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Hon. President Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil,
Rastrapati Bhavan,
New Delhi

Subject: Request for fast-tracking the punishment of Pakistani terrorist Mohammed Ajmal Kasab and he be hanged in public.

Your Excellency,

I would like to bring to your notice the case of Pakistani national and Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorist Mohammed Ajmal Amir Kasab, who has been convicted by the Special Trial Court judge ML Tahiliyani for his role in the Mumbai attacks perpetrated on November 26th, 2008 and resulting in over 170 innocent Indians being mercilessly killed and scores of other being injured and maimed.

The respected judge Tahiliyani convicted Kasab on four counts, stating that he (Kasab) should be hanged by the neck until he is dead", adding he had lost his right to "humanitarian treatment". The judgement came to fore after a lengthy trial, in which the terrorist from Pakistan was given ample opportunity to prove his innocence. In fact, various international governments have appreciated our patient and judicious manner in which we dealt with such a criminal and praised our efforts to ensure that it was a just trial.

Now, that sentence has been given and Kasabs guilt has been proven beyond a shadow of doubt, it is very essential that penalty is carried out swiftly and the criminal is not made to languish for long in Indian jails, thereby becoming an added threat to the security establishment. There is a distinct possibility that various subversive groups might indulge in terrible acts of violence so as to coerce the state of India to let go of Kasab in exchange or other way. Recent history is replete with such instances wherein dangerous criminals had to be freed for the sake of greater good, be it the case of Kandahar hijack or Rubina Sayed kidnapping case.

It goes without saying that while Kasab might be well guarded in specially built jail; his life continues to hang over the common denizens of this country as a perpetual threat. Hence, the sentence pronounced by the special judge should be implemented at the earliest and the dreadful chapter of Mumbai attacks should be closed in Indian courts.

While there has been an ongoing debate on the efficacy of capital punishment being meted out to criminals and its impact on the society. Kasabs case lies beyond any such human reasoning. Here is a 22-year old man, who landed in a foreign country, armed to the teeth only to wreck mayhem and maim innocents. He had only one goal set in his mind, as he continued to fire indiscriminately from his automatic gun and throwing grenades, to kill as many as possible before being killed. He deserves no mercy and certainly no clemency. And most importantly, he should not be allowed to make a mockery of Indian judicial system by prolonging the impending sentence ad infinitum.

On the contrary, like his trial was put forth and completed swiftly, so should his sentence be carried out as promptly. We need to bear in mind that Kasab is not an ordinary criminal, but a terrorist who came to wage war against this nation and dishonour Indias pride on a global scale.

The purpose of death penalty is not merely to punish an individual for his or her crime but also to instil fear of the law in the minds of would-be criminals. Any laxity shown in this regard might work counter to the very objective for which the sentence for the rarest of rare crimes is given for.

In fact, in this specific case, I would ask you to make an exception and instead of Kasab being hanged surreptitiously and in isolation, he should be hanged in full glare of the public, especially the family members of all the victims of the barbaric and brazen Mumbai attack. Death is too little a punishment to such an offender, and all efforts must be made that Kasab suffers the ignominy of his act and is made to confront all the people he and his cohorts mercilessly killed.

The methodology of public hanging, which was much used in the past by the Britishers, would not only act as a collective catharsis for the many people of the city still traumatised by the pain of November 26, 2008 but would also send out a crystal clear message to all the individuals and terrorists that are based in India and abroad, that India will not in any manner tolerate act of terror against it citizens on its soil or elsewhere. And any future Kasabs will meet a similar fate, without any aversion.

Hence, Your Excellency, I put forth the following requests for your urgent perusal:

1) The sentence as pronounced by the Indian courts for Ajmal Kasab is quickly carried out without much delay or dilly-dallying.

2) Ajmal Kasab is to be hanged in full public view, so as to send a strong message to all that such acts of terrorism will not be tolerated.

Speaking on behalf of millions of Indians, who have grown up loving and respecting this vast nation of ours, I sincerely hope that you will give due merit to this petition and ensure that the pride of India is not sullied by a few assassins like Kasab. And that justice is meted out quickly, as the adage goes that justice delayed is justice denied.

I thank you again for your time and I certainly hope that my suggestions will fructify in the near future. As the first citizen of this nation and the commander of the armed forces, I leave the subject to your sole discretion.

Jai Hind

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