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To Whom It May Concern,

We, the undersigned, are uniting against despotic Burmese military Generals' ulterior plans to perpetuate their illegitimate strangle hold on civilian political power in Burma.

Burma is a medium-sized country in South East Asia with about 50 million people comprising of quite a number of diversities of various ethnic groups. After being ruled for more than 50 years by successive military authoritarian regimes, Burma has now become one of the poorest countries on earth, with a longest-suffering people and a longest-ruling military.

Burma has a twin struggle going on; peaceful freedom movement to get democracy and human rights for all people, and a federalist movement to get genuine federalism for ethnic national people in their traditional native regions. The ruling military elite has again and again used their troops to brutally suppress all human rights movements and ethnic uprisings, killing thousands of pro-democracy and ethnic activists, jailing tens of thousands, and displacing hundreds of thousands to millions of people of all ethnicities from their homes. Currently, even by most conservative official estimates, 2 to 3 thousands of political prisoners are detained in Burma's notorious jails and are being tortured and ill-treated every minute of every day.

Now, the military has crafted a cunning plan to achieve a perpetual and eternal dominence on Burma's civilian politics. In 2008, while half of the country was submerged under flood waters of cyclone Nargis, the military by using voter intimidation and vote rigging passed a new pro-military constitution. 2008 constitution allows the military to make a coup any time they like; to enjoy absolute amnesty for any thing they do during the periods of direct military rule; to hold 25\% of seats in both chambers of Burma's new parliament; to field their own presidential candidate; to insist that the President must come from military background; to manage military's affairs by themselves independently of any civilian government administration.

In 2008 and 2009, the kangaroo courts set up by the military regime gave 65 to 105 years prison sentences to all leading opposition politicians and activists; and they also extended Daw Aung San Suu Kyi's house arrest by another 18 months, i.e., continuation of house-arrest until after new elections have been held (and dishonestly manipulated) by the military regime in 2010.

In March 2010, the military regime unlawfully made new election laws which prohibit detained political prisoners from taking part in the elections, voting in the elections or being members in election going political parties. These unfair election laws also require all election going parties to formally announce that they endorse the sham 2008 pro-military constitution. And, the regime has already given ultimatum to all political parties to either register for the 2010 elections under these unfair laws, or get disbanded.

So, we solemnly request the United Nations, international governments and global community to "Help Liberate Burma" by _

_ Denouncing 2008 sham constitution of Burma which was unlawfully passed by force by the military regime
_ Denouncing unfair election laws in Burma which were unlawfully made by the military regime
_ Denouncing the coming fake election 2010
_ Denouncing the dishonest results to be shamelessly declared unilaterally by the military regime
_ Denouncing any puppet government to be installed by the military after the fake 2010 election

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    Organization BRHS.ORG An abusive group gained illigitimate governance in Burma, and has reeked decades-long havoc, with its personal brand of discipline - fraught with self-serving initiatives that deprive the peoples of An-Burma (Myanmar) of the simples
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