14 March 201338. Lisa Hebert
    I support this petition
  • 09 January 201337. Lauren Hart
  • 12 November 201236. Ricky W
    we need friends back i miss it so much
  • 06 November 201235. Peter I
    FRIENDS was the greatest show of all time. It truly has ment a lot to me over the years. PLEASE bring it back!!
  • 25 June 201234. Mauren Little
    Friends is my lobster❤️
  • 19 May 201233. Meghan Greene
    I would love this sooo much! Friends was the best show ever on TV. I wish they would take the time to do one episode for their millions of fans, I thinks it would be the best way for them to give back to all their adoring and supportive fans.
  • 10 March 201232. Cindy M
    I would love for the Friends to be reunited again.
  • 24 November 201131. Jordan M
    Friends was a brilliant show!
  • 21 November 201130. Zach O
  • 29 May 201129. Jessica Ellenc
    hey its jessie j here, i love friends bring it back on the air guys!!!!!! whoop whoop
  • 08 April 201128. Anushka Callahan
    I would love a friends reunion i think its about time and by the ratings and love people had for this show and still has even after so many years it is a sure hit
  • 13 November 201027. Donald I
    Do it guys! I would love it! So great memories...
  • 31 October 201026. Sir Adrianc
    I support this petition
  • 16 November 200925. Deborah D
    My family would love to see a friend's reunion we watch all 10 season's on disc all the time we love the show and a reunion episode would be great cuz we'd see where they all are at in their lives and relationships:)
  • 27 July 200924. Ramon M
    it's long overdue

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Warner Bros, Writers, cast and all those involved


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