Ghostchatter and The Haunted Diary Website sign now must be closed down.

This site was originally set up to help others share their stories and personal experiences on the paranormal activity in their homes. The rules of the site state they are 'serious' about the paranormal and they included a chatroom which is basically used to flame, abuse, bash, embarrass, belittle, accuse, attack and bully the chatters.

Upon entry to the room, a profile must be created within 20 seconds, literally, or you are BANNED! This is no exaggeration. Many chatters have entered and had the countdown by the hosts and members alike. When a chatter is banned, the whole room erupts in applause to the hosts for banning yet another innocent victim. One suggestion of you being a writer or a serious paranormal investigator in your profile, and the hosts attack unmercifully. They've accused many chatters of being there to spy, spam or steal material on many many occasions. Any giving out of email addresses - banned. Any chatting about topics other than what THEY want to hear - banned. Any suggestion of your personal life - banned. Chatters are asked to donate to the site to keep it going, which isn't allowed on a non-commercial site such as this. They are also asked to make donations in the chatroom once the hosts are confident they can trust people. The list goes on and on..

The site itself is promoting merchandise, ie t-shirts, sweaters, mugs and caps. One of the terms of use with MSN is no business links should be linked to the group. The merchandise is sold to keep the site and chatroom going, it's a form of business. Another breach of MSN contract. If upon entry, the hosts don't like your nickname or think you may be there to spam, they attack that person, throwing accusations their way and once they've had their bit fun, they ban the member indefinately. The ban is being thrown out of the room without the chance to defend yourself, then shown a huge dustbin/trashcan with the words BANNED splashed across the screen. Its undignified and disgraceful for adults to be behaving in this manner to people who go into the room for a serious chat on paranormal activities.

The subject in the room has got to be something the hosts believe in, otherwise members are grilled about why they believe something which isn't proved. Orbs is a big no-no subject even though they are unexplainable, ie paranormal. Chatting about Ouija boards is forbidden. This is supposed to be a 'safe haven' for people to chat about their experiences. Many ex chatters to the site have claimed their PC has crashed soon after being banned from the ghostchatter site. Many allegations of 'hacking' have been made against these hosts.

They also have access to your IP address, which they claim to use as a way of knowing who has been banned. As far as UK law goes, anyone storing IP addresses to use as 'evidence' is illegal.

There are also claims of emails being passed forward and back with details ammended to suit the hosts. The sole purpose of this is to cause harrassment between members and distrust each other. Any swapping of email addresses is forbidden. The hosts will not allow members to become friends with each other off the boards or out of the chatroom. Paranoia plays a big part in the reasoning for no swapping of email addresses and whispers being turned off in the chatroom.

This room and the website are linked to an MSN group which is against MSN's ToU. MSN have been informed and are investigating the claims. There is copyright material posted in this MSN group and the artists have been informed. On the message boards there's flaming and bashing going on constantly. The managers of the group/owners of the site are basically bullies. If a subject is posted which they don't agree with, they get their chatters to go into that group and flame the member responsible, so they don't have to take responsibility should the site be reported.

The site has been reported many times, as has the MSN group. Neither companies are taking action yet until evidence can be given to the illegal activities going on here.

This petition is therefor created to give MSN and Go Daddy evidence of past members who have been abused and attacked in the group and site. We urge you to sign it with comments about the reasons why you were banned and anything you can add to show them exactly what's going on in the sites aforementioned. must be closed down for the protection of innocent victims from which I personally deem to be nothing but paranoid bullies.


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Latest Signatures

  • 18 December 2015100. Sylvia V
    I support this petition
  • 14 October 201599. Lucidnightmares Walton
    I think she totally abuses the personal information that she obtains. She also likes to track her members to make sure they all obey and not go astray. I pay for MY internet and I don't solicit for handouts. I should not be told what groups I can or can't
  • 04 October 201598. Berengere Marks
    I support this petition
  • 10 September 201597. Mel Macdonald
    Went into chat room made my profile, all i got to say was hi and was banned, no explaination as to why, I think was due to me having link to my website in the profile.
  • 01 September 201596. Joseph M
  • 05 July 201595. Katrina S
    The site is full of lies and makebelieve,
  • 04 January 201594. Venus Bowen
    Please sign this petition to have ghostchatter and the Haunted Diary website closed down. This site is basically used to bash and abuse people and should be closed down as soon as possible.
  • 09 December 201493. Betty E
    I support this petition
  • 29 November 201492. Anadentone Orozco
    I was a member there for about two years ( as anadentone or babyanadentone) and I left that place ( to raise my daughter since she was keeping me busy enough) and I went back in earlier this year and I had the big banned thing looking back at me. It's tru
  • 28 October 201491. Aedryan Rodriguez
    The people who run that website are sick in their heads. I was banned from there a long time ago for ridiculous reasons, which aren't even worth mentioning. What IS worth mentioning is how my firewall suddenly started going haywire with port scans for abo
  • 26 July 201490. Nicole Golden
    Very unfriendly group of people. Not anyone I would like to call a "friend".
  • 20 July 201489. Sharon S
    i was known as either vanzantnut or vanzantbabe in the room!! i was also ban for joinin another group. i was also attacked in open room by the two bytchs that run this so called group. they need to be SHUT down asap!!!! also i can tell ya that when i was
  • 08 June 201488. Stacy Logan
    They kicked me out, just because I wanted to go and take a look at another chat site, they are ridiculous!
  • 24 February 201487. Donald David
    i was banned a few times, the first time was for posting a link by accident i mean when you are typing an address it is natural to put the www. in front of it. the second time i was telling a friend on there about a myspace group that i was IN and was acc
  • 23 February 201486. Carissa Wheeler
    I support this petition
  • 23 January 201485. Ghost Alvarez
    Just wanted to point out that the website has been down for years and if it was going to come back online I am willing to bet it would have by now.
  • 22 January 201484. Flagatorz Jimenez
    They chose to remove me from Ghostchatter, simply because I also signed up with another chat group..... I find that inexplicably stupid, and petty
  • 25 December 201383. Pollyfriend Dalton
    I agree with the author of this letter 100\% and have been a victon of these tactics myself.
  • 02 October 201382. Tom Tanner
    I support this petition
  • 28 September 201381. Mo G
  • 09 August 201380. Jhf Burton
  • 29 May 201379. Gail G
    intersted and plent experience
  • 11 April 201378. Jennifer Livingston
    I just found out about this petition. Yes, I agree these bullies should be kicked off the www and banned from using MSN groups. Then they will know how we felt when we were banned from her group
  • 24 February 201377. Bud R
    i was chatting and posted a url then poof i joined under another name and spoke with genivieve and begged her forgiveness and she let me back on...during the banned they also banned my wife because of our ip address, they kept track of it.
  • 02 January 201376. Mechelle A
    I support this petition
  • 25 November 201275. Luke Parker
  • 29 October 201274. Lee N
    Idiots - plain and simple.... they do not deserve to call themselves ghost anything!!!!.....they have no clue.... goodbye and farewell !!!!! LMFAOWTRDMF!!!

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