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Okay. We've had it with this boyband drama! WE WANT NLT BACK!! Dumb assholes who leak out their songs are causing them to go into the shadows. NO! We miss the random youtube vids, and now they don't even reply back as much. WE NEED TO SHOW THOSE GUYS, THEIR MANAGERS AND PRODUCERS, THE LEAKERS, AND THE REST OF THE WORLD THAT WHAT IS GOING ON IS NOT COOL AND WE HAVE TO DO THIS TO GET THEM BACK!! WE WANT THE ALBUM, WE WANT RANDOM VIDS, WE WANT NLT!!! AND IF THIS IS THE ONLY WAY!!! LET'S DO THIS!!

Come on guys, help us out. We want them, and need them in our lives. If this continues much longer, they'll eventually break apart and I'm sure that's something NO ONE wants to even think about. We have to show them that they really are not like them..WE NEED TO GET NLT BACK!!
So join me..and my fellow NLTers..and show them...that we can't live without them.

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Latest Signatures

  • 19 November 201550. Melanie Moses
  • 13 November 201549. Allison C
  • 15 October 201548. Courtney Mccann
    These guys are VERYY TALENTED and deserve to be noticed!! So, come one people!! Sign the petition and let these AMAZING boys show that they're NOT LIKE THEM!! ;]
  • 27 September 201547. Mia Rose
    NLT, i don't think you guys understand how much we really need you Boys! COME BACK TO EARTH NLT!
  • 04 September 201546. Kristina R
    No matter the drama or the amount of leaked songs, NLT equals -amazing.- A light in a lot of our lives that helped create sooo many friendships. COME BACK. We miss ya'll like crazy. And from my standing point, I plan on buying more than two copies of the
  • 18 July 201545. Kayla P
    I really want NLT back, I miss them and I'm sure everyone else does. I know it sounds silly but I've cried thinking about what could have happened with them and why they are M.I.A. We need them back. I've they end up going away...forever. I don't know wha
  • 27 June 201544. Chelsea Zuniga
    NLT rocks!!!
  • 01 May 201543. Anna G
    I've been following you guys for two years now. I really don't wanna stop. We need you. :)
  • 18 April 201542. Nlt Harper
  • 05 April 201541. Alexis Bradford
    i agree lets try to get them back
  • 14 March 201540. Marianne T
    I just saw their videos on youtube and just like that I am now a fan. I love their songs, I love their style and I love Kevin Mchale!
  • 19 January 201539. Nia Mendez
    I want NLT back!!
  • 15 December 201438. Marissa Zimmerman
    We really want and truly need NLT back. Please come back NLT, think about your fans for a change!
  • 08 September 201437. Steph C
  • 17 August 201436. Banbabee Yates
  • 20 July 201435. Belle Middleton
    We just want them back:(
  • 17 July 201434. Kayla Shaw
    we NEED NLT back! its been too long since the last YouTube video... even a little 40 sec thing would be AMAZING! just let us know your all still together and at least TRYING to put the CD out
  • 08 June 201433. Nlt Rocksmuhs
    I love NLT and their music!I want them back:D
  • 23 May 201432. Jessika Davila
    Yes, I miss them alot!
  • 07 May 201431. Rosemary Ellison
  • 30 April 201430. Courtney Case
    NLT,I miss you guys so much I really want the album,I want to meet you guys so much,And to all the leakers out there please stop putting there music on every single download site please,Im big fan of NLT,I want to see them PLEASE
  • 22 April 201429. Jackie Blackburn
    REALLY want them to put out their album!
  • 21 April 201428. Kaitlyn Pham
    WE NEED NLT!!!!!!!
  • 21 March 201427. Melanie Strong
    We miss y'all!!!!!!
  • 26 January 201426. Nghi T
    Want to buy at least Nlt's album
  • 19 November 201325. Jen Freeman
    NLT needs to get back together - they were the only AMAZING boyband out there since like Dream Street and all those other old boy groups....PLEASE!! NLT Take the time off and sort things out and get a new record label or something - work it out and all -
  • 24 September 201324. Cindy Dougherty
    Its obvious we need them in our lives xDD

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