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Dear Tony Bates and the WBAI Programming Department:

We, the listeners, would like you to consider UNTITLED with Mikey and Jon X for your next opening on 99.5 WBAI-FM.

UNTITLED has been active on and off, since October 2007 on Llegamos Internet Radio and has gained a cult-like following worldwide. From February 2008 to May 2008, the show was heard weekly on 93.5 WVIP-FM, where it was building a following locally.

We, the listeners, would be quite grateful to once again hear the show in the New York metropolitan area on a weekly basis. The show combines news, pop culture, politics, and personal life stories making for a show that is compelling, intimate, entertaining, informative and comical.

We hope that you will hear our plea and take Mikey and Jon X's show into consideration. The show will keep your current listeners glued to the radio while bringing new listeners into the fold. Thank you for your consideration!

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Latest Signatures

  • 28 May 201550. Michelle T
    I didn't listen until they were on 93.5, but ever since then I've been a fan and would be very appreciative if you brought them to your station!
  • 09 May 201549. Brian A
    Miss their show! Bring them back!
  • 07 May 201548. Evet O
    I support this petition
  • 24 January 201547. Jennifer R
    I'm a 40 year old woman from Red Bank (NJ). I am also joining the other listeners in hoping that you will offer Mikey and Jon X a time slot on 99.5. I stress that I'm a woman to let you know that the show has female listeners as well as male. I was introd
  • 11 January 201546. Ian R
    I've been a listener of 99.5 wbai for a little over seven years and enjoy many of the programs offered. I learned about Mikey and Jon X from a friend who was a die-hard listener in winter 2008 when they were on 93.5 wvip. Ever since I heard the story abou
  • 24 June 201445. David N
    WBAI if you don't pick them up, Sirius XM probably will. I liked their show on WVIP since they kept it very local to New York. Mikey and Jon are real New Yorkers that can relate to other everyday New Yorkers. Grab them WBAI!
  • 15 May 201444. Lisa C
    Please bring Mikey and Jon X back to NYC radio! I miss them! Don't drop the ball on this one WBAI!
  • 13 April 201443. Reggie T
    I support this petition
  • 11 January 201442. Rick D
    I'm a 38 year old lawyer from Staten Island and a huge supporter of Mikey and Jon X. I am proudly signing this petition to join the slew of loyal listeners who would love to hear Mikey and Jon X on FM radio again. I started listening in Feb. 2008 when the
  • 13 June 201341. Reginald P
    They are the 9th top rated podcast on out of thousands of other podcasts and they haven't even put out a new show since 2008. The show has a cult-like following, especially in the tri state. People out there want to hear the show again.
  • 10 March 201340. Brian M
    This was the only radio show on Llegamos Radio that actually put in an effort to make a great show. The production and the format is good. It would be nice to hear this show again compared to the absolute mess that radio in NYC has to offer. Give them a s
  • 13 February 201339. Fred M
    I have been a supporter of WBAI in the past but have been disappointed with the station as of late. Untitled is a compelling, entertaining, comical and fast-paced show. I've listened since they were on internet radio in 2007 up until now. If you were to g
  • 30 October 201238. Janice T
    Put Untitled on the air! My future membership donations depend on it. Due to the current financial crisis at WBAI currently, I'm sure you can't afford to ignore current and new listeners.
  • 21 October 201237. Elizabeth M
    i love these guys so much. there is nothing on the radio like these guys anymore.
  • 09 August 201236. Aleta K
  • 21 July 201235. Nadia M
    I want to hear Mikey and Jon X on the radio in CT again!
  • 13 July 201234. R M
    I support this petition
  • 17 June 201233. David Meganf
    These are two very talented and very funny individuals. We listen to WBAI, especially Democracy Now with Amy Goodman. We've been Untitled listeners since they were on 93.5 and hearing Untitled again in NYC would be a breath of fresh air. I do hope that yo
  • 03 May 201232. Nathan J
    WVIP made a big mistake letting these guys go. I remember driving to work from the Bronx to Brooklyn listening to them at 1 in the morning and I always laughed. Then I began following them when they went back to internet radio. Don't pass them up WBAI! I
  • 29 November 201131. Randall E
    I have been a loyal listener of Mikey and Jon X's show for two years. I am a huge fan and supporter and would like to hear them in the NY area once again!
  • 16 November 201130. Butch K
    I support this petition
  • 29 October 201129. Jeff E
    I support this petition
  • 08 October 201128. Heather H
    I support this petition
  • 01 October 201127. Martha L
    Untitled is better than most of your station's programming right now. They are good at what they do. In a perfect world you would put them on daily. But a weekly slot will work. Just put them on the air!
  • 01 August 201126. Cassidy J
    I'm a loyal listener of WBAI. I enjoy Hugh Hamilton's show and Democracy Now. I was a loyal listener of Mikey and Jon X when they were on WVIP. It would be nice to hear them again.
  • 21 May 201125. Jack L
    i listen to wbai sometimes. these dudes are madd funny. wbai do the right thing for your listeners and for the station.
  • 04 May 201124. Claire P
    Don't disappoint the listeners WBAI. Mikey and Jon X's show on the station can result in membership donations from a new wave of listeners. If you support local programming that is truly for the public, then be the station that puts Untitled back on the a

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Tony Bates/WBAI Programming Dept.


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