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A.D.P.I (Against Death Penalty in Iran)

19 year-old mother flogged
and on death-row in Iran

Leila was nine years old when she was forced to be a child prostitute. She was arrested by the Islamic Republic guards and flogged while she was pregnant. At the age of 14 she gave birth to twins. Last week she was arrested again and condemned to death by execution accused of spreading corruption and being a prostitute.

Leila has had a very hard life, being forced by her family to earn a living by prostitution. According to medical examination, this hard and cruel life has had severe effects on her health. She is still a child and behaves like an 8 year old.

As though this harsh treatment has not been enough, now she is being punished and crushed even further by the Islamic Republic of Iran.
Leila like many children and young people in Iran are being targeted by the Iranian government and their most basic rights violated. Not a day passes without the news of yet another execution order. During the past two weeks 4 young people have been condemned to execution in Tehran.

You might ask when will such suppression and cruelty end? How will it end? If justice would prevail on its own accord, we would not have had such violent world. The only thing that can give a driving force to save the lives of the Leilas of Iran is our efforts and your efforts to put pressure on the Islamic Regime of Iran. We urge you to condemn the Iranian regime for violating human and childrens rights in Iran in any way you think possible, and give your support to our efforts.

We the undersigned:

* Condemn the Islamic Republic of Iran for violating human rights;
* Demand that Capital punishment must be banned;
* Demand the immediate release of Leila. She and her children must be given every possible health and social security provisions

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  • 10 January 2016300. Bijam M
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  • 17 November 2015299. Gabi S
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  • 28 May 2015291. T Salas
    What could possibly come by killing this young mother. Its your fault and the fault of her parents that got her into this in the first place. But yet you punish her? Thats crazy and makes no sense. So for the sake of her children dont murder her and try t
  • 28 May 2015290. Robin P
    I support this petition
  • 26 May 2015289. Samar S
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