Imad Al Husin, father of 6 Bosnians, to live in Bosnia sign now

In The Name of God, Most Merciful Benefactor
First, we present important facts, available to all public via official and other public media sources, readily found on World Wide Web and beyond.
*Note that these are mere facts and no individual opinions of the authors of this petition or its supporters have been expressed in this list of facts as follows:
Fact 1 In 1999, Slobodan Milosevic, former president of Serbia, was indicted by the International Criminal Tribunal in Hague (ICTY). Charges included crimes against humanity, violation of laws or customs of war, grave breaches of the Geneva Conventions in Croatia and Bosnia and Genocide in Bosnia and Herzegovina (B&H). He was pronounced dead in his prison cell in the year 2006.
Fact 2 Radovan Karadić, leader of Bosnian Serbs, between 1992-1996 is indicted for war crimes by the International Criminal Tribunal in Hague and has been added on the list of Most Wanted Criminals. International Arrest Warrant is issued and The United States government offered a $5 million award for his arrest. His charges include: 2 counts of genocide in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 5 counts of crimes against humanity (extermination, murder, persecutions on political, racial and religious grounds, inhumane acts (forcible transfer); 3 counts of violations of the laws or customs of war (murder, unlawfully inflicting terror upon civilians, taking hostages); grave breaches of the Geneva Conventions. He is currently still at loose.
Fact 3 The term Ethnic cleansing did not exist in English language up until Bosnian War. The term entered English lexicon after United Nations General Assembly referred in its resolution 47/121 Preamble to 'the abhorrent policy of 'ethnic cleansing', which is a form of genocide', as being carried on in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Fact 4 On June 21, 2007, the Research and Documentation Center in Sarajevo (RDC) published the most extensive research on Bosnia-Herzegovina's war casualties. This database reveals names of Bosnia and Herzegovina's citizens killed and missing during the 1992-1995 war. An international team of experts evaluated the findings before they were released.
Fact 5 According to RDC (as found by 2006)- total number of Bosnian Muslim/Bosniaks CIVILIANS killed is 32,723. Civilian casualties of all other ethnic groups together total 5,922. In other words out of all civilians, including women, children, infants, elderly and disabled murdered during Bosnian War 84.7\% of innocent victims were Muslim.

Fact 6 There were also significant casualties on the part of International Troops. Some 320 soldiers of UNPROFOR were killed, too. One example on how Serbs treated UN officers is following news from May, 1995:
After NATO warplanes bombed Bosnian Serb positions Friday for a second day, angry rebel Serbs captured U.N. peacekeepers, used them as human shields and said they would die if more air strikes were launched. Serbs chained their U.N. hostages to potential targets and broadcast to the world television - pictures of the humiliation.

Fact 7 During war, Bosnian citizens received humanitarian aid from Islamic countries as well as from the West, because of intensive and widespread killing, mass rapes, death camps, ethnic cleansing committed by Serb and, to a lesser extent, Croat forces. Main targets were Bosnian Muslim civilians. The International Court of Justice concluded that these crimes, committed during the 1992 -95 war, were crimes against humanity and genocide (dolus specialis) regarding Srebrenica region according to the Genocide Convention. An estimated 20,000 Muslim women were raped during only 2 year period.
Fact 8 Following such massacres, people belonging to religion of Islam, became volunteers who came from all over the World. They were allowed to enter across Croatia into Bosnia to help the Army of Bosnian Government (ABiH) protect the Bosnian Muslim civilian population. The later term used for these volunteers is Bosnian Mujahideen (also referred to as El Mujaheed or El Mujahid)
Fact 9 These Mujahideen gave food and basic necessities to local Muslim population, deprived many necessities by the Bosnian Serb forces. The Bosnian Mujahideen were involved in combat activities of units of the ABiH 3rd Corps. On 13 August 1993, ABiH ordered the establishment within the ABiH 3rd Corps area of responsibility of the "El Mujahid" unit, effective no later than 31 August 1993. The El Mujahid unit remained part of the ABiH 3rd Corps until its disbandment on 12 December 1995.
Fact 10 The military effectiveness of the Bosnian Mujahideen is disputed. However, former US Balkans peace negotiator Richard Holbrook said in an interview that: "I think the Muslims wouldn't have survived without this help.
- Although Serb and Croat media created much controversy about alleged war crimes committed by the squad, no indictment was issued by ICTY against these foreign volunteers. The only foreign person convicted of war crimes was Swedish neo-nazi Jackie Arklцv, who fought in the Croatian army (first convicted by a Bosnian court, later by a Swedish court).
Fact 11 After the El Mujaheed Unit disbandment, several hundred of these good-will volunteers, whom in the meantime had either married and had children, or otherwise established social life with Bosnian Citizens, have stayed behind and consider now Bosnia their home.

Fact 12 They were awarded Bosnian Citizenship by now late Bosnian president Mr. Alija Izetbegovic (deceased in 2003) in exchange for their fighting in the Bosnian war. Majority of these individuals were from countries such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Egypt, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Great Britain, etc
Fact 13 Alija Izetbegovic, president of Bosnia and Herzegovina (B&H) 1990-96, rotating president 1996-2000, was the 1994 winner of King Faisal Award; The Figure of the Year in the Islamic World 2001; The Muslim News (an English monthly magazine) named their award Alija Izetbegovic Award for Good Citizenship and he also received International Democracy Medal from "The Center For Democracy in Washington. He spent most of his life dreaming of independent B&H. His U.S. supporters and admirers, such as former president Clinton, Clintons Balkans envoy Richard Holbrooke, former U.S. ambassador Warren Zimmermann and various media characterized him as a devout Muslim but committed to a multiethnic and democratic Bosnia. Alija Izetbegovic was never charged with any war crimes for his role in Bosnian war.
Fact 14 On July 25, 2005 - 147 foreign-born U.S. military personnel were granted U.S. citizenship on in a mass ceremony in Baghdads Camp Victory. The ceremony was led by Lt. Gen. John Vines, the commander of the Multinational Corps in Iraq. Those sworn in as U.S. citizens came from 46 countries. They were among others, from Mexico, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Nigeria, China, India, Taiwan, Vietnam, Philippines - US Citizenship rules were modified following an executive order issued by President Bush in 2002 to make it easier for U.S. military personnel to become citizens in times of war. The regular waiting period for military personnel has been abolished completely. According to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (as of February 2005), almost 16,000 active duty personnel have taken advantage of the executive order to gain citizenship.
Fact 15 In 2007, over 367 of previously mentioned volunteers in Bosnia had their citizenship status unreasonably revoked by the Bosnian Government. Hundreds more have been prevented from claiming or re-claiming their citizenship rights. Their appeals are being rejected and ignored. Even deportations are now being issued and some of these individuals could face terrible faith (even death) upon return to their countries of origin, after being away for over 15 years.
One of them is Mr. Imad al-Husin.
His appeal to Citizenship Review Commission was rejected under no reasonable grounds, his later application for asylum was also rejected and he is threatened now with immediate deportation from Bosnia and Herzegovina, although courts decision to his latest appeals is actually still pending.
Mr. Imad al-Husin, has like many others, formed family in Bosnia and has no other place to go. He is a an upright citizen, pious religious person. A law-abiding citizen who does not drink and never had any legal charges brought against him. He lives peaceful civilian life as a good family man. He is married to a Bosnian-born citizen. She was a war widow, who was alone with three small children whos father was a Muslim priest murdered by Serbs. Imad al-Husin is taking good care of these three orphans as their own father and also has three more underage children born in this marriage. All 6 of his children are Bosnian citizens by their birthright. On Feb 02, 2008 his children came out in public to address their plead to Bosnian Government not to deport their innocent father. Over 4.000 Bosnian citizens who gathered that day to peacefully protest against such unfair government acts, have watched in tears, while Bosnian politicians have not responded to the cries of these little children
Now, after all the above facts, allow us, to relay the following message:
In a legal sense of words and by common law the unreasonable claims about how Mr. Imad al-Husin may present potential threat to national security of Bosnia and Herzegovina - are not in any way supported by any legal evidence and therefore may be only construed as an Intentional Aspersion unto his personality and well known good character which is attacked and labeled by certain governmental/political entities and/or certain individuals, employees of such.
These assumptions do not make any logical sense either, since this person is not only a law abiding citizen but has also proven an obvious patriotism and love for the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina during its hardship.
The legal system also entitles him to Presumption of Innocence, while the appropriately responsible governmental entities has a legal obligation of Burden of Proof (Latin, onus probandi) for the allegations which are presented in the decision to revoke this persons hard earned citizenship. To further explain the Latin maxim necessitas probandi incumbit ei qui agit is the rule that "the necessity of proof lies with one who complains."
In other words, any claim based on hearsay is generally inadmissible as no one legaly having right to act on mere supposition, guess work or conjecture, nor can it be based on incompetent evidence.
Otherwise, continuing revocation of his citizenship or issuing any deportation requests based upon it, may be recognized as (but not limited to) discrimination on the basis of religion, discrimination on the basis of race and color, discrimination on the basis of national origin and in general VIOLATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS. We feel important to underline here, the fact that many governmental departments in B&H are, at present, being directed by individuals of Serbian national background.
His potential deportation would result in his wife becoming single mother, left with six children. Unsupported financially and emotionally and thus causing her great distress. Such abominable act of deportation may also have involved parties responsible under categories such as discrimination against womens rights and psychological abuse of children.
Therefore, We the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, together with our fellow citizens of United States of America with whom we share our Good Will and love for Freedom and Justice, with generous support of citizens of other countries of the World, who share the same concern for safeguard of human rights and care for well being of innocent persons and children
Hereby, Request that the responsible and proper action is taken immediately to:
1. Remove the deportation order for Mr. Imad al-Husin without any further delay.
2. That the appropriate representative within Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina is selected to address a public apology (may be in written form) to children of Mr. Imad al-Husin and to him and his wife as well, for all the mental anguish, traumatic experience and fear caused to children by recent events.
3. To immediately start taking all appropriate steps and within reasonable amount of time reinstate citizenship status in Bosnia and Herzegovina to Mr. Imad al-Husin. He honorably deserved it for merit once recognized by our late President Izetbegovic (whos decisions should be better respected), but mostly for this man has given home and support to three little Bosnian orphans and for readiness to risk his own life for Bosnian freedom and children - After all, first president of B&H Izetbegovic, has not only supported this idea but he himself was also a world respected lawyer and therefore very likely aware that these citizenships will have all legal support they need to withstand through.
We hope that voice of reason shall prevail and there will be no need for further interventions such as (but not limited to) filing an appropriate massive lawsuit against specific departments as well as calling on individual responsibilities.
At the end we would like to express our respect and love to all organizations, international and local, all individuals, associations, politicians and parties who are supporting this petition and acting upon it and would like to remind you all that your support to us today will allow us to support you tomorrow.
Peace Be Upon You

Hadith Qudsi 22:
On the authority of Abu Sa'id (may Allah be pleased with him), who said that the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said:
Let not any one of you belittle himself. They said: O Messenger of Allah, how can any one of us belittle himself? He said: He finds a matter concerning Allah about which he should say something, and he does not say [it], so Allah (mighty and sublime is He) says to him on the Day of Resurrection: What prevented you from saying something about such-and-such and such-and-such? He say: [It was] out of fear of people. Then He says: Rather it is I whom you should more properly fear.
(It was related by Ibn Majah with a sound chain of authorities).

U Ime Boga Svemoguceg, Samilosnog
Prije svega, moramo predstaviti nekoliko vaznih cinjenica, koje su dostupne cjelokupnoj javnosti putem sluzbenih te drugih javnih medijskih izvora, i mogu se naci na Svjetskoj Elektronskoj Mrezi i sire.
*Naglasavamo da slijedeca lista podataka ni u kojem slucaju nisu individualna misljenja autora ove peticije niti su to izrazena svojevoljna misljenja potpisnika vec ciste javne cinjenice, koje slijede:
br 1 1999 god., Slobodan Milosevic, bivsi predsjednik Srbije, optuzen je od strane the Internacionalnog HaskogTribunala (ICTY). Optuzbe su ukljucivale zlocine protiv humanosti, prekrsaje zakona i običaja rata, teke prekraje enevske konvencije u Hrvatskoj i Bosni i Hercegovini (BiH). Proglasen je mrtvim u svojoj zatvorskoj celiji godine 2006.
br 2 Radovan Karadić, vodja Bosanskih Srba izmedju 1992-1996 is optuzen je za ratne zlocine od Internacionalnog HaskogTribunala i dodan na Listu Najtrazenijih Kriminalaca. Internacionalni Nalog Za Hapsenje je izdat I Vlada Sjedinjenih Drzava ponudila je novcanu nagradu od 5 miliona dolara za njegovo uhicenje. Optuzbe kojima se tereti ukljucuju: dva by the International Criminal Tribunal in Hague and has been added on the list of Most Wanted Criminals. International Arrest Warrant is issued and The United States government offered a $5 million award for his arrest. His charges include: 2 za genocid u Bosni i Hercegovini, 5 za zlocine protiv humanosti(istrebljenje, ubistvo, progon na politickoj, rasnoj i religioznoj osnovi, zlodjela (prinudni transfer); 3 za prekrsaje zakona i običaja rata (ubistva, nezakonito inflicting terorisanje civila, uzimanje taoca). On je trenutno na slobodi.
br 3 Termin Etnicko Ciscenje nije postojao u Engleskom Jeziku sve do Bosanskog Rata. Termin je uveden u Engleski Lexicon nakon sto je Generalni Skup Ujedinjenih Nacija u Predgovoru rezolucije 47/121 referirao na Ogavnu Politiku Etnickog Ciscenja,koje je forma genocide, koja se sprovodi u Bosni i Hercegovini.
br 4 Juna 21 2007, Istraivačko Dokumentacioni Centar Sarajevo (IDC) objavio je najiscrpniju pretragu o zrtvama rata u BiH. Ova baza podataka otkriva imena gradjana BiH koji su ubijeni ili nestali tijekom rata 1992-1995. Internacionalni tim experata evaluirao je ove nalaze prije nego su izdati u javnost.
br 5 Prema IDC (kako je nadjeno do 2006)- totalni broj Bosanskih Muslimana ubijenih CIVILA je 32,723. Civilian zrtve svih drugih etnickih skupina zajedno iznose 5,922. Drugim rijecima od svih civila, ukljucujuci zene, djecu, bebe, stare osobe i invalide ubijene tijekom Bosanskog rata - 84.7\% nevinih zrtava su bili Muslimani.

br 6 Znatan broj zrtava zabiljezen je i na strani Internacionalnih Trupa. Nekih 320 vojnika UNPROFOR-a su ubijeni, takodjer. Jedan od primjera kako su srbi UN oficire jeste slijedeca vijest iz maja 1995 god. :
Nakon sto su NATO borbeni avioni bombardirali polozaje Bosanskih Srba u petak drugi dan, bijesni Srpski pobunjenici zarobili su pripadnike UN mirovnih snaga, koristeci ih kao ljudski stit i prijetivsi d ace umrijeti ako se nastave zracni napadi. Srbi su lancima svezali UN. taoce na potencijalne mete i pustili uzivo na svjetsku televiziju slike ponizenja.

br 7 Tijekom rata, Bosanski gradjani su primali humanitarnu pomoc od Islamskih zemalja kao i sa Zapada, zbog intenzivnog ubijanja, masovnih silovanja, logora smrti i etnickog ciscenja pocinjenog od Srba, te u manjoj mjeri Hrvatskih snaga. Glavne mete bili su Bosanski Muslimanni civili. Internacionalni Sud Pravde zakljucio je da su ovi zlocini pocinjeni izmedju 1992 -95 god, bili zlocini protiv humanosti i genocid (dolus specialis) u Srebrenica regionu prema Genocid Konvenciji. Procijenjeno je da je oko 20,000 Muslimanskih zena silovano tijekom perioda od samo 2 god.
br 8 Prateci takve masakre, ljudi pripadnici Islamske Religije, postali su volunteri koji su dosli iz zemalja diljem svijeta, dozvoljen im je prelazak preko Hrvatske u Bosnu kao bi pomogli Armiji Vlade Bosne i Hercegovine u zastiti Bosanskog Muslimanskog civilnog gradjanstva. Kasniji termin koristen za ove voluntire bio je Bosanski Mudzahedini (aka El-Mudzahid).
br 9 Ovi mudzahidini davali su hranu i osnovne potrebstine lokalnoj muslimanskoj populaciji, koja je im bila uskracena od Srpskih snaga. Bosanski Mudzahedini imali su ucestvovali u borbenim aktivnostima jedinica ABiH 3. Korpusa.
13 Augusta 1993 god., ABiH naredila je osnivanje odgovornosti El-Mudzahid jedinice unutar 3. Korpusa ABiH. sa stupanjem na snagu ne kasnije od 31 Augusta 1993. El Mudzahid jedinica ostala je u sastavu ABiH 3. Korpusa sve do njenog razduzenja 12. Decembra 1995.
br 10 Vojna efektivnost Bosanskih Mudzahedina jos uvijek se raspravlja, medjutim bivsi Mirovni Pregovarac Richard Holbrook rekao je u jednom intervju-u "Ja mislim da Muslimani nebi prezivjeli bez te pomoci.
- Iako su Srpski i Hrvatski mediji kreirali dosta kontroverze o navodnim ratnim locinima pocinjenim od ove postrojbe, optuzbe od strane Haskog Tribunala nisu donesenje protiv nekoga od ovih stranih voluntera. Jedina strana osoba osudjena za ratne zlocine jeste Svedski Neo-Nacist Jackie Arklцv, koji se borio u Hrvatsko Vojsci (prvo je osudjen od Bosanskog Suda, a kasnije od Svedskog Suda).
br 11 Nakon razduzenja El Mujahid jedinice, nekoliko stotina ovih hrabrih voluntera, koji su se u medjuvremenu ili ozenili i imali djecu, ili na bilo koji drugi nacin vec uspostavili socijalnu sredinu medju Bosanskim narodom, odlucili su ostati i vole Bosnu kao svoj dom.

br 12 Pocastvovani su Bosanskim Drzavljanstvom od sada vec preminulog Bosanskog Predsjednika g. Alije Izetbegovica (preminuo 2003), kao odgovor za njihovu borbu u Bosanskom Ratu. Vecina ovih osoba prijeklom su bili iz zemalja kao sto su Pakistan, Afghanistan, Egipt, Alzir, Saudi Arabia, Sirija, Velika Britanija, itd.
br 13 Alija Izetbegovic, predsjednikt Bosne i Hercegovine (B&H) od 1990-96, rotirajuci predsjednik od 1996-2000, bio je 1994 dobitnik Nagrade Kralja Feisala; Osoba Godine u Islamskom Svijetu 2001; Muslim News (Engleski mjesecni magazin) imenovao je svoju nagradu po njemu Alija Izetbegovic Nagrada za Dobro Drzavljanstvo/Gradjanstvo I takodjer je primio medalju od "Centra za Democraciju u Washington-u. Kazu da je proveo vecinu zivota sanjajuci o nezavisnoj BiH. Njegovi podrzitelji i miljenici iz Sjedinjenih Drzava, kao sto su bivsi predsjednik supporters and admirers, such Klinton, Klintonovs Atase za Balkan -Richard Holbrooke, bivsi SAD ambasador Warren Zimmermann and razni medijis media okarakterizirali su ga kao Muslimana, ali predanog ideji multi-etnicke i demokratske Bosne. Alija Izetbegovic nije nikada optuzivan za ratne zlocine za njegovu ulogu u Bosanskom Ratu.
br 14 Jula 25. 2005 - 147 stranih drzavljana koji sluze Armiju Sjedinjenih Drzava primili su Americko Drzavljanstvo na masovnoj ceremoniji u Baghdadskom Kampu Victoria. Ceremoniju je predvodio Porucnik. Gen. John Vines, komandant Multinacionalnog Korpusa u Iraku. Oni koji su se zakleli na drzavljanstvo poticu iz 46 razlicitih zemalja. Izmedju ostalog ih ima iz Meksika, Jamaike Nikarague, Nigerie, Kine, Indije, Taiwana, Vietnama, Filipina - Pravila za Americko Drzavljanstvo su modificirana nakon izvrsne naredbe Predsjednika Bush-a 2002 god., kako bi se SAD vojnicima olaksalo da postanu drzavljani u vrijeme rata. Regularni period cekanja odobrenja za zahtjev za Drzavljanstvo je za vojne pripadnike ukinut u potpunosti. Prema izvjestajima SAD Sluzbe za Drzavljanstvo i Imigraciju ( vec do Februara 2005. ) skoro 16,000 aktivnih vojnih pripadnika je iskoristilo ovu prednost te su dobili drzavljanstvo.
br 15 In 2007, za preko 367 ranije pomenutih voluntera u BiH njihovo predhodno steceno drzavljanstvo je nerazumno ukinuto od strane Bosanske vlasti. Stotine drugih su imali njihove zahtjeve odbacene na trazenje prava na drzavljanstvo. Deportacije se primjenjuju iako nekim od ovih osoba prijeti uzasna sudbina (pa cak i prijetnja smrcu) nakon povratka u zemlje podrijetla, nakon izostanka od vise od 15 god.
Jedan od njih je i G. Imad al-Husin.
Njegova zalba Dravnoj Komisiji za Reviziju Odluka o Natiralizaciji Stranih Dravljana u Bosni i Hercegovini odbacena je bez pravne osnove. Njegov kasniji zahtjev za azil takodjer je bio odbacen te mu se sada prijeti deportacijom iz Bosne i Hercegovine, iako cak ni sudska odluka jos nije procesirana.
G. Imad al-Husin, je poput mnogih drugih, osnovao familiju u Bosni i nema drugog doma. On je castan gradjanin, posten i religiozan covjek. Gradjanin koji se pridrzava zakona, koji ne pije i nikada nije sudski osudjivan niti je na bilo koji nacin prekrsio zakon. On zivi mirnim civilnim zivotom kao dobar obiteljski covjek. On je ozenjen Bosanskom-rodjenom drzavljankom. Ona je bila ratna udovica, sama sa toje male djece ciji otac je bio Muslimanski Svecenik, ubijen od strane Srpskih terorista za vrijeme rata. Imad al-Husin vodi dobru brigu za ova tri siroceta kao rodjeni otac, te ima jos troje djece rodjene u istom braku. On je otac 6. Bosanskih Drzavljana koji su to pravo stekli svojim rodjenjem. Februara 02.2008 god. njegova djeca su pred ocima javnosti zamolila Bosansku Vladu da ne protjeruju nemilosrdno njihovog neduznog oca. Vise od 4,000 Bosanskih Drzavljana koji su se okupili na mirnom protestu kako bi izrazili svoje nezadovoljstvo za takve nepravedne poteze vlasti BiH, gledali su ovu djecu u suzama, dok su Bosanski politicari ostali bez reakcije na jecaje male djece.
Dakle, nakon svih navedenih cinjenica, dozvolite nam da proslijedimo slijedecu vaznu poruku:
U legalnom smislu rijeci te pod pravilima pravnog zakona i opcim odredbama - neosnovana tvrdnja o postojanju mogucnosti kako bi G. Imad al-Husin mogao predstavljati potencijalnu prijetnju nacionalnoj sigurnosti Bosne i Hercegovine nije niti u kojem slucaju podrzana bilo kakvim legalnim dokazom, te kao takva moze biti shvacena kao Zlonamjerna Kleveta na licnost i dobar karakter koji se na takav nacin atakuje od strane odredjenih vladinih, odnosno politickih tijela, pa cak i od strane odredjenih individualnih sluzbenika istih.
Takve predrasude takodjer nemaju ni osnovnog logicnog smisla, posto ostecena osoba ne samo da je gradjanin koji postuje zakon, nego je nadasve dokazao ociti patriotizam i ljubav za zemlju Bosnu i Hercegovinu u njenim najtezim momentima historije.
Pravni Sistem/Sustav takodjer mu osigurava da se u slucaju takvih neosnovanih tvrdnji primjeni i Predpostavka Nevinosti (lat. in dubio pro reo) dok sa druge strane odgovarajuca vladina ustanova koja je zaduzena za rijesenje ovog pitanja snosi pravnu obvezu pod pojmom Teret Dokaza/Burden of Proof (Lat. onus probandi) za optuzbe predpostavljene u odluci da se osobi zanijece vrijedno zasluzeno pravo na drzavljanstvo. Sire pojasnjenje latinskog pojma - maxim necessitas probandi incumbit ei qui agit, jeste pravilo da odgovornost iznosenja dokaza snosi onaj koji iznosi doticnu tvrdnju. Dakle, onaj/oni koji tvrde tako nesto moraju, jednostavije receno najprije da iznesu materijalne dokaze, dakle nikako putem svjedoka.
Drugim rijecima, sluzbena odluka bazsirana na rekla-kazala principima jeste generalno pravno neprihvatljiva na sudu, jer ne postoji legalno pravo da se donosi postupak na osnovu ciste predpostavke, nagadjanja, ili slutnje, a takodjer kao takva ne smije biti bazirana niti na inkompetentnim dokazima.
Dakle, eventualno daljne pridrzavanje odgovornih tijela ka odluci o ukidanju prava na drzavljanstvo ili izdavanje naloga za deportaciju baziranog na istom, moci ce biti prepoznato (izmedju ostalog) i kao diskriminacija na religioznoj osnovi, diskriminacija na rasnoj osnovi, diskriminacija na osnovi nacionalnog podrijetla, i opcenito PREKRSAJ LJUDSKIH PRAVA.
Njegova potenijalna deportacija takodjer bi imala za rezultat da njegova supruga padne pod status samohrane majke sa 6. djece. Uskracena financijski i emotivno, cime bi joj bila uzrokovana enormna nelagodnost. Posljedice takvog gnusnog postupka kao sto je deportacija uzrokovale bi pozivanje na odgovornost direktnih I indirektnih entiteta, takodjer pod kategorijama kao sto su diskriminacija prava zena (spolna diskriminacija), te psiholosko zlostavljanje djece.
Zbog toga, od strane Nas gradjana/drzavljana Bosne i Hercegovine i Nas gradjana/drzavljana Sjedinjenih Americkih Drzava, koji djelimo istu Dobru Volju i ljubav za Slobodu i Pravdu, uz velikodusnu podrsku gradjana/drzavljana iz drugih zemalja Svijeta, koji dijele istu zabrinutost za zastitu ljudskih prava i brinu se za dobrobit neduznih osoba i djece, izdaje se
U kojoj, zahtjevamo da se odmah poduzme odgovoran i pristojan postupak, kako slijedi:
1. Trajno ukidanje rijesenja (odnosno ukidanje prijedloga za isti) za deportaciju G. Imad al-Husin a, bez daljneg
2. Da se ucini izbor prikladnog predstavnika Vlade Bosne i Hercegovine, koji ce adresirati javnu ispriku/izvinjenje (prihvatljivo i u pisanoj formi) upucenu djeci G. Imad al-Husin a , te njemu i njegovoj supruzi za uzrokovanje mentalnog uznemiravanja, traumatskog iskustva i straha nanesenog djeci povodom nedavnih dogadjaja.
3. Da se odmah pokrene adekvatan postupak i ucine svi primjereni koraci, kako bi u prihvatljivom vremenskom periodu bio povracen status drzavljanstva Bosne i Hercegovine za G. Imad al-Husin a, oca sest drzavljana Bosne i Hercegovine. G. Imad al-Husin je casno zasluzio taj status za zasluge, koje je za svoga zivota priznao Predsjednik Izetbegovic, a narocito priznanje je zasluzio za udomljavanje i podrsku troje Bosanske sirocadi, te spremnost riskiranja sopstvenog zivota za slobodu Bosne i Hercegovine i njene djece. Nakon svega, Alija Izetbegovic kao Prvi Predsjednik Bosne i Hercegovine, ne samo da je podrzavao ovakav postupak, nego je i kao svjetski priznat, visoko skolovani odvjetnik/pravnik, bio i dobro upucen da ce ova drzavljanstva imati pravnu podrsku za opstanak.
Nadamo se da ce glas razuma prevladati, bez potrebe za mnogo ozbiljnijom intervencijom kao sto je (izmedju ostalog) podizanje masovne tuzbe, u tom slucaju, protiv specificnog subjekta, naravno uz poziv na individualnu odgovornost.
Na kraju zelimo da izrazimo svoje postovanje i ljubav svim organizacijama, medjunarodnim i lokalnim, svim individualnim osobama, asocijacijama, politickim entitetima, strankama i udrugama koje podrzavaju ovu peticiju uz potsjetnik da vi sa vasom podrskom danas, dajete nama za pravo da mi vas podrzimo sutra.
Mir Nad Vama

Attn: / Sud Bosne i Hercegovine; Sudija Kreso Meddida /Government of Federation of B&H; Ph.D. Nedad Branković /; UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund); Ann M. Veneman / Parlament Federacije BiH; Stjepan Kreić / The Honorable John W. Olver; United States House of Representatives
1111 Longworth House Office Building; Washington, D.C. 20515-2101 Agency for Gender Equality in Bosnia-Herzegovina; Centar za edukaciju sudija i tuilaca Federacije BiH; Kata Senjak; Malik Hadiomeragić The Oprah Winfrey Show, producers and editors dept. Fed. Ministarstvo za pitanja boraca i invalida Odbrambeno Oslobodilackog Rata; Zahid Crnkić King Faisal Foundation The Islamic Human Rights Commission, London , UK Ustavni Sud Fed. BiH; mr.Mirko Boskovic; Sudija Sead Bahtijarević / Ministarstvo Sigurnosti, Sluzba za poslove sa strancima; Izet Nizam
Komisija za reviziju odluka o naturalizaciji stranih dravljana u BiH; Adnan Terzic / Transparency International The Global Coalition against Corruption; Peter Eigen, Kamal Hossain, Boris Divjak, Holly Cartner Ministarstvo Sigurnosti, Sluzba za poslove sa strancima; Izet Nizam / Association of Humanitarian Lawyers, 154 Fifth Avenue; San Francisco, CA 94118 USA / Human Rights Watch Montreal Muslim News Network Division for the Advancement of Women / CNRS Research Institute on issues of religions and secularism, France; researcher Elizabeth Sebian National Endowment for Democracy: 1025 F Street, NW, Suite 800,Washington, DC 20004, USA / National Human Rights Institutions Forum / European Court of Human Rights; Council of Europe; 67075 Strasbourg-Cedex; France / Children's Rights Organization / Muslim Women Lawyers For Human Rights mainpage.htm / Muslimedia, The Institute of Contemporary Islamic Thought / Bosnia and Herzegovina Presidency; Damir Arnaut / Amnesty International

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